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Lately a few threads have popped up about AFMA and FoCal software and since I DL'd it a few days ago, as well, I thought I'd start a thread for those that use it to post what techniques/procedures they are really using and how well they think the results are.

I assume everyone that has it read the documentation and their guidelines/recommendations, etc.  So... Are you doing it "by the book" (50x focal length, FoCal targets, etc.) or other ways such as different target distances(closer/farther away or trying to approximate what distance you use that particular lens the most), non-FoCal target(like a high quality Siemens Star or other back-focus chart/target because the FoCal targets printed w/an inkjet look soft) and for zooms, if you can only set AFMA at one offset(like on a 5DMKII) are you setting it for the wide or long end, or the focal length that you use the most?  And any other tips, tricks, quirks or something I may not have thought of that you've found are welcomed, as well.  Hopefully this is a thread that can help us all.

I've only had it a few days, so I stuck pretty close to "the book".  I calibrated a 5DMKII and MKIII with my 8-15mm f/4L, 15mm f/2.8, 24-105mm f/4L,  100mm f/2.8 macro and 70-200mm f/2.8L IS v2.  I'm waiting for my other MKII body and 16-35mm f/2.8L v2 and 85mm f/1.8 to come back that a friend borrowed for some timelapses.  I tried to get in the 50x focal length range when I could.  Space constraints in my office prohibited that at 200mm on my 70-200mm and on my 100mm macro I calibrated it pretty close to the FoCal target since I'm usually using that pretty darn close to whatever I'm shooting with it.  And my W/A's were right on top of the target as well, otherwise the software wasn't giving me an "A-OK" for the target recognition.

One thing that I did find a little surprising, and this was only ONE test with ONE lens after calibration so I"m not going to read too much into it, was that on the multi-point focus test with the 70-200 on the MKIII, the center point was NOT the most precise.  It indicated that the top-dead-center point and the second down from it were the two best.  Like I said, ONE test with ONE lens, but I figured the dead center point would have easily "won".

So anyway, let's rock 'n roll...

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