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Lenses / 50mm 1.2L not focusing, ring feels stuck??
« on: May 18, 2014, 05:13:17 PM »
Hi, on using my fav 50mm 1.2 L the other day I noticed it wasn't focusing in AF, then switched to manual focus and realised the ring was kinda stuck, not completely but there is a lot of resistance there now that wasn't before. And turning it does not affect focus. Seems like focus / lens elements may be wedged /disengaged inside.

I think it may have taken a small drop the other day when some kit spilled out of my case, only about 30cm max but onto a carpeted concrete floor. I've dropped lenses more than this before with no effects so did not think anything of it at the time.

Going to take it in to get looked tomorrow anyway, but just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

Third Party Manufacturers / Nikon D610 yes D600 minor upgrade!
« on: October 08, 2013, 10:22:22 AM »

And Calumet just emailed them advertised for Pre-Order.

Seems a bit strange to release a small upgrade just a year on, but sales and feedback must of been pretty bad if they felt the need to do so. But at least they are doing something and churning out decent new cameras very quickly at the moment. Plus not afraid that this may well be open to critism that they themselves are admitting that the D600 was sub par for the market/ at release.
But this is quite refreshing and open.. eh Canon?!!

Could this be the way ahead now to release minor upgrades at say the same initial price point to offer the latest improvements for those wishing to keep on the tech front?

Makes me imagine a 5D 3.1 with a nicer sensor - 1 stop more DR , less banding / noise and maybe 30MP.
And keep everything else with it!

(Then the proper Big MP can still be a separate beast!)

What do you think?, are Nikon on the right road or have they gone nuts and are going for glory or bust with all their recent products that get great reviews but probably don't sell quite the numbers conservative canon does?!!

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Holiday camera - SL1/100D + 40mm or M +22mm
« on: July 05, 2013, 05:01:52 PM »
Hi, I'd like to get a wee camera for my holidays, not taking my 5D III and L primes.. as much as Id like to have them with me all the time!

So options are SL1 +40mm pancake or eos M with 22mm pancake.

I'm leaning towards the SL1 but 40mm on it might be a wee bit too long. I love my 50mm and 35mm focal lengths.
One thing is I hate composing through a LCD, but the M + 22mm might be a nicer focal length.

Are these cameras the same sensor , and sensor size, and quality etc?

Has anyone used them both or in a similar spot looking for a decent but compact holiday camera?


I am wondering about the possibility of using an eye-fi card in 5D III to ipad, transferring mid to highish res jpgs to view on ipad and keeping the raws stored on the CF card so that the raws can be backed up and processed later after the shoot.

As far as I can see there shouldn't be any problem with the jpgs being sent to the ipad and viewed to check focus etc.
But what I'm unclear of is, are there any options on the eye-fi app to do any grading to the jpgs, colour balance, curves, exposure and saturation mainly. As most of my work is fairly heavily styled in processing.
Normally I shoot tethered to capture one pro and during test frames set up a grade that is carried on for each shot from there on.

So showing clients on the ipad  the unprocessed image may be a bit of a let down from what they would normally expect or see from my work during a shoot.
Now I know I can link the ipad to capture one to show the captured frames with grade, which is great, but for smaller shoots just shooting to card for the raws and having the jpgs going the ipad would be great and could be really useful if I need to be more mobile during the shoot too.

Any users or experience on how to get this workflow working with grading options?

I am seriously considering getting a D800 plus primes or a SH Hasselblad H4D -31, is anyone else in this position and fustrated by canon? . Especially seeing that no high 30+ MP / high DR camera is on the horizon this year.. and I have been waiting since last year when D800 was released!

I wont be ditching my 5D mkIII but running either system alongside for studio work, and continuing with canon for lifestyle and some faster paced work.

A further thing that has constantly annoyed me is the flash sync of 160, sometimes 200s with some triggers 250th on nikon would be marginly better plus more scope to hypersync than the 5D mkIII, or the 800th on hassy for balancing sunlight with location flash would be quite handy.

Also if the rumoured high MP camera is a 1 series body then I imagine it will be £5000 / $7000 + so thats the same price or more than a secondhand Hasselblad.

Now I'm no stranger to Hasselblads have shot with them extensively when doing my Digi & retouching work for other photographers, so know all the problems and tbh shooting a bit slower in the studio is not a problem and slower focusing too. I usually take time composing & lighting subject whether its models or still life. I seldom really rely on fps hit and hope technique. 

