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Lighting / Re: First Flash
« on: October 01, 2014, 11:57:43 AM »
The hard part is that my wife doesn't like me to buy camera stuff, so the 600 is out.

That is the first issue you need to work on.  Photography is not worth stressing a relationship over.  Have you asked her, in a non-confronting way, what her concerns are?

Are they reasonable concerns?  If so, is there a mitigation?  Can you two work out a budget.

You really can't proceed further unless you get the wife-unit onboard. 

Good luck with it.
Good luck indeed!
Photography is not cheap, it is time consuming, takes your attention away from some important stuff/people.
It is worth getting her on your boat, could become a great model, then you can buy great stuff.

Lighting / Re: Speedlites - How many are enough?
« on: October 01, 2014, 11:26:10 AM »
I think, it all depends on what you do and the assignment.
At home, I use only strobes.
On location, one (rarely two) Einstein bounced on the ceiling and one speedlite on a stick for creative lighting is enough. I rarely pull out a second speedlite for rim (and yet I bought 6 of them).
I simply hate changing batteries.  I found it time consuming setting them up and too many variables to worry about.
I must read that Frank Doorhof guy to understand his approach. Sounds interesting.

Not sure I would have benefited from it, but I would have looked a lot cooler than with my rebel/18-55 IS.  :)

Isn't it all about looking like a pro ????   :D :D :D :D
Actually, I was the opposite.

I started with T1i rebel and that was really a good thing. I compared myself to others, since I didn't know much about gear, I thought my result was not good because my technique was not good so I tried to learn the basics of photography.
Later on, I realized that with full frame I can get better so I bought one and it felt good, especially that I had already the basics of photography at the time.

Looking like a pro?
That didn't serve me well.
After my kit lens I bought the 70-200 MK II as soon as it appeared in the retailer.
My trouble was that everybody expected miracles because I had the best lens in the world, while my technique was poor. I remember asking a model to pose for me during a Manga convention, she was so pleased, but I didn't know how to pose so I took only one and only one shot. I can't ever forget the disappointment on her face when I said that's it.
I ended up selling that lens and bought something less conspicuous.
When I bought my 1DX last year, I knew exactly why am I spending that much money. Now, I know that my results are not up to the standard, because my technique is not there yet and that pushes me more to learn.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: What is your DSLR favorite use?
« on: September 30, 2014, 03:00:26 PM »
I use two bodies; 1DX + 5D MK III
1DX for sport, 5D for video. One backs up the other.
Favorite lens: 85 mm 1.2 for sport, 100mm 2.8 for video.
Favorite tool: monopod + hood loop for both.
Software: ACR+Photoshop for stills, Resolve for video.

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Video Editing Work Flow?
« on: September 30, 2014, 09:54:37 AM »

Currently, I bring all my video onto my working and backup hard drive with Lightroom, I just do all my media through LR.

I then, open up Davinci Resolve and bring all the footage in there, I've been using the version 11 interaction with the Xrite passport color utility...and in Resolve, I use this to set and correct all my basic WB.

I shoot with the Marvels Cinestyle 'flat' profile, and this one step on each clip makes them start to really pop and look good for rest of workflow.
That is way too advanced for a newbie, my opinion, but thanks for sharing, it is clear.
I haven't moved to 11 yet. From a hardware requirement is there a big difference between the 11 and 10?
By the way, the Marvels Cinestyle is indeed the way to go. I will have to try the Xrite passport once I am with 11.

Canon General / Re: How Soon We Forget!
« on: September 30, 2014, 09:26:18 AM »

I have no problem with any post, where the ambition is to pinpoint something we currently can´t get with Canon. After all, this is a technology forum and we should all be interested in anything that would push the envelope. But I do have a problem with those who jump in, with a rather patronizing language, to defend the status quo (and justify their procurement decisions??). I just don´t understand their motivation. These must not be mixed with those who, in a constructive and educational manner, explain how we can overcome a shortcoming by being smart in how we use what we have. I have learned a lot from some of you.

Well said!

Canon General / Re: How Soon We Forget!
« on: September 30, 2014, 06:03:26 AM »
I think there's photographers and there's people who talk photography.

For photographers, it's important to take pictures, for the others, it's all about chat-chat-chat!

Like you? Come on! I visit this forum and take pictures. It is possible to be a photographer and also read up on technology/techniques.
I think both of you are right. For me, it is about getting a balance between the two.
Let me explain;
The student asked the master: "Master, I have been practicing for years, and yet I haven't achieved anything much". And the master replied: "The idiots learn from their mistakes, the wisemen learn from someone else's".

Some people believe too much in what they have experienced and take that as the sole proof of truth.
It is crucial for me to take pictures. It helps me learning from my own mistakes, it keeps me enthusiastic about it, it helps keeping my self estime up. Practices make masters, right?
On the other hand, It is nice sometimes to listen to others; their experience, their theory and even their "idiotism" for lack of a better word. It, not only, helps in getting new techniques but some inspiration as well, it helps in understanding the need of others, it helps explaining some of my failures, but most of all, it helps in understanding the trend.
I agree, that we can take already great pictures with what we have and it would be wastefull not to take advantage of it, however haven't you ever wonder what if ..
What if we have the technology of after year today?

