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EOS Bodies - For Stills / AutoISO for Canon 5D Mark II
« on: October 19, 2012, 03:15:55 PM »
The last 5D Mark IIs are selling and after they are sold out Canon could just release a firmware update for the camera which implements the notorious AutoISO in M mode. How hard can it be? Who wants to write an open letter? My english ain't the best, I'll have to pass.  ::)


I have a nFD 135mm f/2 lens converted to EF mount with the EdMika kit. I like the pictures I take with this lens, but from time to time the pictures have a weird "white fog" (is it ghosting?) overlaying the subject. I don't know why it happens, neither can I predict when it happens. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me a hint what is causing this white fog. I have shot very little with the lens, but I'm guessing the white fog thing happens only when the subject has a particular distance from the this possible? Please have a look at the picture. Thanks!

EOS Bodies - For Stills / How to proceed?
« on: July 14, 2012, 01:02:29 PM »
I am very satisfied with my 60D, but I want to go full frame.

I want the (relative) best picture quality, and while my five lenses 15mm Fisheye, 24mm 1.4L, FD 55mm 1.2 converted to EF mount, 100L Macro and a 200 2.8L (with a 1.4 TC) can/could give me that quality, the 60D can't.

I am shooting a lot of people, as well as getting more and more into landscapes, I am discovering macro photography, doing a fair amount of street photography. Very rarely animals and where it's possible, architecture.

On my lens wishlist remains the 135mm 2L and probably also a Sigma 85mm 1.4. More forward in the future I would like to trade my old Canon Fisheye with the new one, get a TS-E 17mm, and if I feel I could need it, get the 70-200 2.8L II as well.

However, I make no money with my photography, so I have to think twice if I want to spend a bigger amount for a new camera. I was thinking a lot about getting the 5D Mark II used for 1500$, but I don't know if I would be satisfied with the camera. It's getting old and it's still expensive for my taste.

The 5D Mark III? Sure I could buy it, and I am sure I would love it, but 3300$ for a new camera? I don't know. For this I could get the two before mentioned wishlist lenses (~1600$) and as well trade the fisheye (~450$) and still have a spare 1300$ for, well, traveling ;-). The TS-E 17mm is only a option with a full frame camera. Although I would need higher ISO (a major thing I don't like about the 60D) for shooting f/4 with the 8-15mm Fisheye, as I prefer to shooting during the blue hour(s), and also at night. As well, what meaning has it to get a 8-15mm on a crop?

What did I forgot to mention? I like my gear light (but not all the time), sometimes just mounting one lens on the camera and use this combo all day/on a trip. If I feel like not carrying anything heavy with me, I take my Fuji X100 only.

Soo, If you read all above, you may think, WTF just go outside and shoot some pictures. That's what I am telling myself, and I know I thought a bit too much about my gear future, and anyway, my current path is to shoot the 60D to death and then I will have to get a new camera. 8)

But still, I am curious about your opinion! Am I in some dead end with my gear thoughts, and where is the way out? Or should I just get the 5DIII and enjoy my 5 prime lenses even more? What would you do? Thank you for your answer.

PS Some of you may think, this is a get a new camera or buy more lenses matter, but I would like to improve my photography on all levels, and currently I feel like my camera is the limiting factor (besides taking the time for photography at all).

Lenses / How much for a used Canon 200mm f/2.0L IS?
« on: July 10, 2012, 01:35:13 PM »
How much does one have to pay for a used copy of this wonderful lens? Thank you.

Software & Accessories / Benro B0 or B1 ball head?
« on: May 29, 2012, 04:05:12 PM »
So I want to buy a tripod kit by Benro, but I really can't decide if it will be the C1692TB0 (with ball head B0) or the C2692TB1 (with ball head B1). The weight difference of 250g for the tripod and 50g for the ball head is probably negligible, but it still would be nice to get the lighter one!

More important is that the ball head will hold my gear, which is not that heavy at all, Canon 60D (around 700g) and my heaviest lens until now the 200mm 2.8L II (maybe 850g). And from time to time a 430EXII flash..

Does anyone have experiences with these two ball heads? Because I read in some reviews that the B0 can't hold really that much weight, even with (only) 2kg on it. Is this true and do I need the B1, or is the B0 enough for me? If I attach everything on the ball head and move the tripod, will it hold? Thanks in advance for all answers!

Lenses / FL 55mm 1.2 or FD 50mm 1.2L?
« on: April 18, 2012, 03:32:29 PM »
I am looking forward to get an EdMika Adapter, but first I'll have to get one of these old lenses.

Unfortunately I can't decide if I should seek for the FL 55mm 1.2 or the FD 50mm 1.2L (latter I actually received an offer for..).

Any comments about the IQ (differences) of these two lenses? Thanks in advance.

Lenses / Your opinion about my lenses and my photography attitude?
« on: February 28, 2012, 07:26:21 AM »
Hey! I've got a Canon 60D with the following lenses:

Canon EF 15mm 2.8 Fisheye
Canon EF 28mm 1.8
Canon EF 100mm 2.8 Macro
Canon EF 200mm 2.8 II
(and a 430EX II flash)

As you may have noticed I'm not a big fan of zoom lenses, it distracts me too much in relating to framing, so with my four primes I have to move around a lot and composition is for me easier than with a zoom, where you first have to choose the focal length and then start to think how your final frame should look like. This may sound stupid, I don't know. I also prefer the superior IQ of the primes, as my budget isn't unlimited.

In the not to near future I am planning to go full frame. It may also been a reason I chose these four specific lenses. The plan is to get a full frame and then replace the 28mm 1.8 with a 35mm 1.4.

I like to shoot a lot of subjects, and I prefer to make spontaneous pictures, that's what I do most. You can also call it street photography. I am looking forward to make some conceptional pictures, also because I want to build up a portfolio. I shot around 12'000 pictures with my 60D (and 9'000 with my sold 400D) and I've got plenty of splendid shots. The only thing is my best shots are very broad regarding theme and subjects, and I really don't know yet what I am best at shooting or what's my favorite subjects are. Well, actually I prefer to shoot people. Until now more without a set up, also because I haven't got the opportunity to have a model and a studio at hand. Or enough free time and a model with enough free time. Whatever.

Soo, what do you think about this? What way am I going? Thank you for every opinion and reply!

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