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Street & City / Re: Street Candid Portraiture
« on: August 04, 2014, 03:30:55 AM »
Hmmmm... a wee bit boring perhaps? Because of lacking context I suppose. Take a good look at the pictures of Ed van der Elsken and let yourself be inspired by him. I believe a selection of his photographs is available in a book called Amsterdam!, still in print. Success!

Theater, Concert and Event / Re: Let's dance!
« on: April 12, 2014, 04:03:44 AM »
Hi Surapon!
Thanks for your input and nice to meet you! Some fine pictures!
Would you kindly give some details like who is the dancer (if you know), which dance and where taken?
I am still in Solo and looking forward to photograph then Solo Menari festival. BTW, Saturday April 26th is the date of the monthly Nemlikuran performance in the SMKI, the Performing Arts College here in Solo. Usually several groups will be performing, from the Courts, from ISI (Academy of Fine Arts) and sometimes from outside Solo. Starts at 19:00 hours. Any taxi driver will know SMKI. Admission: free.

Also, every Wednesday from 10 to 12 there is a gamelan and dance rehearsal at the Mangkunegaran palace. Admission: free. It starts with a instrumental piece (gendhing bonang) and after that the dancers will perform. The number of dancers rather varies, as many of them are either studying and/or teaching and may have other tasks. For instance the number of male dancers varies from 2 to 6, the number of female dancers varies maybe from 4 to 10, something like.
The gamelan is led by Pak Hartono, who is an excellent teacher, and his wife Bu Umi leads the dancers. Wednesday and Sunday evening (from about 19 to 22:30 hrs.) there is another rehearsal at the Prangwedanan in the Eastern part of the Mangkunegaran palace. Here Pak Hartono also teaches many students from abroad: Japanese, British, American, Dutch, French and even Hungarian. Repertoire: many gendhing bonang and even more dances. Great for music lovers.
The subject of the dances is usually taken from the Mahabharata or the Ramayana, but Panji-stories are also very popular. (BTW these Javanese stories about a prince in love have migrated to Thailand and Cambodia!).
About half of the musicians are Javanese professionals, the other half foreign pupils. The dancers are largely the same who dance Wednesday morning, perhaps with two or three foreigners added.
Kind regards, RobPan.

Theater, Concert and Event / Let's dance!
« on: March 14, 2014, 11:04:33 AM »
Let's see some dance pictures from around the world. Please post your own!
I will start with Javanese dancers.
If you like the pictures, please come to Solo and make your own! The 29th of April there will be a big festival in Solo (Central Java) in the framework of World Dance Day: Solo Menari (Solo is dancing). You will be able to see dances in several places: (1) the main street, Jalan Slamet Riyadi; (2) Sriwedari amusement park; (3) ISI (Music and Art Academy); Mangkunegaran Palace and possibly also at SMKI (Art High School).
Pictures: no permission needed, just go ahead!

One can fly to Solo from Jakarta (many flights daily) and from Singapore with Silk Air (thrice weekly).

The pictures:
#1062 400D, 1/60 5.6 ISO200 85mm (EFS17-85) 7-12-2007. Young dancer at a Baptist church event (Easter) where the story of Joseph was told in a dance performance.
#1078   50D, 1/125 2.8 ISO200, 85mm EF85mm 21-3-2009 Two clowns (panakawan): Garèng and Pétruk. Wayang Orang Bharata, (Bharata Dance Theatre) in Jakarta. The clowns are very able dancers!
#1498   5D3, 1/400 6.2  ISO2000 99mm EF24-105 12-1-2013 The shorts, Bharata in Jakarta.
#1531: 5D3 1/125 5.5 ISO2000 105mm EF24-105 22-12-2013 Cakil and Arjuna. Cakil is a demon, who tries to prevent Arjuna from entering the forest. (Wayang Orang Bharata, (Bharata Dance Theatre) in Jakarta)
#5395R: 50D 1/50 5.6 ISO1600 85mm  EFS17-85  29-4-2011 Emi, a dancer from Banyumas, who asked me to join. I politely refused, as I am not a good dancer, but I used the opportunity to make a portrait. (ISI, during Solo Menari Festival).
#5485: 50D 1/50 7.1 ISO1600 85mm  EFS-17-85 Neneng,  teacher and dancer from the Mangkunegaran court sings a tembang, a classical Javanese poem. (ISI, during Solo Menari Festival).

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: A 40mm f/0.85 for Your EOS-M?
« on: December 19, 2013, 02:52:51 AM »
"If you know of any other extremely fast lenses, please share it with us.
Kind regards,


Thank you for this interesting link. The champion is the Zeiss 40mm F0.33, but this one is not useable for photograhpy.
The late Lex Werkheim told us the fastest lens possible would theoretically be a F0.5, but he did not tell us how this was calculated.
Anyway, I think 0.85 is already too fast to be useable in real life photography, except possibly aerial photography (over a flat coutryside) or x-ray photograhy. The only advantage of such speed that I see is that it makes focusing easier in the dark.

