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yeah..that's getting closer to a solution...I also had one other PJ suggest I adjust straps so that the cameras aren't down near the belt area...just a bit high so it isn't hitting the belt/hip pack/cellphone...not a pure solution but might reduce the number of times it happens....


Thanks for that...I think I may have to revert back to something I had done long ago where I created a little collar and literally superglued the collar around the ring so you had to push in hard to actaully change the ISO and it wouldn't get pushed so easily...but still have a feeling that straps other lenses will eventually knock it off...have to keep thinking on this one...missed a really great shot the other day that was a matter of being on top of things and I'm not paid to miss shots...and I'm not very happy when it's my equipment that makes me look stupid...

I'll look at harnesses and holsters again but I have found that when I am in crowd situations, (I can think of multiple news and sports events where I had to thread through crowds of people to get to the front or out of harms way) and if I don't have hip pack/think tank gear pushed behind me...towards my back, then I am whacking every person in the crowd with my gear (ie hip holster type things) and it tends to piss them off...

I'll see if I can find anyone else's input and post back here...thanks so far for everyone's feed back...

As a photojournalist, I tend to have 2 and sometimes 3 cameras hanging on my body (usually one wide-mid range zoom and a 70-200 on the other body) and since I am shooting and on the move constantly at most events I have had plenty of problems grabbing my 70-200 (with my 1DX) and finding that all the settings have gotten changed as it bumps against my body (I do tend to turn the top of the body towards my boy versus hanging outward as I have found that it gets beaten up more when it's facing out (i.e. the hotshoe and top facing out, versus turned inward to my body)...

So long story short, I'm getting sick of this as I have milliseconds to respond, grabbing my camera and then I get it up to my face and find I'm on ASA 10,000 and shutter speed of 1/8000....it's starting to get really annoying...

So I figured out how to set-up the multi-function lock so it will lock back dial and multifunction dials and I figured out how to disable the modes down to just manual (I NEVER shoot on anything other than manual or bulb) but the thing I can't figure out is there a way to disable the small ISO button on the top of the camera near the shutter speed dial?...between shutter speed dial (which I can lock via multi-function lock) I can't figure out if there is a way to lock/disable the ISO button? the ISO and the Shutter speed dial seem to be the things that get changed the most often...I can't seem to find anything about disabling the ISO button or locking...anyone have any ideas?

Thanks....and just to answer in advance, no I don't want to use some wierd new harness contraption that someone has come up with...maybe good and fine for shooting weddings but when you are covering protests, riots, war zones, NFL games, etc...I have not found one that would be more dangerous than useful...

Lenses / Re: History Lesson: Canon FDn 1200 f/5.6L 1.4x Lens Images
« on: December 10, 2012, 09:13:13 AM »
Olympics and Pulitzers: I thought I would pass along my experience with Canon 1200/5.6 from the 84' Olympics which led to a great shot and part of a Pulitzer prize.

I was working at the Orange County Register in SoCal and was assigned to cover the 100K Cycling race in Mission Viejo. To get the shot I wanted, I would have to camp out over night in the backyard of local that looked straight down at the finish line but I was going to need a monster of a lens and when I heard about the Canon 1200, I knew it would do the trick. I camped out the night before and as the race unfolded the next day it came down to a sprint to the finish between the Canadian and Alex Grewal of the US and was literally so close at the finish line that there was no jubilation until about 50 yards past the finish line. It was perfect from my vantage point and a nightmare for the pool photographers who were getting his rear-end since the Olypic Pool position was right at the finish line!

Then it was topped off when the next year, the Register was selected for a Pulitzer prize for our Olympic Photo coverage and that images was part of the entry.

I had other occasions to use the lens for other sports events, but in SoCal, you had to be careful using it on a hot day at ground level as it would pick up so much of the heat waves coming of the ground, that it would compormise your focus....They are a pretty amazing piece of glass and a fond memory for me!

Todd Buchanan

Photo: Mission Viejo, CA- Los Angeles Olympics 1984 Alexi Grewal wins the Gold medal in the 100 Kilometer bicycle road race to win for the United States team.

I've been getting some odd readings on the camera...camera still functions fine, but at times the battery symbol on the mark iii display on the top of the camera will flash as if the battery is low...when you go to the battery info menu, it all seems fine...this happens in an inconsistent way. I have tried to figure out if you have the on/off switch located on the battery pack has anything to do with it.

I noticed that when I left the switch on (on the battery pack) over the 4th of July, that the batteries were slowly draining, but still trying to get a fix on what is going on...

I got mine in today to via USPS/China Post...I was a little nervous since I couldn't get China Post tracking details...got the tracking number but not much tracking online...

The feel of the grip is good and looks good. I was a little worried at first when I put the batteries at first it didn't see the battery levels but after a couple minutes it was dead on for battery levels....I just upgraded the 5D Mark iii firmware shortly after getting the unit and I was noticing that on the menus, it was behaving as if it was image preview mode (i.e. the menus would only show for 2 or 4 seconds depending on how long you had image preview set for) but then a few minutes later everything worked fine...so don't know if this is just an oddity with new firmware or if it has anything to do with the grip.

But the buttons and everything else seemed to work well, the vertical buttons and the toggle button, so far so good...I will try to shoot some tomorrow and put it through the paces...let you know if I see anything odd...

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