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Canon General / 24-70Mk2 fell off my 5DMk3 and smashed
« on: March 29, 2013, 10:56:55 AM »
Last night while shooting an event, my new (2 months old) 24-70 Mk2 FELL OFF MY 5DMk3 and smashed on a tile floor. I Googled this issue and a lot of people have had this happen. I never gave it much though, but the zoom ring puts my thumb ON TOP OF the lens release button while shooting. I must've hit it accidentally and then, when zooming, rotated the lens off the camera.  I tested it with my 16-35 (that I've shot with for years with no trouble) and the zoom ring is farther down the barrel, so it doesn't get bumped.  Is this a design flaw with the new 24-70 or am I doing doing something different from every other photog out there?  I am devastated.

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