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Oh so his game changer was something he's making money from? Surprise surprise...

The next chump to use the term game changer gets a free enema.

Hmm, this, or a Nikon D600 with a nice lens?

At that price I think the RX1 would need to have the D800 sensor or a really exceptional lens in order to appeal.

The sensor that sits in the D800 is a Sony sensor, so chances are that they will be very similar.

Second bullet point on the list. Any one care to explain to me what a fast zebra is? Apart from the speedy 4 legged variety I mean.


Zebras will tell you if you are under or over exposed. There used to be a slight lag to ML zebras but that lag has been eliminated in fast zebra!

What a load of crap.
Obviously a Nikon user who feels on top of the world because Nikon finally has a FF body with 1080p video - after 3+ years of the mkII already offering such an ability.
Please... Fanboys should not be publicly suggesting purchase advice.

I guess you are referring to me. Funny thing is that I don't, and never have owned any Nikon gear...I've always been a Canon shooter and I'm not one of those guys who sells all their gear simply because one generation of cameras is in favour of Nikon. But that doesn't mean that I can't recognize when Nikon for once makes a superior (at least where it matters to me) product.

It is unfortunate that the most common use for the 'higher' dynamic range of the D800 will be to recover an image - and in that respect one would simply need to improve their knowledge and technique instead of relying on a camera to produce the image they should have taken to begin with.

You pretty much nailed 99% of these kinds of posts right there.

People rely way too much on Auto everything and Post processing, instead of learning the skills you used to have to learn (back in the film days).

I guess going back to film would take care of the pattern noise that my 5D2 displays in shadows....
And why don't we start using magnesium flash again? I'm sure that'll teach us a thing or two.

I don't know ANYBODY who don't improve their images in post. Do you? What's the idea of shooting RAW then? This has nothing to do with technique or not knowing how to expose.

color, tone, SNR and the 5DmkIII performs higher than the D800 in all of them.

Eh? All tests I have seen so far seem to indicate the opposite.

25.3 bits vs. 24 bits..the D800 have a wider range of colours.
Tone? Well this is highly subjective.

SNR? Could you link to some test please that shows the Canon has a better SNR then the Nikon? I would love to see it. Everything I have seen so far points to the Nikon has a better SNR...even by a large margin in the lower ISO's:



Hmmm in that video comparison I felt that there was a little more detail and sharpness in some of those 5DIII images compared to the MKII.

If that somehow makes you feel better about your $3000 purchase, then sure....

All Nikon did was bump up the MP.[/color]

I don't care so much for the higher mp count, even though it can be nice for cropping.
What I care about is raw (no phun intended) image quality. If I had the money for it, I would invest in a medium format system, but that's not gonna happen at the moment.

That Sony sensor that sits in the D800 is in my opinion a huge step in the right direction. The dynamic range is greater, the Nikon is able to capture much finer details and you can pull amazing shadow details from almost pitch black.
The only thing I would consider the 5D3 for, would be event shooting (but then I would more likely be looking at the 1DX) or if I were a videographer.

I'm gonna skip this generation of cameras, stick with my 5D2 and see what answer Canon has to the Sony sensor...surely something has to happen.


Have a look at this comparison between the D800E and the medium format Pentax 645D...check out the conclusion at the end:

Nikon D800E Field Test with Nick Devlin

nor is the sensor in the 5D Mark III the same as in the 5D Mark II. It has a slightly higher pixel count.

It's not the same sensor. However, in use, it is very very close to being the exact same sensor, suspiciously close.  (I'm talking about RAW images of course, I don't care about jpg conversion or in-camera noise reduction)

Comparison: 5D Mark II vs 5D Mark III shootout: Portraits, studio, landscapes, wildlife, night, and HDR compared (he gets same result as everybody else, identical images but better AF on the 5D3 obviously)

Is it good business sense from Canon? I'm sure it is but I couldn't give a rats a**....

If I weren't so heavily invested in Canon, I would buy the D800 in a heartbeat. I still feel a little butthurt having waited years for the 5D3 only to discover that they practically reused the 5D2 sensor in it.

I mean seriously, I'm sure they have a road map, didn't they think Sony would improve their sensors?  ???
Their reuse of sensor technology is getting very very old! Just look at the million and 1 cameras currently outfitted with the 18mp.

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