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Lenses / Re: What's wrong with my 70-200mm?
« on: June 21, 2013, 06:03:24 PM »
These screws are guide screws to hold the collar on, your collar will only go on when it's lined up with these screws, offer up the collar and gently rotate it, it will slip on over the screws.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Good TripodHead
« on: February 28, 2013, 05:18:32 PM »
I use an Acratech and it's fabulous, locks solid, doubles up as a casual gimble head (maybe not for super teles, but fine for the 70-200 2.8 IS II I have it on a 3 legged thing Brian I think, saving for a nice gitzo too, and the acratech wil be going on that. If you like panorams the acratech has a facility for you to reverse the head and use the ball head like a levelling base. Unsure why these aren't more popular, it's the only ball head I've had where the tension facility actually works.

I use Sunwayfoto plates, I have the 5D3 dedicated L plate and normal plate, fantastic, about as good as it needs to be, can't see the difference between them and the more expensive brands.

I also use one of their mini clamps on a Joby sling strap and they are superb, not too pricey either, about £25 ($40) and terrific quality well up to weight of 5d3 and big 70-200.

Lenses / Re: 1Dx or lenses
« on: December 02, 2012, 05:22:11 PM »
Thanks Felix, some sound advice, I'll let you know what I decide.

Lenses / Re: 1Dx or lenses
« on: November 25, 2012, 07:12:25 AM »
I don't need anymore holidays thanks, the money isn't surplus, it's to be spent on photography.

Don't know what happened to my 500px account, but I've republished some portraits that were missing.

The 24TSE was a consideration, but I'm more of a people guy and its tricky to use for portraits, if I was planning on more landscapes etc I'd have one.

The 200 f/2 well I'd love one, but that's the same price in UK as a 1DX and I could only afford that if I sold my 5D3.

If I could find one for just over £3k Gbp I'd have one in a heartbeat.

Lenses / Re: 1Dx or lenses
« on: November 23, 2012, 06:14:01 PM »
Thanks guys, now I'm even more confused :)

Honestly heart wanting the camera, head says lenses.

Have had a sigma ex24-70 in the past, and the 24-105L zooms in this range do nothing for me, I find I don't use them much, but thanks for the suggestions.

I know I have the 135 FL covered, but the 135L has a look that the 70-200 doesn't if I get it I'll mostly use it wide open.

The 85L again mostly be used wide open, the 24L is probably a no brainer, I respect the 35L but the images it produces for mw don't move me.

Thing is even if I did get the 1Dx now I'd still want the lenses. I don't hanker after the big MP bodies, I find the detail and sharpness I get from the 5 is more than enough for my shooting, as I don't print big, in fact with ladies over 40 I find there is too much detail.

So currently while waiting on the funds to be realised (won't be long now) the glass is in the lead by a nose, but that could change again tomorrow, I really appreciate all your advice though, keep it coming.

Lenses / Re: 1Dx or lenses
« on: November 22, 2012, 08:02:06 PM »
Photokid i wanna be you


As for the other replies, thank you, but you surprise me, I was sure you guys would mostly recommend the new lenses, can I ask you why you suggested the camera and not more lenses?

FWIW I want to do more portraits, you think the lenses I've got are enough?

I will probably buy them at some point, I originally decided on the camera, but then talked myself out of it in favour of the glass, I only had a quick shot of a friends, but right away I could tell it was better than the 5 , but is it really that much better.

Lenses / 1Dx or lenses
« on: November 22, 2012, 05:09:27 PM »
Hi think I may go the lens route, but thought I'd check what you guys would do

Currently have 5D3, 8-15L, 35L, 50L 100L 70-200L II I have a couple of EX 600’s and the radio trigger.

I want to keep the FE although I don't use it much I love what it can create, colours, sharpness everything.

35L I'm not loving it, I like it, but don't love it, but since getting the 50L I'm using it way less, and i love the 50, keeping the 100L macro, much the same as the 8-15L it's Greta when I need it, and the 70-200 is a keeper too.

So do I get the 1Dx? Had a shot and love it, but it only has for me a few nice to have advantages, mainly better AF and FP/s better spot metering, all of which I would like, but can live without.

I have the budget to get this if I sell the 5D3.

Or 3 lenses.

24L love the look of the images I'm seeing from this lens, especially for environmental portraits, and the odd landscape.

85L had it before, but it was frustrating on the 5D2 I've heard it's much better on the 5D3 I'd mostly use it f/2 or wider. When I look back at the keepers I have with this lens that I love the images, but it was too inconsistent on the 5d2.

135L again I've had this before, on a 30D but it wasn't great, but I love the look on FF and I'm better fotog now that's I was then.

If I go for the lens option it means selling my 35L

What would you guys do?