But I am a stranger to Nikon! As far as I can see from reviews and samples the D800 DR is pretty much the same as H4D-31 but a tad less in the highlight roll off but better in the shadows.

The big thing for me is better DR and more MP to push in post, I do a lot of retouching and my canon files are getting broken up fairly quickly. Now before anyone says I know my techniques inside out to ensure the best possible result so its not about cropping or pulling out a under exposed image , its about having the best start point to work from.

Or there is plan C .. wait on canon to produce the sensor and camera that they should of done by now and complete my set primes in the meantime.

It does seem like canon are making better quality lenses first which is a good thing, but without knowing for sure we are left in the dark. If I had some specs confirmed by canon I could maybe wait or reassuringly buy  a D800 in the meantime hopefully knowing that Canon will release a spectacular camera within the next year, that get me buying some of the new lens in anticipation..

But if I go for a D800 and it is actually a really good all round camera .. then good by canon.


Ok wondering if this might be slightly controversial to some purists and F2.8 or less fanatics..

I would like to hear from other working commercial pros, no offence to everyone here who shoots beautiful shots wide open of models, wedding or family all the time.

Currently looking to get a / some new lens, why? the 24-105 is good but not great. Sharpness is ok (poor at 24 and 105 and soft at F4, from F5.6-11 its great and F14 onwards is very soft. Having F4 is ok but 2.8 or less would be much better to have, and generally the Out Of Focusness of lens is smoothish and pleasing, generally nicer than my 50 1.4- comparatively F4-8, but obviously you cant get anywhere near the 50 at F2 and similarly  nowhere near as nice as my 135L.

I'm on my second one now as last broke too many times and the focus was out finally, but my new copy doesn't seem quite as sharp as previous when it was new. So I'm now looking for options to work with my type of work.
 I use a 5D mkIII if thats relative and shoot tethered to Capture One Pro 95% of the time, and 75% on a tripod too.

Now I don't want 100 replies saying the 85 1.2L is the best.. I know I use one occasionally when needed that look. Or the 50 1.2. I may well get the 50 1.2 soon but the lack of close focus is putting me off slightly.

Firstly I don't get the chance to shoot much fully wide open on jobs, I do commercial work (advertising, corporate, people, lifestyle, still life and some architecture all with a lot of retouching) - which dictates what needs to be in the shot and how it will look. And normally you have to show some background OOF but not completely melting away to show a sense of reference to the location/background & person in foreground or product photography that has to be fairly sharp for the most part.

I use studio lighting most of the time and to me the main quality in photography is in the lighting and knowing how to light a scene really well or control daylight. IMHO this does much more than buying a really expensive lens.. I'd rather always buy more lights and modifiers than lens.

I never really need to go over my 135mm and its stunning for shallow DOF portraits but doesn't focus close enough for some product work, neither will my 50mm. Which is where the 24-105 works with a slight macro on it. I find shooting smaller objects at closer distance at F11 on around 40-55mm gives me a more natural to slightly dynamic look with more depth of field than zooming in and loosing DOF. For much of my really nice bottle shots its always the 135 though.

So would the 24-70 focus as close as the 24-105, and how much sharper will the mkII be? And is the OOF noticeably smoother?

Now the 24-70 range has always left me scratching my head. I use 35-55 settings the most along with 75-100 for portraits, plus 24-30 a fair bit for backgrounds for comps , architecture and landscape.

So i hear you say why not 24-70 for most then 85 for portraits - well i'm usually tripod'd and when shooting a succession of different heights and shapes business people in busy stressful environments I don't want to be moving the tripod to recompose the shot every person, from much experience its clumsy and looks like you are flaffing.
This where the 75-100 zoom range works so well ( most are shot at F8 for some focus drop off and best sharpness)
and I can get some slightly wider or even tighter if options are needed.

So why not the 70-200 for those then? well quite frankly I hate it, I know it is an amazing lens but its huge it puts non model sitters off, and is unbalanced and generally I woundn't use over 135.. and  as I said the 135L is beautiful and so much more balanced.

In my opinion Canon needs to make a F2.8 24-105 or F2.8 28-110 both with slight macro that is tack sharp, little distortion & vignetting whilst having a smoother OOF / bokeh than the 24-105 or 24-70  more like the 50 1.2. And I would pay a lot for this :)

Are there any others in my school of thought / use out there? And what would you recommend ?

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