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I like #2 better, and depending on their planned use, it's much more flexible.

#1 is cool and creative, but it has some composition issues - helmet in crotch, shows bottom of shoes, not an athletic looking pose, very busy, and worst of all, you can't read the team name.

#2 is a simple pose, shows the athlete, the sport, and the team in one pleasing and tight composition - and you did a great job on the lighting, so what's not to like? This would be a perfect shot for a player profile on a website or team publication.

Good job on both, just pointing out that the client made a very reasonable choice from my perspective.

These cabinets are very sturdy, and you can configure them in lots of ways - including a choice of pull-out drawers or doors. They seem to fit your dimensions well and you can add to them over time. They aren't cheap though...


Canon General / Re: Useless or absurd accessories
« on: December 10, 2013, 05:35:46 PM »
I don't recon him to be a fool, he's certainly aware of that it's not a necessity in international discussions - but personally I find it great that he's pulling through with his personal style, and he has every right esp. at his age as he has pointed out a lot of times

For me, it's very nice to have such a diverse community and if there is something to be understandingly annoyed about, it's certainly not members being *too* polite. You might want to try polite next time and could try to send him your suggestion as a personal message and not in public?

+1 - surapon rocks, and he can call me whatever he wants. Great posts and a very positive attitude. Keep doing it your way, surapon!

Video & Movie / Re: Sea Slug eats another Sea Slug
« on: December 05, 2013, 11:55:54 PM »
Very, very nice, Dustin. I'm going to have to show that to my kids tomorrow - they're fascinated with underwater creatures.

A bit off topic, but I'm curious why people buy Lightroom if they have Photoshop.

I tried it a few years ago and hated its file management system. Maybe I'm just used to Bridge, but it seems to fit my needs better.

Even Adobe admits Lightroom doesn't do anything that can't be done in Camera Raw. If you use smart objects, they open in Camera Raw and not Lightroom, so you end up using Camera Raw for any smart object edits anyway.

I'm told it has some advantages for batch processing that makes it easier if you are trying to manage large collections, but for a hobbyist, I just don't get it.

What am I missing?

Lightroom is for managing a collection of images, with some decent, but limited, editing tools. Photoshop allows extensive work on one image at a time, but offers no way to organize, search, or manage a collection of images. Together they work really well for workflow management.

Here's a good comparison article. Even though it is a little dated, the points are still valid:

I use a Tamrac Zipshot for my P&S camera. Should work well for what you're doing - but they aren't very tall. Light, easy to setup, cheap - at least worth a look:


Software & Accessories / Re: Kelby, Jardine, NAPP, Etc.?
« on: July 13, 2013, 09:44:04 PM »
If you make time to use it, the Kelby training covers a lot of stuff - including Lightroom, but way more than that. And the production quality is really good for most of their stuff. NAPP has some good tutorial stuff as well, but if you want more than the basics, I'd go with the Kelby stuff.

I've been using this Kata bag for a few months and really like it. It will fit a 5d3 with 70-200 attached in the main pocket (snug), with a 24-105 in the small side pocket, and a 580EX flash in the bigger side pocket. Also has an expandable section on the bottom of the main pocket, so you can leave a lens hood on. Leave out a few of the extra lenses, and its feel pretty compact and light. And it has a great shoulder strap. Probably wouldn't work with a gripped camera, though I haven't tried it.


Canon General / Re: Desired fantasy gear
« on: May 16, 2013, 01:42:01 AM »
A high-quality 1.4 tele converter with an on/off switch like in the new 200-400, but works with any lens. That would save a lot of trouble of putting on and taking off the TC, especially in the field doing wildlife. It would make the big primes like a two position zoom - say a 400mm f2.8 going to a 560mm f4 at the flip of a switch.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Outdoor portrait noob help
« on: May 02, 2013, 05:07:59 PM »
If you don't have a scrim or an extra set of hands, get one of those giant shoot-through umbrellas and put in on a stand near your subject to filter any harsh light. Make sure you have a sandbag on the stand to help hold it.


A reflector would help too, of course, but you'll be surprised how smooth hard sunlight can look coming through a scrim or umbrella.

Street & City / Re: Pictures in DC
« on: March 19, 2013, 12:20:45 PM »
All my shots were using the existing lighting that is part of the monuments. The MLK shot is most striking - I got a lucky balance of the spotlights from the ground and some pre-dawn light in the sky. The Lincoln memorial is well lit on the inside (at least for a slow exposure - 1sec @ f8 ISO200). I brightened up the lettering a bit in both cases in post (LR4).

Sports / Re: Trying to get noticed...
« on: March 15, 2013, 11:33:20 AM »
These samples look underexposed - especially in the area of the subject's faces. It looks like you were shooting on a grey kind of day, and that adds to the overall dark look. Boosting the saturation on the equipment and brightening things up a bit would add some pop to the images. Shooting against the white spray is almost guaranteed to make other things in the image underexposed - so compensate in camera, or selectively lighten key areas in post.

Street & City / Re: Pictures in DC
« on: March 14, 2013, 04:03:11 PM »
I did an early morning set, and it was well worth getting up. I showed up at the Lincoln Memorial about an hour before sunrise and walked around the mall a bit - Lincoln, Washington, etc. Got to the MLK monument just before sunrise. Very, very few people out (of course), which meant it was easy to setup a tripod to shoot.

FWIW - these are all from a Canon G11 with a little Tamrac Zipshot mini-tripod. I can't blow 'em up big, but they came out pretty well with such a small kit.

I don't think that a UWA lens would have helped with the monuments - you generally have plenty of room to stand back on the outside; and for inside stuff I just shot details (like the Lincoln shot here). And I like the angle for the Washington Monument shot with the capital building in the background instead of the usual straight-on with the reflecting pool.

PowerShot / Re: Advice on P&S
« on: January 22, 2013, 11:08:11 AM »
Or the Canon G12 or G15. I got my brother a G12 at Christmas for $300 from B&H.

Smaller than the SX50, bigger than the S100 - but with about the same sensor quality I believe. Good manual controls, plus a hot-shoe which works well with wireless triggers. If she's serious about manual control, this might be a good candidate.

I've used one successfully with my 5D3 and my iPad. Capture RAW to the CF card and medium or small sized JPEGs to the SD (Eye-fi) card. The JPEGs transfer fine to the iPad for quick review or sharing without a router or anything. Put the Eye-fi card in "continuous" mode, which allows it to auto-overwrite when the card fills up.

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