Here is an example of my personal pics I get paid for a little work, but less than 1000gbp per year, so mainly for hobby stuff. I prefer to do most of my images in camera, I can PP and do it well, but I prefer not to, I'm more of an overall image guy than a pixel peeper


Thanks for all your replies guys, will take your advice on board and try again next week.

Photo kid,
I had the same impression initially using Aperture. Is this your only noise reduction system?
DPP and LR 4.1 RC2 gave a lot better noise control with chroma. Try a different RAW converter. I changed over to LR because of that just a week ago. LR chroma + Dfine 2.0 clean up almost everything up to ISO 10000...
Just an idea. I loved Aperture until I started shooting high ISO.

Thanks, similar results with LR4 and DPP, that's why I thought it may be camera. The screenshots where shown with aperture defaults, they have cleaned up better with a little PP. to be honest DPP is limited and clunky, LR4 is compromised re noise, and aperture is compromised too, I'm not sure any RC app is ideal with these raw files yet.

Thanks again

Re sarcasm, wasn't really serious, should have put smiley. :)

Re metering, I was in manual.

Re plexiglass, sadly no, I wish I could blame that, but no glass of any sort

Re 60D, this was my first time shooting ice skating, my 5D3 is new but it's not my first camera. Started with Fuji bridge camera, then 30D then 5D2 then 5D3. My first good lenses where Sigma. And the reason for my post was exactly as you mentioned, we're the images typical and I was expecting too much, or did I have a faulty camera.

You guys have convinced me camera is fine, and it's all down to user error/difficult scene.

Re 600rt, can't afford it, but is its only 2m better than 580 can it be that much brighter ?


Thanks guys, this is good info, not used to shooting in such a challenging environment.

To be honest I never even considered the focus assist light, initially I wasn't using flash but I thought I'd try it  for a couple of wide shots as a little fill, I tend not to use flash much.

Again thanks for the feedback, it's appreciated.

Part of what you're complaining seems to me to be about low contrast, the situation you're shooting in doesn't have very good contrast so it won't show detail. The other issue is your images don't seem to be perfectly in focus. Have you tried micro adjusting your lenses? The focus should really be better than that.

I think the 70-200 one is misfocussed due to operator error, and the low contrast makes it worse, the 35L will be going back with te camera for calibration.

It's underexposed.

F/1.6 on a 35L is going to be risky, moreover risky on any lens at that aperture.

If noise is magnified by a lot if you don't get the exposure right and the subject matter is low contrast.

The first image is down to too wide an aperture.

The second is still a telephoto lens wide open at 2.8, did you have the IR focus assist enabled on the flash? If so turn the assist light off (camera menu) as it wouldn't of fired until the light gave it a lock but by that time the subject had skated past the AF point.

Turn the AF Microadjust off, it's junk and anything moving use AI servo.

To get the correct exposure meter off the ICE and overexpose by 1.5-2 stops.

Thanks, that's helpful, it's what I deep down suspected. I wasn't using focus assist, and I use back button focus, to be honest I never used ICE I just set it until it looked fine on camera screen, i should use histogram much more :)

On the first one her face is not properly exposed which contributes to the noise. It also seems like the first one is a touch out of focus. I would personally dial up the ISO 2 stops and the aperture a stop. This gives you a better exposure on her face, which you seem concerned about, and it gives you more depth of field for more sharpness.

The camera might be front or back focusing slightly. Did you micro adjust your lenses.

i'll try that next time, but at ISO 6400 it looked worse when chimping. Things looked better at 1/640 but there was too much motion blur, I also experimented with IS mode 1, mode 2 and off but it made little difference.

So far with the 70-200 i haven't need to use micro adjust, i did need a little on the 5D2 but not so on the MKIII, the 35L has around +5 or +7 from memory, but it seems to be inconstant depending on wether you are focusing on a near or far point, I have a shipping voucher to send the camera back to Canon for the light leak (non) Issue so i may send the 35L in at the same time for calibration.

thanks for your replies

I did use AIServo, I also tried various AF settings, including single point, expansion etc, I could use flash, but even at +3 FEC it wasn't enough given where i was standing, my daughter had to do the move where she could, we had little control over that, due to the fact that there were every level and she skates clockwise, most others are anti clockwise. I didn;t just point the camera and expect it to know what to do, as you'll see it was used in manual mode I tried to use 6400 but that was even worse, but the results were typical no matter what focus mode i used, and it was easier to keep her in the focus points when using expansion, zone etc. it's the noise that i'm concerned about, the lighting wasn't great but i was expecting better. Perhaps i need to increase my tracking technique, as keeping focus on her face was nigh on impossible and i suppose it does;t help that she was wearing black, i did ask her to wear brighter colours but teenage girls.....

I only took the shots as she asked me to take some of her airborne, and to be honest they have cleaned up not bad in post, and she is delighted with the results, but i was a little concerned about the noise levels, thanks for your help.

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