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Also, the key to finding me on eBay is not searching Ed Mika but rather edmika.  My company name is the combination of my middle and last names (My first name is hard to pronounce, my parents are Czech).

Thanks for the figurative kick in the butt.  A few explanation points;

I haven't been shouting from the rooftops because I honestly felt I had nothing to shout about yet.  That moment has nearly come though.  I've been pretty much ignoring my commercial internet presence for a few years now apart from making it a habit of replying to each and every direct email message.  Some would consider selling 100+K a year of adapters from a startup garage shop to be more than ok but this has just been a warm up, a steep learning curve.  I've been extremely busy developing and redeveloping (and redeveloping) solutions I can stand 100% behind on top of the whole keeping my real job and managing to staying married thing.  What I've finally got now is something I'm getting ready to shout about quite loudly.

Secondly, all those bar shots you refer to on my flickr photostream were taken with various FD mount lenses.  I'm a big fan of available light shooting and I've been mixing business with pleasure at my local pub here in Collingwood Ontario Canada.  A big criticism I've heard repeatedly is I've focused too much on the pictures of the gear instead of pictures by the gear.  The Molly Blooms flickr set http://www.flickr.com/photos/ontarian/sets/72157638917740504/ has been shot exclusively with FDn24mm/1.4L, FL55mm/1.2, FD55mm/1.2 Aspherical, FDn85mm/1.2L, FD85mm/1.2 Aspherical and FDn200mm/1.8L lenses all converted to EOS by my kits.  I plan to start reviewing in good descriptive and practical real use detail the entire Canon manual focus lens arsenal and this is kind of my start. 

I'm about to launch a $99 US dollar kit with free worldwide shipping to convert to EOS close to 50 of some of the best FL/FD/FDn manual focus Canon lenses ever made.

The problem I am dealing with is that up until now I have sold all my edmika adapter kits on eBay.  Many have been stand alone listings but one has been a single listing with 12 lens types requiring the buyer to contact me with what specific lens they want converted.  The trouble with this is that about a quarter of my buyers forget to contact me to let me know which lens they have.  This is a real pain for my production and shipping system as I often have to send several messages before I get a reply if at all sometimes.

I don't want to have to 50+ different eBay listings, mostly because many of the more obscure ones (like the excellent but nearly unknown 85/2.8 soft focus or the 20-35/3.5L or the 85/1.2 Aspherical) would never show up very high on the eBay search algorithm.  What I have seen some of my competitors (and copycats) do is just live with a single listing and deal with the customer chasing problems.  This ensures that that their listing stays high on the hit list because of the relatively high sales volumes.

What I really need is a multi-variation listing which would allow me to ensure my customers select the appropriate lens on checkout.  The problem is only eBay Australia allows multi-variation listings in the Camera category/subcategories.  If I list in crafts category which allows MVar Listings on eBay Canada, when people search FD to EF adapters, eBay search prompts them to click on these terms in the camera adapters category (so my craft category listings would be missed for those clicking the suggested search term).

I've been asking eBay Canada to include the Camera category in multi-variation listings for over a year but customer service has been a brick wall.  eBay today represents a 2003 user interface, zero customer service, illogical listing rules, no real seller protections and unfortunately for the type of product I develop and sell still the only game in town where my buyers go first. To top it off I get ever rising fees (they own paypal too so combined they collectively take more from me than even the Canadian Government does in corporate taxes).  I just spent another hour on the phone with eBay Canada getting the run around with lots of feigned empathy but no answers and being repeatedly put on hold until I hang up in frustration.

I'm seriously looking at finally including a storefront on edmika.com or trying Amazon out but I'm afraid I'd be losing a lot of buyers who look for that kind of product on eBay first.  I know for many obscure things eBay personally is my first stop as well.

Any good selling direction suggestions from the canonrumors crowd?

I don't have much to show myself, I came to terms with being much more a gear head than an artist long ago.  I took some snaps in this set here http://www.flickr.com/photos/ontarian/sets/72157623884845990/ a few years ago when I developed the kit.  Weirdly enough I'm sitting at my CNC machine (beer in hand) developing another as I write this. 

Good questions. 

