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EOS Bodies / 70D performance against video cameras
« on: December 12, 2013, 08:24:39 PM »
So i am suprised anyone with a FF 5diii/ii 6D would rather sell and get a 70D for video,
I understand that if a person does more video then portraits, has no need for portraits or a studio they should get a video camera, but why a 70d if its not a FF and there are other video camera options out there that do so much more?

Can anyone share a good comparison with video cameras at the same price range, are there not video cameras even cheaper now that exchange lenses like the 70d, Sony, Canon etc???

can i transfer CF files to the SD internally?

i am been wondering if this is possible, i do not have a cf reader, i can get photos and videos of it from a usb cable and the canon EOS utility, but i have been shooting RAW files and it dos not see these, can someone explain


EOS Bodies / Are 5d3 owners happy with the video, ALL i?
« on: March 25, 2013, 09:38:31 AM »
I don't know about everyone else but a friend aka stringer sent me screenshots of videos and picture and the video is very noisy, looks terrible, 

i tried the to compare my videos with photo taken at lower res as well and no matter what i did the video paused looks nice and large but the quality and noise can be compared to my ipad 3, total joke.

look at these taken by the stringer,  first is a photo and then a video, totally different under the same day light and settings, he says they where taken with a 25/105mm lens, 125/f8, the video was shot at ALL-i

I just wanted to know if anyone here shoots along with other 5d3 users and has allot of experience setting several 5d3s up for a multi camera shoot,

A friend and myself are about to shoot a bar mitzvah and want to using he multicam features in Adobe premiere, i wonder if anyone can share tricks to set up a multicast session, we plan to use a bunch of flash and SD cards (auto swap mode) unless anyone suggests other wise, i assume ALL-i compression but e have hit walls with tacky  obstacles while recording video already, for example some videos are only 1 mins long while others are 5, i have no idea why the camera stops the video recording but i do get the 4 GB limit etc from time to time saying the camera split the files up .

any advise appreciated and thanks in advance

any suggestions welcomed, i am new to time lapse, i own iphone and ipad so if that route is easier please do share your thoughts although i can agree its weird leaving your iphone hanging around till the battery die.

Then again i did look into cheaper wired timers as well as wireles ones, i plan to do ALLOT of time lapse so i am open to something worth investing in if its worth it, i will use it with the 5dmkiii.

thanks in advance

Hope the title was not too vague, im trying to piece together a professional looking RIG, i got this cheapo unit but when i went over to meet a friend who works for Raleigh Studios i told him i forgot it since he had a redrock micro unit for $2000 dollars, whatever, they are over priced if anyone asks me because we have a dremel set up and can drill into things, design them  myself all bt the matte boxes and smaller pieces like screws and bits for camera tripods.

Long story short, can anyone share their solutions with Professional looking, feeeling reliable rigs, so far it looks like a Cage rail support system is the best option, will allow me to attach a matte box with 4x4 filters (not the cheap small ones on ebay), then a nice shoulder pad with weights or battery pack, ebay seems to have some ok choices but i rather ask people who had their hands on units, i am in the south of france atm, i speak pigeon french if at all, i went to a few camera pro shops with sky high prices so its better i try on the net.

any advise welcomed, thanks in advance

EOS Bodies - For Video / CF or SD or ext for video on canon 5d mkiii?
« on: December 02, 2012, 03:31:51 PM »
Hey there everyone, new here, just checking out the site and asking around if any of you tested CF/SD and external gear like the Ninja etc with the Canon 5D mkiii

I just ordered mine from ebay in Hong Kong,

My first SLR btw, i have used a mkii and loved it, so now i am looking forward to my saved moneys worth and need to know what memory cards work fast, so far people online seem to suggest Lexar Professional 1000x cards and for external HD recording there are wifi options at 4:2:2 like this and also direct like this

so please let me know anything, im also looking for a decent rig and already got this yeah i know its BUTT UGLY, so im looking around at something with a matte box, fallow focus that i can put on my shoulder and tripod, possibly a cage, i like to get that cinema camera look for weddings.

hope to hear from you all soon

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