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A video I made with a Canon 5D markIII, Raw mode with magic lantern.
Lens Canon EF USM 50 mm f/1.4
Color Grading: Davinci Resolve

Nice grading!
Tried the 11 yet?

Portrait / Re: Post photos of other photographers in action
« on: Today at 11:13:01 AM »
One from me.

BTW, how do you guys attach a link, intead of the file, like TexPhoto did above?

Nicely done... what's your keeper rate on these types of panning shots... mine is low... very low.
Thanks, it is around 5% when using the 70-200 IS II. I shoot burst of 7-8 and each burst I have at least a medium or a keeper, sometimes 2.
I struggle alot with keeping them straight, my hands are not steady anymore. That is my biggest issue.

I would put a link to my flickr account but I don't know how to do it. I see people doing it but I have no idea how they do it.

Portrait / Re: Post photos of other photographers in action
« on: Today at 09:59:06 AM »
One from me.

BTW, how do you guys attach a link, intead of the file, like TexPhoto did above?

Lenses / Re: Do you keep all your boxes?
« on: Today at 09:42:16 AM »
Yip keep them all haha...

keep them all hihi

I have to admit that I suffer from horizon deficiency syndrome.
I thought it was me getting old, I didn't know it was a disease. LOL!


I keep cropping the shot and rotating it until it suddenly "feels right". The problem is that I do this nearly pixel by pixel and 0.1 by 0.1 degree which takes a lot of time.

Yes, I do that too, as photos require it but I do that only to 2-3% of the keepers.
Let me explain; I usually keep 10-20% of the photos, unless I shoot burst (like bike panning) where I keep below 5%. Among these photos, around 5% I gave 5/5 grade and not only I crop and tilt them to my perfection but I spend hours in Photoshop retouching them. The other 95% I would spend 2-3min max on each.
Think of it as the wealth of our planet; 5% owns 95% and the other 95% owns only 5%.
I shoot prime almost all time and my hands are not that steady anymore; as a result tilting and cropping are musts for me.
Don't try to be mister perfect. Too much to handle.

EOS Bodies / Re: Sample Images From the EOS 7D Mark II
« on: September 19, 2014, 01:08:47 PM »
The 1D X does everything I could ever want and I think I'm going to stick with the 5DIII for now, especially after seeing the comparison again (correctly this time!).
Understood, thanks for your input.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Do you need a really high ISO?
« on: September 19, 2014, 11:36:33 AM »
I guess at some point I'll have to rent a 1D X and try for myself … ;)
Besides, low light body is not the only one solution. Whenever you can use flash, that I found always the best one.
If flash is not allowed, then yes. You can go the path of a better lens as well. So, rent ones before buying. It is hard to buy in order to own them all. I very often rent lenses for special need.

I am not such a friend of using a flash as it in most cases destroys the atmosphere. Besides using it for artistic purposes like here of course:
Not sure what you mean by "destroys the atmosphere". Are you referring to bothering people? Or the quality of light.
If you refer to the second, remember that studio photos are made mainly with flashes (strobes) and I would say that the majority of fashion and beauty shots are flash based while these are the most advanced in terms of lighting requirement.
Flashes allows you to get the quality, power and direction as you wish.
My Idol is Neil van Niekerk. Check his work if you haven't yet. 
Like many, I prefer window light but you won't have it always (or always you never have it when you need it). I shoot 1DX but whenever it is allowed, I choose using flash all the time in low lighting condition.
Many photographers are considered light controlling freaks and I can consider myself one of them. Whenever the light is too weak, too harsh or in the wrong direction; I ask for permission and pull out my strobes.

EOS Bodies / Re: Sample Images From the EOS 7D Mark II
« on: September 19, 2014, 11:02:07 AM »
I'm stunned.  The 7DII matches or nearly matches the 5DIII even at ISO 12,800!  Wow.  It's still no match for the 1D X at higher ISOs, but I can't believe they have pulled this out of an APS-C chip.  It looks like I might have to get into the pre-order line after all.
I am anxious to see if you would consider this as the backup of your 1DX. Let us know if you decide to go for it. I am currently use a 5DIII as back up but if it is close to the 5D I would consider the 10fps as a serious candidate.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5diii to 7dii?
« on: September 18, 2014, 01:01:19 PM »
Since you have already paid for and own the 5DIII, how could it be a good idea to buy a 7DII?

