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Pretty impressive results on deblurring and CA correction on images produced by a hand-bulit simple lens.

SimpleLensImaging Heide2013 on Vimeo

Now the rumored but highly likely 5D Mark III is imminent.  And its specs make me think that Canon doesn't mind the 5D series further cannibalizing the 1D series even more than the what 5D2 did.  I for one drooled over the 1D X high ISO performance and killer AF.  But if 5D Mark 3 can do it only 1 stop less than 1D X and has similar but simplified 61-pt AF, I can totally see myself pre-ordering two 5D3's instead.

What are your plans?

EOS Bodies / 1D X Delay, Weight, Number of Shots ***Official***
« on: February 27, 2012, 02:01:41 AM »

(Available late April of 2012)

"...質量... 約1340g(本体のみ)... 約1530g(CIPAガイドラインによる)..."
(Weight: approx. 1340 grams for body; approx. 1530 grams with CIPA Camera & Imaging Products Association standards)

"...撮影可能枚数の目安(CIPA試験基準による)   ファインダー撮影:常温(23℃) 約1120枚/低温(0℃)約860枚
ライブビュー撮影:常温(23℃) 約290枚/低温(0℃) 約250枚...
(Possible Number of Shots (CIPA Camera & Imaging Products Association standards):
View Finder shooting at 73°F/23°C Approx. 1120 shots
View Finder shooting at 32°F/0°C Approx. 860 shots
Live View shooting at 73°F/23°C Approx. 290 shots
Live View shooting at 32°F/0°C Approx. 250 shots)

Note that all these info had been listed as TBA since day 1 until today.  Canon USA is still listing them as TBA though.


"...Although we confirm the name on February 5, our information was not 100% reliable, but now we can take it for definitive. The new Canon EOS 5DX.

The X for Canon means several things. First and most important, the tenth generation of EOS cameras. Canon wants to celebrate the tenth generation of EOS brand with the X in its most important models. Second but not least, means intersection/union, as in the case of  Canon EOS 1DX, which unifies the D bodies. In the Canon EOS 5DX case, would mean the intersection/union of 5D and 7D bodies, the union between FF, AF and medium-speed burst. This union between the 5D and 7D bodies was confirmed in our news about Canon’s 2012 pro Roadmap on 14 February.

Soon we will have more news. We expect some confirmation on the video capabilities, capabilities that our informants say it will surely impress anyone.

kuaDDro Team

kuaDDro updated on Feb 27, 2012:

"...We apologize to all readers. Our information about the name of the next 5D, have not been good, although our informant has great prestige in the world film industry. Anyway, we can not lay the blame on the sources. The blame belongs to him who breaks the news (us) not to the source. We assume our error...."

EOS Bodies / Canon 1DX sample photos posted
« on: February 07, 2012, 03:17:48 AM »
So this CR3 said:

There will not be a 5D Mark III or similar announced on February 7, 2012.  It is suggested the “embargo” lift on the 7th may be for samples from the EOS-1D X.

It's now Feb 7.  I just check Canon JP and DC Watch.  There are still no high resolution samples.

Would this embargo lift be actually related to the announcement of 24-70 f/2.8 II on Feb 7?

When will we be able to see 1D X high resolution samples like those of D800 that are available on day 1???

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