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EOS Bodies - For Stills / 6D autofocus system vs 7D....
« on: December 23, 2014, 12:26:17 AM »
I know a lot of discussion has been floating around about how "limited" the AF system is on the 6D. I just purchased a 6D and so far I love it. I had a 5D2 (sold it) and I find the 6D to be a great FF camera.

A word on the AF system. I only use the center point 95% of the time anyway. It allows me to be a little more accurate on what I want my camera to focus on and then I recompose. For objects in motion I still find the center focus point to give me the best results. I have shot that way on my 7D and have been really happy with the results. I have used the center point on my 6D and the AF system seems to be fast, very fast actually. I think it's just as fast, if not faster than my 7D.

Anyone done any tests on this? If the burst rate were higher, the 6D could easily replace my 7D. Well, not really, I own a crop body for several reasons, but I am really liking my 6D.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


I currently use a 7D1 as my main camera body. I shoot mainly wildlife and so far the 7D has done everything and more that I have wanted it too. However, I know that there are advantages of having a nice FF so after doing my homework and talking to several camera buddies I bought a 6D.

I have owned the 5D2 and have tried out the 5D3. I already have a camera that works perfect for wildlife so I cannot justify spending 3 grand on a FF body, nor will I ever. The 5D2 is an amazing camera and nice bodies can be found used for around $1300-$1400. The recent rebate on the 6D makes that camera body look at lot more attractive, so I went ahead and bought one.

It is a little smaller than my 7D and is a lot lighter but it does not feel like a "cheap" camera in any way. I was a little nervous about the AF system but after trying it out, it seems to work perfectly. AF is very fast and accurate and works fantastic in low light, much faster than my 7D. I use the center point 99% of the time anyway, so lack of focus points does not really matter to me...

The only other thing that bothered me was the 1/4000s max shutter speed. But when I really thought about it, I rarely ever need that fast of a shutter speed anyway!

This isn't a discussion about the 6D being better than any other camera, Canon or otherwise. If you bought a 5D3 and it's amazing then good for you. I didn't want a FF for sports or wildlife, I already have a great camera for that. I wanted a FF for portraits and low light photography like lightening and night shots and also to have a true wild angle camera. Again I can't (and don't have) justify spending 3 grand on a camera body. 

The buttons feel good and the lack of joystick is not really a problem. It's a little different than the "normal" EOS layout but feels natural if you are used to Canon bodies.

If you have ever wanted a FF and have been nervous about buying this camera because some people have called it "cheap" or are trying to pressure you into a camera you don't need then ignore them. You won't be unhappy with the 6D. The images are AMAZING!!!

Just my 2 cents.


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Mirror sticking and USB problem on my 7D...
« on: December 12, 2014, 11:00:53 AM »
I bought my 7D new back in Sept of 2011 and I have gone through about 60K clicks, give or take a thousand. Lately, the mirror will seem to "stick" after taking a shot. The photo comes out fine but you can hear a delay in the mirror returning. It doesn't happen all the time but enough and it happens more frequently now.

I had been meaning to send it in to be cleaned/replaced but a couple of weeks ago my USB port went out on the camera too. I have tried different cords and computers and nothing. I have tested my computers and cords with some of my other cameras and they work fine. It started out with an error saying "USB device not recognized or has malfunctioned" and now when I plug it in I don't even get that, it's like the camera is off.

Granted I don't use my USB port on my camera much anyway because I have a card reader, it just bothers me that it stopped working and may be a sign of something else going wrong.

I love my 7D and really don't want to replace it (or upgrade to the 7D2) for $$$ reasons first off. I don't want to dump $1800 on a new camera and fixing mine will still be cheaper than buying even a used 7D.

Question is, when I send it in to have the mirror checked so I even bother with the USB port? Is it separate enough of a thing that it's demise will not affect other electronic parts of my camera?

I also have a 6D that I use for when I need/want a FF camera. My 7D is when I go shooting wildlife.

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.


Everyone (including myself) seems to be searching the internet for reviews on the new 7D2. It looks like an impressive camera, kind of like how the 7D looked impressive back in 2009 when it was first introduced.

Well, I find myself wanting a new 7D2, but... my now 3 year old 7D still works perfectly and still takes amazing photos... What's my point?

