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EOS Bodies / D600 vs. leaked 6D specs: a comparison
« on: September 15, 2012, 06:45:54 AM »
In response to the folks here repeating that the D600 beats the 6D, here's a feature comparison that applies to the kind of photography I do, which is a mix of travel, landscapes, & weddings (usually as a backup photog).  For other folks it's surely different but here's my take:

  • 20mp vs 24mp:  the smaller the files the better.  I'm going to run the thing in MRAW mode most of the time anyway.  Point Canon.
  • High ISO performance:  top native ISO on the 6D is 25.6k.  It's 6400 on the Nikon.  6D is certainly not two stops better than D600 but if they've got the balls to give it native 25.6k then I'm betting it's at least somewhat better. Point Canon.
  • AF:  D600 has 39 points vs. 11 for Canon.  Point Nikon.
  • Metering:  too early to call it, but they had both better be pretty good.  Draw.
  • Shooting speed:  Nikon is 1fps faster, which is too close for me to care as they're both fast enough for me. I'd award Nikon a point if I could definitively figure out if D600 has DX high-speed mode or not but AFAICT it doesn't.  Draw.
  • Max shutter speed & flash sync:  Both not too hot but not horrible either. Draw.
  • Storage:  I prefer CF to SD & they both use SD to keep the size down.  D600 has two of them, but I really don't care.  Draw.
  • Weather sealing:  The basic seals on my 40D have been good enough to keep me out of trouble so far.  Draw.
  • Built-in flash:  point Nikon (but my 270EX II will always be in my bag...).
  • Built-in GPS & Wifi:  point Canon. I hesitate to award two here as they are both optional on the Nikon.
  • Of course, 6D takes my EF mount lenses & EX flashes, but I won't award any points here.  It's also worth noting that the D600 will drive old-school Nikon screwdriver lenses.
  • Price:  6D is a couple hundred simoleons cheaper & under the ephemeral double-deuce mark.  Point Canon.

So, I've got 4 points for Canon & 2 points for Nikon, without taking into account the fact that I'm already a Canon customer.  Looks like they've spec'd it right for geeks like me.  For me, the D600's better AF & built-in flash just don't outweigh better high ISO performance (the most important thing for me after handling) & the built-in GPS & wifi.

Regardless of my conclusions, bear this in mind: in this economy, the less expensive camera wins pretty often...

EOS Bodies / The next EF-mount camera: the iPhone 5
« on: August 22, 2012, 02:56:18 AM »

Lenses / Revolutionizing the kit zoom
« on: January 28, 2012, 08:10:44 AM »
I've been musing a lot about lenses lately, & I've a hypothetical question for the lens design experts out there:

What would a wide-aperture EF-s kit zoom look like?

The idea is to introduce the consumer to the concept of wide-aperture lenses like we had in the days when the 50mm f/1.8 prime was considered the "kit" lens, while still being the cheap consumer zoom so apparently near & dear to Canon's marketing people over the last 15 years.

My thinking is the following:

  • Unlike Nikon, Sony, u4/3, etc, Canon's basic prime lineup is older than Methusalem.  It is highly unlikely that they'll release any updates to any of the old "consumer prime" designs.
  • New Canon EF-s plastic zooms, however, are released almost every year.
  • Several patents for wide-aperture zooms give us hope for something different.

With the possible (hopeful) exception of an EF-s 30-ish prime, it's pretty clear that anything Canon releases to "replace" the old primes will be a zoom.  Digging into this patent, we see specs for two 2x zooms: a 24-48 and 25-50, both f/3.5-4.8.  Notice that they're in the same patent that features a lot of new tricks with DO elements and fast wide primes.  But I also get the feeling that these are all pro-grade full-frame designs.

Basically my idea is a cheap plastic wide-aperture 2x zoom with all the cost-cutting features of the 18-55 kit zoom (rotating front element, external zoom & focus, etc), but it would also have consumer-grade USM & IS.  A 22-44mm EF-s zoom for example (they'd probably call it a 22-45) would be the equivalent of a FF 35-70, and line up nicely above the EF-s 10-22.  22mm is a pretty conservative retrofocus focal length on EF-s...

My question is, could they design such a thing with a wide enough aperture to really differentiate it from the other EF-s zooms and come close to replacing the "consumer" wide prime lineup on the EF-s platform, & still keep it cheap enough to offer as an optional kit lens?  I'm thinking something along the lines of f/2.8-3.5 (constant f/2.8 would be great but is probably too ambitious).  They've done lenses in the past like the 28-105 f/3.5-4.5 USM (and plenty of other f/3.5-4.5 zooms), so wider-aperture variable zooms aren't unprecedented.

EOS Bodies / New transparent mirror patent on
« on: December 02, 2011, 05:40:59 PM »
here's the link

The idea is that an EF-s lens would really cram the rear element up inside this thing.  I don't fully understand the implications of the patent, but the mirror element may actually serve to shorten the registration distance slightly.  If that's the case then the design is a truly genius way of tackling the DSLR size problem while maintaining legacy compatibility.

Do notice that the silhouette of the camera body has no flash overhang as in traditional EOS DSLRs.  The mirror also seems to be a lot larger (proportional to the sensor) than in conventional cameras.

I'm going to gloat a bit & mention that a week ago I said that they'd do it this way :-)  Well, the fact that it'll have a mirror and look like a "bastard child of the Powershot G and modern EOS cameras" anyway...  The older "mount adapter" patent certainly led me to believe that they'd create a new mount with a shorter registration distance (& it may have been a design at some point) in order to design a camera system from scratch around an APS-C sized sensor.  A lot of patents are just design lab exercises & never even make it to the prototype stage...

It's also worth mentioning that this isn't the first transparent mirror patent they've filed recently...

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