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Really Canon?
You needed to hire a third party research firm to discover all of that.
Hell, you could just read this forum for free to find out that and much more. SMH  ::)
+1.  I like it.

EOS Bodies / Re: More About the EOS 5DS & EOS 5DS R
« on: January 30, 2015, 01:19:22 PM »
It is too early to say for sure whether to place my order for the R but next month I'll plan on cleaning up my Canon glass and a testing strategy and plan.  I'm choosing the R because I have the D800 and the D800E and the D810 and for my high definition landscape work I prefer to work without the AA filter and it surpasses the D800 in resolution.  As a side note, I see this result in the D7100 as well. 

My work is really almost always on a tripod, live view, cable release, shutter delay or electronic shutter on the 810.  On this new Canon camera, my questions revolve around dynamic range (pulling detail out of the shadows while protecting detail in the highlights) as well as price and delivery.  Now that I know Canon has finally committed to a high MP camera I can relax knowing that I will once again be able to use my Canon tilt-shift lenses as well as my super-tel.  Now I might even look at that new lightweight 400mm that has caught my eye.  This R version camera looks like my kind of camera as long as IQ is excellent at low ISO. 

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: One single reason to never buy Nikon DSLR
« on: January 26, 2015, 01:59:52 PM »
I have both Canon Full Frame (all 5D models) and Nikon bodies (D800, D800E, D810).  I can choose to shoot either.  It does take longer to match up the Nikon shutter cord but it is on the front where I like it.  Why?  I use vertical grips on all my cameras and if the push in receptacle is on the left side of the camera that is where an L bracket covers.  No RRS brackets and Kirk and others carefully let you open the door(s) on the camera and RRS has a cut-out to BEND the cord, vertical shots are always a pain on a Canon.  On a Nikon that has a front connector it NEVER needs to bend the cord just to make it fit in the vertical direction.

If you had to choose only one feature, I would not use this feature to be the deciding factor.  The Nikon front screw mount also beats the Canon design when carrying around the mounted cable from site because of the screw mount. 

Maybe when all cameras can be triggered by a radio control, cables will all go away and we can complain about the design of the remote.

EOS Bodies / Re: 50mp Cameras Coming in March [CR1]
« on: January 24, 2015, 02:36:53 PM »
Explanation please? What is a low pass filter in this context? What is it for and if it's necessary, why build a camera without one? Is it the same as an anti-aliasing filter (another term I don't understand...)

AA filter = Low Pass filter is my understanding.  I have the D800 with the filter, the D800E where the filter stack has been neutralized, and the D810 and the D7100 that have no AA filter.  The cameras without the filter have all better resolution.  In order to see that better resolution, a person needs to use a tripod and a cable release, probably live view and use either the 3 second delayed exposure or the MUP/electronic shutter of the D810.  Of course a top notch lens is also required.  My highest res photo was of a harbor shot from above using the Nikon 85mm 1.4 at F11.  Even now I'm amazed at the 3 foot x 2 foot print it made and the detail it shows that I've never seen before in such a shot.  For landscape work I would be buying a camera without the filter for sure.  For landscape work, moiré does not seem to be a problem.  Even with chain link fences taken at a distance I can resolve the chain but I see no moiré.  Other type of photography may encounter the problem but I just haven't run into it.  I keep my D800 around on the off chance that I run into it.

EOS Bodies / Re: High Megapixel Camera Coming in 2015 [CR3]
« on: December 18, 2014, 02:45:28 AM »
Some one earlier wrote:
No AA filter = not positive for anything but the company making the camera (AA filters are very expensive optical devices).  Removing it does not help image quality, and it does hurt image quality of still images.

Do you use cameras with and without the AA filters?  I shoot the D800, 5DIII, D800E, D810 and the D7100.  In ALL cases, for my most detailed landscape work at low ISO, the cameras without the AA filter produce superior IQ Images to ones that have the AA filter and I have the large prints (3 feet by 2 feet average size) to prove it. 