1. Metering works in Av mode (but all can be used but of course the camera cannot control aperture so if in Tv mode all the camera can do is adjust ISO).  Metering is stop down so the camera will always think the f stop is set at 4.5 or whatever you program the chip to say but whatever light gets through is the light the meter reads.

2. Its almost as easy as mounting an FD camera body to an FD lens.  With a 1D body you will either have to mount the lens sideways (since I designed the adapter to be dual orientation) or bend the lever inwards a bit so it doesn't scratch some plastic inside the body near the electrical contacts.  Thats the tradeoff for having such a low profile adapter trying to put the lens as close to original position as possible.

3. It will work with an Fd 1.4x extender best, meaning based on my pretty extensive testing it will actually resolve more detail rather than just making the image larger, dimmer and more distorted.  The EF 1.4x is a wash and forget the 2x types from either FD or EF series.  You also cannot use the EF version anyway since the plastic face inside is even shallower than the camera body so the aperture lever will scratch heavily.  You first would mount the FD 1.4x-a (b is for sub-300mm focal lengths) on the lens, then mount the 0.5mm adapter.


Hi Ed,

I'm giving some thought to purchasing the FD 600mm, and I have a few questions about mounting this to an EOS 1D or 1Ds body.  I've never used the FD lenses before, so these questions might seem a bit trivial, but I'd appreciate serious helpful replies anyway.

(1) How does metering and choice of aperture work?  Is it stop-down metering still?

(2)  I'm not terribly handy.  How difficult or technical is the installation of this adapter on this lens?  Is there a pictoral or video guide somewhere showing how to do it?  I saw it mentioned that the aperture lever might need to be bent.  How do I go about doing that?  Is the metal fairly pliable?

(3)  Does the adapter also work with a teleconverter?  If so, does it need to be an FD teleconverter or an EOS one?

Thank you in advance!

EOS Bodies / Re: Wrecked my 6D today, what a POS
« on: July 27, 2013, 06:52:24 PM »
Thanks for the kind words neuroanatomist.  My EOS adapter solution index has grown quite a bit and includes the following lenses. 

EdMika Adapters July 25 2013 by Ontarian, on Flickr

I think it might even perhaps be time I update the Canonrumors article on the conversions.

EOS Bodies / Re: Wrecked my 6D today, what a POS
« on: July 27, 2013, 05:46:06 PM »
noobs blaming their own errors on canon.. you have to love it.  ;)

i have shoot with a 550D in rain.. no problem.
what where you doing scuba diving?   ;D

Noob eh?  Yeah, I was going to say something back but I've changed my mind.

EOS Bodies / Re: Wrecked my 6D today, what a POS
« on: July 27, 2013, 05:14:04 PM »
I agree, I did not double check Canon marketing to see if the weatherproof box was checked, I made an incorrect assumption and now I'm paying for it.  I should have taken my 1D4 as a second body but it didn't look like rain when I left and I didn't want the 1.3 crop factor on either lens for the look I was going for.  I already dislike what Canon is doing with cheapening everything down build-wise (but surprisingly not correspondingly cost-wise) particularly in lenses and this certainly doesn't do much to change my sour opinion.  I normally would not have purchased a bottom end 6D but I pretty much need 1 of everything for my lens conversion development work for interference testing.

I hope you get things working again...  but.

The 7D was rated as weatherproof (whatever that actually means).
The 6D is not.

Maybe you shouldn't have cut corners yourself.
Not suggesting you should have had to pay an extra grand for a 5D3 with weather sealing, but $60 on a kata jacket or even $5 on a throwaway rain cover...

My over-riding feeling is empathy, sympathy even, but you can't really blame canon.  You made a bad call, but the punishment seems undue.

