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Lenses / Broken 24-105...what should I do??
« on: September 30, 2012, 02:38:12 PM »
So my 24-105 with 5D Mark III fell in the pool and was fully submerged. Both lens and camera stopped working. I sent both into Canon and they fixed the 5DIII for free under warranty. But they said that there was too much corrosion in the 24-105 and that it would cost me $400 in parts and $400 in labor to fix it. I politely declined since I purchased the lens for $800. I had an engineer friend look at it and he said that the computer chip is just corroded but everything else looks fine.

The lens is less than a year old (got it last Christmas) and it looks pristine on the outside, zero scratches or dents. What should I do? Is there a cheaper place to get it fixed than Canon? Where could I get that chip to replace it?

I read somewhere than if you have a lens that's beyond repair you could exchange it for a refurbished one with Canon for a cost.

Have any of you ever had a lens that was broken? How did you fix it?

I've read that the 7D and 5DIII basically have the same water resistance sealing levels, while the new 1DX might as well be called waterproof. I currently own a T2i and a 60D. I read that the 60D is better than the T2i but no where near the sealing levels of the 7D/5DIII. My question is what level of rain/dampness can a T2i take compared to a 7D?

I recently took my T2i + 17-55mm (both listed as having no weather sealing) to Niagra Falls. Both camera and lens were basically soaked by the mist (I was just shooting from afar, not on the Maid of the Mist). I got great shots and both camera and lens are fine, despite getting pretty wet. So my question is does it have to be pouring in order for the 7D's weather sealing to make a difference?

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