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Bdg, what you are seeing here is purely the difference in how DPP processes noise compared to LR4.3. In my experience DPP tends to lean towards total noise and texture removal whereas LR4.3 tends to focus on retaining texture structure while reducing luminance and chroma noise.

The key piece of info you have left out is: What are your LR4.3 sharpening and noise reduction sliders set to? The sharpening might be set to high detail and the noise reduction to less than 15. In this case you will definitely see much more noise in LR compared to DPP as DPP has so little control of how much noise reduction you can apply.

Follow these links for detailed explanation on LR sharpening and noise reduction http://www.ishootshows.com/2010/08/31/tutorial-sharpening-with-adobe-lightroom/

Besides the crazy price Canon is asking for this new grip, has anyone noticed how poor the build quality looks in these pics?? Or is it just me? The gaps where two plastic edges come together above the switch are quite wide in this pic:

Even my Phottix 50D grip looks like it has better build quality! And can someone please tell Canon to get a designer who does not think we live in the past?? When are they going to wake up and realise that an extra 5 minutes design work to create an ergonomic battery grip will sell like hot cakes?! Just a simple round edge that mates perfectly to the camera body (something akin to what Nikon does, just better) and has a simple water tight gasket will make all photographers happy!!!

Maybe we should get the 3rd-party manufacturers to actually improve on Canons design and not just make knock-offs. Maybe THEN Canon will wake up from their slumbering dominance.

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