EOS Bodies / Wrecked my 6D today, what a POS
« on: July 27, 2013, 04:02:48 PM »
So I got over my initial dislike last year of a few of the corners Canon took with the 6D (like 1/4000 max shutter speed) because the image quality was on par with my 5D3.  Today shooting the Collingwood Ontario Elvis festival in the rain with a EF 400mm 2.8 IS on my 5D3 and a 14mm 2.8 II on my 6D and I was shocked to find that my 6D stopped responding after about 20 minutes in sporadic rain.  I got home, opened things up to inspect and found felt-like material at all the seams rather than the expected rubber material that even my EF-S mount 2009 era 7D has.  I'm sorry, but F$#%K you Canon, for my couple of grand I want you to not skimp out on maybe a dollar's worth of sealing material.  My 6D is now in a bowl of rice in my cranked up to the max infrared sauna, I'll see if my hatred of Canon corner cutting sticks.  No wonder I enjoy developing EOS mount solutions for 60's to mid 80's era Canon manual focus lenses, its before they started sucking like it was a sport.

Edit, a few hours later:

Well, the bowl of rice and a couple of hours in the dry sauna seem to have brought the body back to life thankfully.  I'm thinking that the 6D problems had something to do with the fact that it was hanging mostly from my shoulder with the rear buttons facing the rain where my 5D3 was mostly top up since they look like they should both share the same "weatherproofing" levels.

-Ed Mika

Thanks Ed!
I'll add that to the list of FD lenses I look for.  There does not seem to be good supply of the best FD lenses on the market locally, they are very hard to find at my price, which mean nearly free ;)

And rightfully so, these lenses are worth the prices.  My theory is that prices have gone up mostly because of EVIL body cameras like the Sony NEX and the advantages manual focus lenses have over modern equivalents for filmmakers.

Hi Canon fans, here is a new to EOS Canon manual focus lens kit you can add to the existing do-it-yourself EdMika set of conversions.

EdMika FDn 35-105/3.5 EOS kit launch by Ontarian, on Flickr

found here on eBay:

My other kits:


Upcoming kits (really close now)

FDn 400mm 4.5
FDn 300mm 4L
FDn 50-300mm 4.5L
FDn 200mm 4 Macro
FDn 100mm 4 Macro
FDn 20-35mm 3.5L

cheers and as always happy shooting- Ed Mika

I just tried to buy from them right now but they don't ship to Canada.

Looks like they are in Michigan and that is like next door to Canada!  ROAD TRIP!   8)

After calling around the main Canadian distributers who all told me they are still weeks out from stock I Just picked up the order through PMI digital on eBay .  I've had good experiences with them in the past.

I just tried to buy from them right now but they don't ship to Canada.

Software & Accessories / Re: EdMika new kit launch - FDn 85mm 1.2L
« on: November 08, 2012, 10:16:25 AM »

Thats terrible news.  It is highly unlikely you would find an OEM stock replacement, the best bet is I have a few times seen an 85L being sold as-is on ebay after someone tried to convert it and failed so everything ends up in pieces but usually not a broken rear element.  I almost bought one last time that ended up selling for a few hundred dollars.  The glue Canon used on these 85L's is the hardest I've ever dealt with in removing.  The 85L would be a lens I would push people to consider having Jim Buchanan in California or Eddie Houston "The Lens Doctor" in England do the converting for on top of the professional cleaning and calibration they can do at the same time.  Both can use my adapter kits if requested and they have in the past.

Ive got two 85L lens copies, both I paid around 800 dollars for but one is in slightly less nice condition.  If you want to send me your broken lens I suppose I could use the rear element out of my second lens and perform the conversion for you.  I'd be willing to do it for 500 dollars and you pay shipping both ways and I'll donate the adapter so you'd be getting your lens going again for just over 300.  I'm doing this because my heart breaks hearing about this happening, the 85L is just so nice and deserves to live on and be used daily.  I'll patch up my donor lens when I find another failed conversion at some point in time.

edit: I can also use your cracked element on my lens as a temporary measure, its surprising how much battle damage a lens can have without having that much of an effect on the IQ, in fact sometimes it adds character.  The old lenses can celebrate their unique, glowing, sometimes distorted or imperfect but somehow magical optical qualities over todays neutral and flat IQ aiming designs meant to look like a high straight line on an MTF chart.

Software & Accessories / Re: EdMika new kit launch - FDn 85mm 1.2L
« on: November 07, 2012, 11:09:28 PM »
Unless a 5D classic can be hacked to bring live view to it or if you are willing to shave the bottom edge of your mirror by about 0.4mm then unfortunately no.

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