My point is, I will probably upgrade to the 7D2 eventually, but not today. I love my 7D and it still does today what it has always done for me, take fantastic photos. It's still lighting fast and I love the image quality, even at high ISO's. No it's not a low light camera and it was never designed to be, but with a little post-processing images even taken at ISO 3200 are very nice, especially when they are of a hummingbird's wings frozen in time...

I am forcing myself to remember that it is the photographer that makes the photo, not his or her equipment. Yes tools give a workman more options BUT any camera in the hands of a skilled workman (or woman) is an amazing thing. You can capture a moment in time and share it with your friends, family and even make a living doing so.

I love my 7D. I don't see me getting rid of it anytime soon.


I have read a few places that the newest firmware (that allows the 5D3 to AF at f8) is also reporting some issues with registering AM batteries.

I have also read that some AM batteries work better than others. I have used the Wasabi LP-E6 batteries and have been really happy with them on my 7D BUT has anyone used them with the new firmware on the 5D3 and found any issues? Thanks for your replies.


EOS Bodies - For Stills / f8 AF question or the 7D and 1D4
« on: September 04, 2014, 12:46:14 AM »
I have the 7D and a Tamron 1.4 teleconverter. The 7D handles the teleconverter pretty well and if I find it wants to hunt (usually at 300mm on my 70-300L IS USM) and all I usually have to do is back off a little and I can lock AF pretty quickly.

I have tried to search but I can't find much info if the 1D4 will AF at f8. I know its an superior camera to the 7D but it's also the same age as the 7D. I was told it has a much better AF system than the 7D which is one reason why I am considering upgrading to it. I cannot afford the 1DX and the images from the 1D4 are superior to the 7D. I don't want a 5D3 and if I ever do decide to get another FF camera I will invest in a good used 5D2 or a new 6D. I don't need speed for the FF shooting I want to do.

Thoughts? Anyone use a Tamron 1.4x on f4 (or higher) glass on the 1D4?

Thanks in advance.


I know the world is wrapped up in who is going to win the world cup, point and simple, but look, there has to be those present that are camera geeks looking out for new gear.

We have heard that the 7D2 is there taking photos, but where are the spy photos of that gear? At this point in the game I am very surprised that there hasn't been ANYTHING, no REAL specs, no "I caught you" photographs, nothing.

I'm really starting to think that Canon may just drop the XD line and concentrate on more video related cameras. The 70D is a decent replacement, just as the 6D was a decent replacement for the 5D2.

It will be interesting to see what happens in August. Will the 7D2 be announced? My guess? Maybe not...


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Sell 7D in favor of 6D or 5D2...?
« on: March 01, 2014, 02:56:45 PM »
A friend is borrowing my 7D and I have been using my 40D until I get it back. I have almost forgotten how much I loved my 40D. It has great ergonomics and the image quality is fantastic. Photos are sharp and the AF system, even though is dated a little is very fast and dead on the majority of the time, even in low light. The frame rate is good and isn't far from the 7D. I have always wanted another FF (ex got the 5D2 in the divorce) and I don't need (or afford) a 5D3.  What do you guys think? This would give me a nice crop body for when I need one and a good FF when I want one.


Lenses / Tamron 1.4 MC4 teleconverter and Canon 7D - Love it!
« on: January 14, 2014, 12:11:33 AM »
I had been interested in getting a 1.4x teleconverter for my lenses but I don't own any lenses that are compatible with the Canon brand tele's, so that leaves the A/M ones like the ones made by Tamron. I currently own the EF 70-300L IS USM, EF 100 Macro and 28-135 IS USM. I wanted to try it out using my Canon 7D.

I have a photography friend who owns a Tamron 1.4x MC4 (non pro) and she let me borrow it for the day at a trip to our local zoo. It was overcast so it was going to be a great test to see how well the AF worked in lower light situations. I have to say that I was very impressed with how quickly it locked on focus 99% of the time. Only at full zoom on my 300mm did it hunt on occasion, but even then, it locked in pretty quickly.

I got home and went through the photos and the image quality was incredible. The images were very sharp and detailed.

I did a search and found a used Tamron 1.4x at KEH for 65 bucks. I used it this past weekend and it worked fantastic. It correctly metered the aperture ( I.E. f4 instead of 2.8 ) and worked well with all settings (I.E. Av mode) I couldn't be happier and would recommend getting one if you have been interested.

