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I have an opportunity to play with a 5D III for a few days.  I normally use a 7D.

I will be shooting animals running at 45-50 mph (sometimes toward me, sometimes away, and also running from side to side), among other things.

I have never used a 5D III before and have read numerous things online discussing that there is a learning curve to understanding how the 5D III auto focuses.  I have no problems with the very basic focusing controls and modes (similar to the 7D and previous cameras) and I know what I am doing with exposure settings but I am wondering if there is anything in particular regarding the auto focus capabilities I should take a look at.

I have started going through the manual, but I may not have as much time to do so before I have the camera in my hands and start playing.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the settings that I should be looking at?  I'm not really looking for "set A to B" but rather "take a look at what A does," although I am interested in "A to B" as well.

If this has any bearing, in these cases I will probably be using a 70-200/2.8 II (or maybe a 300/4 IS).

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