EOS Bodies / Re: High Megapixel Camera Coming in 2015 [CR3]
« on: December 17, 2014, 02:04:59 PM »
The 5DIII will be 3 years old in March next year. A move to 50MP will pretty much follow Moor´s law. That same law should indicate just over a doubling of its computing power and given the speed of new memory cards, we should a least expect a camera that could chew 50MP at a slightly higher speed than the 5DIII and thus see at least 6, probably 8 fps.

As for AF system, there is no reason not to expect something beyond what the 7DII have. And I don´t see why we should´t expect more intelligence and speed in the processing part of it. More AF points, better tracking, better coverage of the image area etc.

The big questions for me though are what we will see in terms of DR, noise and ISO performance. A 5DIII just ramped up to 50MP and the rest same same ... Not tempting enough.
You have made a good point about the 5DIII birthday.  I was surprised when Canon came up with the 7D2 without a significant sensor jump.  However with Lexar making their 2000X SD cards UH3, perhaps in the next year (or 2), Canon may feel that it is time to have a high MP sensor with dual processors to give a 6FPS rate.  If so and if they had even image quality that I see from the Sony sensors in the form of the D810, I will buy Canon once again.  I have missed using my great Canon tilt shift lenses as well as my 500mm supertele. 

I know it is too early to ask such a question, but...  When will this announcement be and does this 2015 mean delivery this year or sometime in 2016?  It seems to me that at least six months can lapse between the announcement and actual in stock status at B&H.  I'm also wondering if Nikon will just be sleeping all the time that Canon will be "developing."

EOS-M / Re: Tele lens for EOS M?
« on: November 23, 2014, 01:17:10 PM »
for what its worth the canon 135 f2L is amazingly good on the eos-M it is very fast and accurate in servo mode much faster than many other lenses i have tried. i use it for out door street candids and it works great.

I agree!  The 135 F2 and the 85 1.8 on an eos-m are a great combo.  I also love the native 18-200mm tamron (I have mine in silver - it shoots better!  I'm kidding....).

EOS-M / Re: Tele lens for EOS M?
« on: November 22, 2014, 12:56:16 PM »
I have bought several EOS-M's along with my friends that also enjoy this camera.  For me, I must really have autofocus so I really enjoy my 85mm 1.8 Canon lens because it seems to just fit the camera.  It is just perfect as well as the 50mm 1.8 Canon.  Another perfect match seems to be with the EOS-M version of the 18-200mm Tamron lens that is made for this camera.  Seems very sharp throughout the zoom range and is very well built just like the EOS-M.  I know the lens price is twice what the camera is but since this lens is a native lens for the EOS-M, it is another match made in heaven.  This lens is an unsung (unreviewed) hero of a very fine lens.  This is my main travel lens when I go on the airplane somewhere and don't want to take my heavy stuff.  I also take the F2 22mm for all my inside shots and the 18-200 for everything else (oh also the 40mm pancake and the 50mm 1.8 with the adapter).  These make a fine light kit.

I live in Fort Bragg CA which is less than 200 miles north of San Francisco.  I really don't know which way I would go from Texas but it seems a shame to miss Big Sur south of San Francisco.  However for me, I decided to move from San Diego to here in Fort Bragg because of the rugged coastline, many rivers, redwoods, active ocean fishing, and moderate temperature.  It is now green here because we've had some rain - it is starting to look like Ireland.  From San Francisco, go up 101 until you get south of Santa Rosa and turn west to get to Bodega Bay and then follow Hwy 1 all the way to Leggit where it joins 101 again.  This Hwy 1 loop has some of the most diverse seascapes that I've seen and will prepare you for the coast route through Oregon.

EOS Bodies / Re: Poll: Would you buy a high MP Canon EOS 5DIV?
« on: September 26, 2014, 01:50:29 PM »
When Canon finally gets into the high MP game, I would probably buy either a 1D series or a 5D series regardless of price in the 40MP area or better.  As a landscape guy I don't need a fast camera but I would like one with a large buffer with a frame rate of 3 fps is probably good enough but for 50 raw full res images for tracking slow moving animals.  The frame rate should be programmable.