The extra reach on my zoom was worth the couple of times it had trouble locking on. The way I look at it is that I can always take it off if lighting is really poor or if I can't risk not getting the shot. I also really enjoyed using it on my 100mm macro, it not only gave me a longer working distance from the subject, it had a magnification factor as well that was awesome.

Just FYI in case anyone was interested in getting a 1.4x tele.


EOS Bodies - For Stills / 2.0.5 firmware for Canon 7D....updates?
« on: January 10, 2014, 11:01:58 PM »
I am currently running firmware 2.0.3 on my 7D and haven't seen the need to update to the new "strange" firmware announced from Canon.

I have heard it does not work with ML but has anyone else ran into any other issues? Like A/M batteries or ???

I have done a search online and on here and it didn't pull up much.



EOS Bodies - For Stills / Is the 5DC 12 bit color or 14 bit?
« on: December 13, 2013, 12:54:35 AM »
I can't seem to find an answer. I am looking for an inexpensive FF and the 5D seems to be exactly what I am looking for. Does anyone know if the 5DC has a 12 bit color processor or 14 bit? thanks!

Oh, and to anyone who wants to suggest that the 5D2 or 5D3 is a better choice, feel free to either donate one or send me the funds. I have a budget and I don't use FF cameras very much. But there are times I would like one and the images from the 5DC are fantastic and the 12.8MP is more than enough resolution. I am not a "more MP is better" kind of shooter. I believe the 5DC will be a perfect FF camera for what I need.


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Got a new CF card today for my 7D
« on: December 11, 2013, 09:46:45 PM »
I had purchased a Lexar 32GB Professional 1000X CF card a few months back and had to return it because it had gone bad. The second replacement card had also gone bad. (Both had gone bad rather quickly, within a month) I had the second one replaced and sold it. Since I still needed a card to shoot with I purchased 4 Sandisk Extreme 16GB cards for my 7D. (This is not a rant against Lexar, I simply have no idea why those 2 cards went bad. Before those and after those I have had NO issues with any other cards I own)

The Extreme cards are fantastic, but I loved how fast the Lexar card cleared the buffer on my camera. Now that Sandisk has enhanced their Extreme Pro level of cards (without raising the price), I wanted to see how the new cards worked with my 7D.

My 32GB Sandisk Extreme Pro CF card showed up today in the mail. Got a great deal on it from Adorama.

I stuck a 16 Extreme card in and shot until the buffer was full (RAW), approx. 8-9 seconds to clear.

I then put the 32GB Extreme Pro card in and did the same thing, about 4-5 seconds to clear.

Not a HUGE increase, BUT almost twice as fast and IF you are wating on your buffer to clear before you can take another shot, each second waiting can feel like an eternity. LOL

Seems like for a few more bucks (about $90 bucks for a 32GB Extreme card vs $130 for an Extreme Pro) you can have a speed boost for your 7D.

I only brought this up because, before the V2 firmware update, the 7 did not seem to be able to take advantage of the UDMA 7 standard and now, after the V2 update, it can write at the faster speeds.

Just FYI. :)


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Upgrade questions...
« on: December 07, 2013, 11:47:52 PM »
I'll try not to bore you with my history details but I think I am wanting another camera. Let me try and explain...

I began shooting about 6 years ago with the XTi, a decent camera that I picked up used for a great price. As with most people who get into photography seriously I quickly "outgrew" the XTi, not because it is a bad camera, far from it. I had really starting enjoying photographing wildlife and I found myself wanting more than just 3fps, not to mention a larger camera body as I have large hands. I am not a "more megapixels are better" kind of person so I started looking for an affordable upgrade. The 60D had not been released yet and the reviews between the 40D and 50D pretty much stated that the image quality between the two are almost identical. Not to mention that the 40D, at the time was about $400-$600 cheaper than the 50D. So I settled for a very lightly used 40D (3800 clicks) for $500 bucks. The price increase for the 50D wasn't worth the few more features it had over the 40D. In fact I loved it so much I purchased a second 40D recently ($250) as a back up for my 7D.