Kind regards,


Third Party Manufacturers / Re: A 40mm f/0.85 for Your EOS-M?
« on: December 14, 2013, 08:36:36 AM »
"IBELUX 40mm f0.85 high-speed lens, the fastest lens in the world"

Well, maybe the fastest lens available at present, but not the fastest lens ever. If I remember well (from a photography course by Lex Werkheim in the sixties) the fastest lens at the time was a 0.75 (Zeiss?) lens used for photographing Röntgen (X-ray) screens. As Röntgen screens are flat, depth of field is not so important. Moreover, IQ is rather low anyway.
If you know of any other extremely fast lenses, please share it with us.
Kind regards,

Technical Support / Re: Manual for 50D in Bahasa Indonesia?
« on: August 06, 2013, 02:49:23 PM »
Jappe, I mailed and they replied that they did not have anything in Bahasa Indonesia. They are now contacting the importer (Datascrip) for me (they know the importer has not responded to may email).
Vonbon: I have not contacted bhinneka yet. Might try later, I will let you know.

Matur nuwun, wassalam,


Canon General / Re: You know, sometimes, when one is tired...
« on: August 06, 2013, 02:40:51 PM »
(Many years ago) I was in a Belgian village shooting a carnival procession with a F-1 and a FTb. Took some lovely pictures. Only after an hour or so I discovered that I had been using an empty camera. Fortunately this could not happen with today's digital gear: when the battery is empty or the card is full or missing you will get a warning.

Technical Support / Re: Manual for 50D in Bahasa Indonesia?
« on: July 08, 2013, 01:04:46 PM »
Google translate? Are you kidding?

Kind regards,


Technical Support / Re: Manual for 50D in Bahasa Indonesia?
« on: July 06, 2013, 03:18:24 AM »
Wrote to Datascrip (Canon importer/trader in Indonesia) several weeks ago, but received no reply. I will have to produce a translation myself.
Thanks for your kind advice.


Technical Support / Manual for 50D in Bahasa Indonesia?
« on: May 29, 2013, 09:07:10 AM »

As I am now using a 5D3, I want to give my 50D to an Indonesian friend. However, my friend has no English, or hardly so. Therefore I am looking for a manual in Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian). I am dismayed thet I can nowhere find Canon manuals in that language, which is the language of a country with about 250 million inhabitants. Any solutions? Are there any 50D book available in Indonesian?

Kin regards,


Lenses / Re: Why some lens says "macro"?
« on: March 22, 2013, 06:06:46 PM »
I should think a macro lens should have better IQ at close distances than an ordinary lens, i.e. it should be corrected for macro work. Whether one can focus close enough or one needs extension tubes seems (a bit) less relevant to me. IQ is more important.Kind regards.

If I had left the subject title at "Waiting to Shooting the New Pope", yes it would have been tasteless.
But that is not what I did, the subject title is and always has been "Waiting to Shoot the New Pope with Nikkor 1200-1700mm lens" ...

I get your point, but for me the primary meaning of "shooting" still crops up, perhaps because English is only my second language. Sorry if I misunderstood.

(to Halfrack)

Please do not project your own fantasies on my text, and do not shout.
Why did I say 'Shooting the pope does not solve anything'?
I think the title 'Shooting the Pope with [..]' is unlucky, not to say tasteless.
If you are not too young, you may remember that in 1981 the then Pope, John Paul, was indeed shot in Rome by a Turkish gentleman. This makes 'Shooting the Pope' different from, say, "Shooting the Rocky Mountains' to which I would raise no objection.
We are all human. That impies that we have the ability to think, and to form our own opinions. It is our birthright to do so. We do not have the right to deny others the same rights. This implies that we do not have the right to kill anybody just because he/she is of a different opinion.
I therefore feel in this case 'Photographing' or 'Taking a picture of' would be better than 'Shooting'.
Hope I made myself clear this time.
Kind regards,


Religion has little to do with it. The present Pope is in some respects a conservative, but his conservative views are contested by many a Catholic and cheered by many unbelievers. I do not quite understand why you mentioned your (lack of) religion.
Sorry if  this posting is a bit OT.

Shooting the pope will not solve anything.

Technical Support / Re: Very soft audio w external mike of EOD 5D3
« on: February 08, 2013, 08:29:28 AM »
Well, it is time for  reply.
I had two chances to improve my recording experience. The first was the gladhi resik (dress rehearsal in which the dancers did not yet wear make-up and did not wear their heardgear so one could almost call it an undress rehearsal).
There was no PA either. As the sound assistant here In Java usually knows less than nothing about his job, I was glad about the absence of mikes and amplifiers. I used my Tascam in the simplest possible manner: tied it to a gong stand and made the sound recording with just the built in microphones which are quite good really. I put the tripod with the 5D3 in front of the stage where it would also be the next day and made a video recording just with the rather dreadful built-in mike.
The sound recording was very good if not excellent, the video recording was quite satisfying but the sound of course leaves much to be wished for.

The next day I left the Tascam at home as because of the PA systen the sound would be dreadful anyway. I had the camera in the same position as the night before, in the center of the front of the stage. The sound guy made some bad mistakes: mikes to close to the singers (who were sitting in a row at the front of the gamelan) and a mike  near the drumhead of the kendhang (a drum used to conduct the gamelan). The singers sounded rather metallic and the drum boomed. The singers and drummers were not experienced enough to remove the mikes. Unfortunately I cannot synchronize the sound recording of the dress rehearsal with the video of the public performance. Small differences in speed make this an impossible task.
Nevertheless I am quite happy with the video. I wonder if it would be possible to avoid the problems with amplification of I would bring my own set of mikes and a mixer (supposing I had those) to the scene. I'm afraid that whatever I would do they would also pick up the sound from the loudspeakers.
Before the beginning of the performance I had already asked the sound assistant to turn the basses down a bit, which he did. That helped to avoid feedback. But I failed to mention the placing a the mikes as I could not foresee what he would do.

Kind regards.

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