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My first time using Magic Lantern and the intervalometer feature. Worked way better and easier than I thought.

Gear used: 5d Mk2 and Canon 17-40 f4 lens for the timelapse and Canon 24-70 f2.8 Mk1 for the slideshow photos.

Full Gallery:

*Here's the edited video if you guys wanna check it out:
Women's Promo Summer 2013

Our crew just did a promotional video for a modeling agency's website with their top 12 models. Of course we had pro equipment but I decided to use the EOS M as a "B-roll" and stills camera. I have the 22mm and 18-55 lenses and the EF lens adapter but for about 80% of the shots, I just used the 18-55.

It worked better than I expected for such a small camera. Very sharp and clean when its properly exposed. I got alot of shadow noise but I get that problem even with my 5D mkIII. Blackout time is pretty long compared to a dslr but tolerable. One of my main gripes: there's no way to set a specific Kelvin for the white balance (I needed to match with the other cameras). Video worked very well, especially with the IS on the 18-55 when I was handholding it.

For stills I shot with raw+jpeg but I'm just gonna upload the jpegs (cropped/resized/unprocessed) and for the b&w shots, I just set the picture style to monochrome.

Here are some sample shots/vid.

1/160, F/5.6, ISO 100, 55MM

*Edit: posted link to the finished video.

Basically I want to be able to shoot raw and jpeg while tethering in light room but only have jpeg files transfer so the photos can be loaded and seen faster on my computer.

Canon General / Canon/Nikon should embrace "product cannibalism"
« on: January 26, 2013, 03:22:52 PM »
Here's the link to an article about Apple CEO Tim Cook's view about "product cannibalism" that I think Canon/Nikon should adopt:

Tim Cook had an interesting take on their own products taking away sales from their other lines of product. Such as the Ipad mini vs Ipad. He basically says, if they don't cannibalize their own products, someone else will.

I can see how its happening right now, with Sony releasing RX1, RX100, A99 and other companies selling a ton of different micro 4/3 cameras. Canon and Nikon should basically stop crippling their mid to high end cameras. For Canon's example: such a simple thing like not including spot metering on the active AF point on the 5d Mk3. Less crippling means less people switching to brands that would meet or exceed people's needs/wants. And even if someone buys the 5D mk3 thats not crippled instead of a 1DX, at least that person is now locked into the Canon brand, which would translate to more sales in the future when that person's needs exceeds what the 5D Mk3 can do and needs to purchase a 1D level camera.

Lighting / Help me shop for a studio light + accessories
« on: July 22, 2012, 05:24:54 PM »
I've done research on lenses and cameras but when it comes to studio lighting and equipment, I have very limited knowledge about them. I only know about the ones my friends uses such as alien bees, profotos, and elinchromes. But when it comes to prices and other brands, I know next to nothing.

I have been given two photoflex starflash 650 which I plan to use as kickers and/or rim hair lights.
Now I have a list of things I need to use for catalog shooting in a relatively small studio.

-A main light
-60 inch to 74 inch octodome
-backdrop support stand
-a heavy duty light stand with boom, preferably with wheels
-a couple of sand bags.

I have a budget of between $1500-2000 for my list. Is it possible? And if you guys have any recommendations, a link would be greatly appreciated so I can buy it asap. Amazon would be better since I have amazon prime.

I pre-ordered the alternative battery grip from ebay that was posted in the forums some weeks ago. It just arrived. I don't own the real canon BG-11 so I can't compare those two.

At first glance, it feels plasticky but solid. Definitely not as solid as the 5D mk III. I own a genuine Canon BG-E2N, the grip for my 50D, and I can say they feel very similar in terms of build and rubber grip but not the buttons/dial. The buttons are very tactile, they actually click unlike the buttons on the 5D mk III, some might see that as a postive or negative. The dial and joystick on the grip feels more relaxed/not as tactile compared to the ones on the body which gives it the impression that they're more sensitive/weaker.  Surprisingly, the shutter button feels almost similar the the shutter button on the body. The battery cover from the body attaches by its hinges and locks on the part that goes in the body.

Overall, its worth the $90 I paid for it.

Hi everyone, I just got the 5d mkII from the B&H bundle from christmas, upgraded from 50d. My previous bag was a Lowepro Slingshot 200 AW. It fit my speedlite, 2 lenses and my 50d, albeit very snugly. I'm still gonna keep my old lowepro slingshot and also the smaller bag that came from the bundle when I want to carry less stuff.

Now I got 2 more lenses as a gift from a friend photographer who upgraded to the L versions of 50mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.2, so he gave me his non-L versions.

Needless to say, I need more room. Here's a list of my stuff:

5d mkII
50d with BG-E2N grip
24-70mm 2.8
70-200mm 2.8 IS mkII
50mm 1.4
85mm 1.8
580 ex
and other stuff such as lens pen cleaner, blackrapid strap, stofen diffuser, memory cards, extra batteries for 50D and 5D mkII.

And I usually use another bag to carry a laptop but if you guys can recommend a bag that has a slot for a 15 inch laptop, that would be great.

Links and prices would be greatly appreciated  ;D

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