I loved the image quality it had over the XTi (14 bit color vs 12 bit color) and the much faster frame rate. I had used it for a few months before I lost it to a theft. My insurance company offered me $1100.00 to replace it so I put up a few hundred more and bought the 7D for $1550.00

Now I LOVE my 7D, it does exactly everything I ask of it and more. I don't want to go full frame, even though I do love the way they process color, but I have been looking at the 1D mark 4. Right now, used copies run about $3000 ~ $3400.  I don't mind dropping from 18MP to 16MP because, like I said at the beginning, I am not worried only about MP. I would love to gain a higher frame rate and I hear the AF system on that particular camera is lightening fast. The APS-H sensor would be a trade between FF and APS-C. I would imagine the slightly lower MP and larger sensor than the 7D would result in lower noise at higher ISO. I am not overly worried about the 7D noise because I don't "pixel peep" my images and any noise from high ISO images (ISO 2000+) don't show up in my 11 x 14 prints.

I shoot on a regular basis with the battery grip on my 7D so handling the larger body I would already be used to.

My question is, is the 1D4 worth $3000 over already owning the 7D? I figure it would be a great affordable alternative to the 1DX, I think the camera every one of us wants! LOL.

I appreciate your thoughts. Again, I don't want the 5D3. I am not really interested in going FF (unless it's the 1DX, got 7b grand handy?), so please keep your comments about the 1D4, I'm not really interested in hearing about how the 5D3 is superior to the 1D4. Nothing personal, I just want to keep this thread about the subject I am asking. :)


EOS Bodies - For Stills / SDHC vs Compactflash
« on: December 07, 2013, 11:14:03 PM »
I'm sure this subject has been discussed but I am curious. For the most part, the "memory card wars" have "ended" with two major players. SDHC and CompactFlash.

Now, if memory serves, compactflash, was for a while, faster and had larger capacities available than SDHC. But I've noticed lately that SDHC cards are just as fast, have almost a high as memory capacity, for the most part. I mean CompactFlash Extreme Pro has 256GB cards and SDHC has 128GB and 64GB cards available. I would imagine that 64GB cards are about as high as most people carry around, unless you are a professional and you need a larger card.

My wife's Nikon D7000 and D7100 have dual SDHC slots. Pretty sweet I think, but my poor 7D has 1 compactflash card available. This is ONE feature I would like to see in Canon bodies. The 5D3 dual slots don't count as they are mixed AND the SDHC slot doesn't transfer as fast as the CF slot.

Canon and Nikon have both not standardized memory card usage. In saying that, both Canon and Nikon use CompactFlash cards on the higher end bodies and SDHC on the "lesser" bodies.

Now that SDHC cards are faster and have higher capacities is there an advantage anymore? I know that a lot of people don't like putting all of their photos on large cards just in case there is a failure. I think 32GB/64GB is about maximum I would go.

Not that I really care, BUT compactflash cards ARE almost twice as much as equivalent SDHC cards. I bought a 32GB extreme pro card for my 7D and it was $140.00 while I spent that much buying TWO SDHC 32GB extreme pro cards for my wife's D7100. Not to mention that now she has 64GB if shooting room vs my 32GB on her D7100 and 2 64GB extreme SDHC cards in her D7000!


Lenses / Same ole, same ole' Filters vs no filters...
« on: November 09, 2013, 11:30:55 PM »
I know this horse has been beaten over and over but I can't seem to remember ever seeing a side by side comparison of using cheaper filters vs not using them.

I believe in using them (cheaper filters) if you are NOT a professional and want a little extra protection for your glass. Kind of like the discussion I have with people who ask me what kind of paint gun (I paint cars for a living professionally) they should buy when they want to do paint work at home. My SATA NR 4000 is a $700.00 paint gun that I use daily and my paycheck depends on it.

Do I recommend to the average person that they spend $700 on a gun they will only use only once or twice? No. I recommend the Harbor Freight SATA-copy HVLP gun they have for $60.00.

Will the $60.00 paint gun work? Yes and it will produce a fantastic finish. Will it hold up professionally? Probably not as well as the real SATA. Does that make it junk? Not at all, it has a place and will do it's job just fine.

This also is not a discussion on putting a $20 filter on a $1700 L-class lens. If you are going to put a filter on it, buy a good one, not a cheap one. But for the average to really good lens, the average filter will do just fine.

The cheap filters have a place in photography as do the expensive ones. I put an inexpensive Hoya filter on my EF 70-300L IS USM and did 6 shots of 3 different objects, 1 with the filter and 1 without. Random, handheld, so it could be equivalent to normal shooting as it can be.

I was surprised by the results. The crops are close to 100% and are very tight to show fine detail. Can you tell a difference? Yup. Will it kill a photo? Nope. I doubt in an average print you would really be able to tell them apart.

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