Today only 5-10% of panning are keepers, still too less hit punches are printed, too many endangered species are not archived. Just to name a few.

Yes, we need the technology to advance and I am keen to know about the trend. I don't consider chating about that as a waste of time at all. Just don't do it too much.
Yes, I am proud when I capture one of those rare moments, and yet  I cannot remain in the technology of yester year and just close my eyes in front of lost opportunities.
Simply, I cannot  live only with today and not to care about what to come next. It just feels nice when you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

EOS Bodies / Re: No EOS-1D X Replacement in 2014 [CR2]
« on: September 29, 2014, 06:00:12 PM »
Just curious – why would Canon need to replace the 1D-X? It looks to me that the Nikon D4-S has similar or lesser specs. No other camera competes in this market segment, so why do people think it will be replaced anytime soon?

And, for that matter, why would the 5DIII need to be replaced?
I understand your point of view, it is market-based and makes totally sense.
From my user stand point though, since they did not "upgrade" it with the dual-pixel technology, it makes me feel left aside, as "lower" camera like 70D and 7D II has the functionality, as well as the cinema C series and only 1DX didn't get it.
I know, it depends on the user and many don't need it.
Now that I know how powerful that feature is for what I do, the more I discover more of its potential the more I regret that 1DX didn't get it. I did panning yesterday and I really really missed it with live view stills, not to mention video.
Don't get me wrong, I won't replace my 1DX for anything on the market, I just regret that it didn't get it. The next version most certainly will have it. If I could upgrade for $500 I wouldn't think of a new version.

Street & City / Re: Voyeurism
« on: September 29, 2014, 10:31:22 AM »
Having said that I am all in favour of more photographers and fewer theorists on the forum so welcome  :)
Like the film said, not because you talked alot about Kung Fu that makes you a Sifu.
Nice series there.

Photography Technique / Re: Postprocessing brush instead of cto/ctb gel?
« on: September 22, 2014, 09:56:51 PM »
Perfect photographer would tell you that you should have everything right in camera.
I am not a big believer of that theory. Any photo I intend to keep must go through post processing, even just for the sake of sharpening.
And yet, I gel. I find it easier to fix gelled strobe.
I don't use lightroom, I use ACR and the new filter in PS CC makes it even easier but I still gel. Can't explain the theory behind it, just take my answer as a statistic in nature.

Photography Technique / Re: Square or not?
« on: September 22, 2014, 09:42:29 PM »
I liked the rectangular orientation better. Two reasons:
The orientation of the subject in the rectangular frame is more appealing to me as it feels like it's slowly spreading (spilling?) outwards on two sides.
The black space on the sides seem to enhance the brightness of the subject and acts as a negative space where the spill (as above) would spread out.

I generally crop this kind of images square, but this special case seems to need a different treatment in my opinion.
Rectangular gives a sense of direction of the subject (horizontal). Square looks too geometric to my eyes (more like a kid's drawing).
What makes the square better in these photos is the warmth of the color. Try to give the rectangular the same warmth and then compare.

But don't waste time trying to turn a bad photo into a work of art.
Why not? Especially if it has the potential to be better than the good photos?
I am glad that you "don't waste time trying to turn a bad photo into a work of art" if that works for you.
Marsu42 feels the need to fix his. And I am with him.
To me the issue is not "not to fix it at all", the question is how to reduce the time it takes to fix it.
My suggestion is to be selective and not to fix all of them. I choose to fix my best. But you can choose to fix only the ones that irritates you, or some other criteria.
After few years in photography, it becomes a second nature to shoot right and there isn't much room to learn from your mistakes any more, it is just that sometimes actions happen so fast that getting the shoot is your priority and not level your camera. Not everybody shoots landscape with a tripod. Some actually shoots moving train or flying bird or a hockey game.
I find that luckydude has some good suggestions if you can afford to be restricted on a monipod depending on what you shoot.

Portrait / Re: Post photos of other photographers in action
« on: September 21, 2014, 08:26:13 PM »
One more from me.

Portrait / Re: Post photos of other photographers in action
« on: September 21, 2014, 03:11:20 PM »
This was at the ICC T20 Cricket World Cup 2010 in West Indies. He was one of the ICC staff photographers so we took photos of each other in action!
I am shooting  you shooting me shooting you king of thing.

Video & Movie / Re: Video clip 5DmarkIII Raw Magic lantern by night
« on: September 21, 2014, 11:36:10 AM »
A video I made with a Canon 5D markIII, Raw mode with magic lantern.
Lens Canon EF USM 50 mm f/1.4
Color Grading: Davinci Resolve


Nice grading!
Tried the 11 yet?

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