Are things so bad now - NO.  I love my D800 series cameras but I miss the Canon tilt shift lenses.  I also have some other favorite Canon lenses but I'm not going to put any more money into Canon until they have the high MP camera.  I'd rather not hear about market share or the issues confronting Canon marketing.  I have no doubt that Canon will continue to prosper very well with out a high MP camera and does not need to have a photographer such as myself.  However, if Canon wishes to sell equipment to folks like me, they will need to bring some sort of high MP product to market.  And NO development announcement of a sensor or camera will do me any good.  No announcement of a product next year, or the year after, or the year after that will help Canon or me.

I can wait.  Too bad because that new 400mm DO lens looks tempting.....

EOS Bodies / Re: A New EOS Pro Body With 46mp Next Month? [CR1]
« on: September 17, 2014, 09:12:12 PM »
There's one other thing we can almost be certain of: this sensor is HIGHLY unlikely to end up in the 5D4. Canon lost a bunch of 1DsIII sales to the 5D2 and I can't see them doing that again.

But what then? They lose all sales to D810 and Sony?
They can't just have some 8k camera that offers high MP and high DR and expect that to compete with the $2000-2500 stuff. The 8k cam might also have high fps and this and that and be the best, but 8k is simply too much for most people to afford no matter how much they'd love to get it (and some don't like mega large bodies).

Isn't it better to have 85,000 sales of 5D4 than 4000 sales of 1DsX?

Depends on your margins.

But why can't I have 85,000 sales of 5D4 *AND* 4000 sales of 1DsX?
And how do I achieve that if I'm Canon?

8MP APS-C (20D, 30D, 350D) = 21MP FF (5D2, 1Ds3, 5D3)
10MP APS-C (40D, 400D, 1000D) = 26MP FF
12MP APS-C (450D) = 31MP FF
15MP APS-C (50D, 500D) = 38MP FF
18MP APS-C (7D, 700D, 650D, 600D, 550D, 60D, 60Da, 100D) = 46MP FF (1DsX or 3D?)
20MP APS-C (70D, 7D2) = 51MP FF

Your numbers showing that by using the same pixel density that is already in Canon's APS-C format cameras but producing a full frame sensor with the same pixel density should produce a sensor in the range of that rumor.  I think that Nikon probably had that choice but decided to back off to 36MP to retain a higher DR and also not to "frighten" those out their that said there were "Too Many Megapixels - my little slow computer couldn't handle those 40+mp files."  And don't waste my time in quoting the "uncompressed" size which I never use and can never understand why anyone would use it.  14 bit non-loss compression works great on all the D800 line.

If Canon did this, I would probably buy it.  Canon at this point may feel that it is now time for Canon to truly establish dominance even if they don't sell a boatload.  With a price like that they will have a great profit margin and have something to take to every trade show and not just a fast APS-C camera.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: SIGMA 150-600!!
« on: September 05, 2014, 01:49:20 PM »
It'll be interesting to see side-by-side performance comparisons between this and the Tamron.
+1; When is availability scheduled?

Photography Technique / Re: Is RAW worth it?
« on: August 25, 2014, 08:19:38 PM »
You can always make a JPEG from RAW.  Going the other way ain't so easy.  ;D
If fact making a raw from a JPG is impossible (just in case someone didn't understand the humor).

Photography Technique / Re: Is RAW worth it?
« on: August 25, 2014, 02:33:31 AM »
JPGs use only 8 bits per color channel for 255 tones of Red, Green, and blue.  With most digital cameras you can select either 12 bit or 14 bit color.  If you choose 14 bit per channel you have over 16,000 tones per color channel.  You choose: 255 or more than 16,000 per channel?  Which do you think preserves colors better?

Canon General / Re: A Rundown of EOS 7D Mark II Information
« on: August 16, 2014, 07:52:08 PM »
I wish Canon well.  It would be nice to think about purchasing a Canon camera again.  I love their tilt shift lenses.

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