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Animal Kingdom / Riverlands Missouri
« on: December 13, 2014, 09:21:03 PM »
The first…two mallards debating which will go into the icy water first
The second…an eagle fending off an entire murder of crows
The third…a heron posed quite nicely for me

Lenses / how to get 300 2.8
« on: September 16, 2014, 06:59:03 PM »
I have long coveted 300 2.8.  I have used 100-400 but heavy overcast, night games and sidelines with lots of clutter have stymied my photography.  It is possible that I have made this complaint on more than occasion and my ruthless annoying complaining has finally worn the boss (my wife) down and I have been given permission to seek the 300 2.8.  But how to obtain such nirvana.

1)300 2.8 L IS II…just kidding you didn't really think I could do that did you?
2)300 2.8 L IS I…seems like it can be purchased for around 3500 depending upon from where/condition etc
3)Sigma 120-300 sport (around 3500 again)

So 300 L IS I or sigma 120-300…

Primary purpose is for taking pictures of kids playing soccer.  I use a 6D (though might someday buy a used 7DI as a second body).  I shoot with a monopod when renting a 300 I which I have enjoyed.  I have not ever used the 120-300.  I would like to try some birding.  I live near a lot of good birding locations.  I would probably buy a 2xTC for that. 

Any thoughts?

Lenses / Hawaii travel advice
« on: June 28, 2014, 09:19:40 AM »

Going to Hawaii, big island and Oahu. It is a family trip. I will not get time to set up a tripod and take long exposure photos of stars or volcanoes etc because I will be chasing a 4 yo...among others. I will be trying to take a lot of pictures of my family all over the islands.

I will use a 6D
My gut reaction is to take the 24-70 and use that almost exclusively.

Then I thought I might want something a little wider like the 17-40...or even use it as an excuse to purchase the new 16-35 F4. Then I thought I could use the 14 2.8 samyang if I happenned to be seeing a great sunset. Then I thought what If I'm tryin to take pictures in really low light the 50 1.4 would be usefull. Of course for outdoor portraits my go to lens has been the 70-200 2.8 ii which I love so I shouldn't leave that behind. Alternatively maybe I should rent a 70-200 f4 for weight. I do have the 1.4 extender. Should I rent/buy macro?

Oh and at pearl harbor you aren't allowed any bags so I can only have one lens. Do I need a superzoom for that day...what should I get?

Lastly, I do have the tamzooka ordered...though who knows when that will arrive.

Mostly I want to take great photos of my kids in Hawaii.

any thoughts?

Gear:  6d 2ti.    14 2.8 Samyang, 17-40l, 24-70ii, 40 2.8, 50 1.4, 70-200ii, 1.4x, 55-250

Pricewatch Deals / Refurb 200 2 and 800
« on: February 02, 2014, 09:48:55 PM »
Canon with refurbs of these.  Maybe they've been there before but I thought I'd mention it

Lenses / How 'bout primes
« on: January 06, 2014, 02:07:29 PM »
So I have 24-70ii and 70-200ii.  Everyone talks about the need for some primes. 
I have 40 2.8, 50.1.4(yeah I know seems sort of redundant but I swear it's not)
Now what.  Of course I would love 35 1.4 and 50 1.2 and 85 1.2 and 135 2.0 but I'm not made of money. 

I need another reason besides focal length to get a lens

For example the 40 2.8 is so small I can just throw it in my pocket in case I need wide and I'm shooting with my 70-200 or rented 300.

The 50 1.4 is a lens that can do about anything and is faster than my zooms for low light

Then I thought the Rokinon 14 for really wide.
And the 100 non-l macro for portraits and macro

This make my own unholy trinity of utility primes 14/50/100 with the pancake for fun

What do you think? 

(Yeah I'm snowed in and bored)

Pricewatch Deals / The opposite of a good deal
« on: November 25, 2013, 07:01:58 PM »
I purchased a refurb lens from Canon on 11/12 with the 125 back.  That lens just went on 15% sale...The long and short of it is that I would have saved about $150 if I had waited for this sale to purchase it.  I called to try and get them to give me the price difference and they were not interested.  I could return it but would have to pay the postage and insurance (likely $50) and then hope to buy another one (not likely). 

They no longer do any price matching ever.--just be warned

I would say that you are far better off purchasing from someone else using greentoe than purchasing directly from Canon.  If I had done that I would have gotten a new lens (of course it might have had a higher risk of a clicking sound) for the same price...probably from adorama or B&H who likely have far better service than Canon. 

Obviously I'm frustrated but I can't help but wonder if Canon had some better competition that they might do a better job

Lenses / lens recommendation soccer
« on: February 14, 2013, 12:12:23 PM »
I was looking for advice on what lens camera combination to use:

subject:  11 yo soccer match (outdoor) .  I will have moderate access to the field...that is I can likely stand along one sideline. 

cameras:  6d (For which I do not have any focus issues in younger kid sports) or t2i
lenses:70-300 IS 4-5.6,
            70-200 2.8 is Mk II

I assume that 6d plus 70-200 is better than 6d 70-300 because cropped I would still get a better picture.  Therefore the main question would be is 6d + 70-200 better than t2i 70-300.  I'm giving up a lot of reach for the IQ of the 6d 70-200.   

Indoors the 6d 70-200 has been great for soccer and basketball.


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