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EOS Bodies / And for some relief from all those megapixels
« on: January 31, 2015, 07:19:26 AM »
I found this great video showing how the rolling shutter on the EOS 7d (and presumably all other Canon DSL models)

It also shows just how robust the 7d actually is. I say to my friends that one of the reasons for owning Canon equipment is just how tough it is. Everything about these bodies makes them real users' machines - big positive buttons, solid build quality.... I also have an Olympus EM-10 which I acquired the other day. Now it takes great pictures but its toy-like build quality instantly puts me off using it except in good weather no-drop situations. Has anyone seen that video that that Kai guy (DigitalRev) did where he tries to destroy a 7d? I do feel tempted to go to the dark side sometimes for that high DR, but I love my Canon equipment too much for now. The 50mp jobs that are coming out do interest me but there's no way I could afford to get one for a long time, and given the need to upgrade my lenses while I'm at it.

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