Do you really think you can sell the 5DIII for enough money to get a new 7DII and have money left over enough to buy a good prime?

I would keep the 5DIII.  You mentioned "overkill" so it does not sound like there is stuff you wished the 5D could do.  Functions you don't need, don't use.  The 5DIII is an excellent camera and one that you can grow into as your technique and interests change.

Unless there is something in the 7DII that the 5D doesn't have but you didn't tell us (like 10fps, Dual Pixel, 60 fps 1080p - anything), you better stick to what you have.

Lenses / Re: Hands-on With the Canon EF 400 f/4 DO IS II
« on: September 17, 2014, 12:08:49 PM »
How did they let "That Nikon Guy" play with the merchandise?  He should be on a no-try list somewhere at Canon.  ;)
If I am not mistaken he had done some review of canon stuff on youtube, this is not his first time. I am a Canon shooter but I value what he has to say. Given the time frame, I appreciate this video.

Photography Technique / Re: POLL: Did you peak and what did you do about it?
« on: September 16, 2014, 07:34:02 PM »
Tous les jours à tous points de vue je vais de mieux en mieux!!
You must be in your young age. Get old and we will see if you are getting stronger, unless your positive attitude convinces you that weaker means better. "La ligne entre attitude positive et arrogance est tres mince"

Yes, I peaked some 2 years ago. Not because I was mister perfect, just I didn't know anymore how to get better. I realized that I had a lot to learn, just I didn't know how to.
I met someone who told me that my biggest problem was that I am too stuburn and assume too much that how I do or think is the right way. Like, I shoot with a very good camera and there is no need to fix anything in post I just need to shoot better, or it is the weakness of my camera that I don't get good result in low light, or I have shot in JPG for years  and I have been fine so why would waste time in shooting raw, and so on.
I said to myself: I haven't win anything, I am not making good money, so why would I think that he is wrong?

I need to learn, and learn alot more. I am still nobody. Narrow mind made me peak. Will peak no more! That's why I read CR everyday; some good advice here sometime.

EOS Bodies / Re: High ISO Samples from the Canon EOS 7D Mark II
« on: September 16, 2014, 03:56:07 PM »
I'd certainly hope for some ISO improvement after all these years.  Images taken at high ISO in good lighting almost always look good.  The challenge comes in low light images where blue light levels are usually weak.  Since blues are the weakest, the gain is boosted a extreme amounton the blue channel, and noise becomes a issue.  DPR takes sample images at low light levels using incandescent lamps.  That's the real test of high ISO performance.

I reviewed some of my ISO 3200 images from my 7D, and found a lot of detail gone, so these are definitely far better. 

Imagine if this were full frame!  I'm sure they are holding back the good stuff for the 5D MK IV.
+1, high ISO in daylight means no much to me.
It would be nice if they add 4K on it too (together with the good stuff). I really miss that on this new 7D.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Pablo Escobar, Canon Shooter
« on: September 16, 2014, 10:39:27 AM »
The interesting question is: If you've really got so much money to spend, what would you buy? Leica?
Interesting indeed!

Everyone (including myself) seems to be searching the internet for reviews on the new 7D2. It looks like an impressive camera, kind of like how the 7D looked impressive back in 2009 when it was first introduced.

Well, I find myself wanting a new 7D2, but... my now 3 year old 7D still works perfectly and still takes amazing photos... What's my point?

My point is, I will probably upgrade to the 7D2 eventually, but not today. I love my 7D and it still does today what it has always done for me, take fantastic photos. It's still lighting fast and I love the image quality, even at high ISO's. No it's not a low light camera and it was never designed to be, but with a little post-processing images even taken at ISO 3200 are very nice, especially when they are of a hummingbird's wings frozen in time...

I am forcing myself to remember that it is the photographer that makes the photo, not his or her equipment. Yes tools give a workman more options BUT any camera in the hands of a skilled workman (or woman) is an amazing thing. You can capture a moment in time and share it with your friends, family and even make a living doing so.

I love my 7D. I don't see me getting rid of it anytime soon.

And that is the right attitude. Just don't go to the store and, for fun, try the new version. You would realize, sorry for the lack of better words, "how could you live like that for so long".

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