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EOS Bodies / File time errors on 5DmkIII body
« on: April 08, 2012, 05:39:03 PM »
I have a new 5DmkIII body and simultaneously used it with a 7D body for 3 weddings to date, shooting some photos with one camera then switching to take some shots with the other and back again, some shots being taken within seconds of each other on the two different cameras. There seems to be an issue with the 5DmkIII recording the accurate capture/creation times on the files. So far, all 3 weddings have shown the same problem, the 5DmkIII files are showing earlier creation times compared to the 7D files. I've never had any problems with the 7D syncing up with other cameras (I have a 1DmkIII and a 40D that I previously used at weddings together with the 7D, all 3 of those cameras sync up just fine). The time difference seems to vary, I've seen shot times vary between the two cameras from just over a minute to 4-5 minutes difference, when they should be no more than seconds apart, with the 5DmkIII files showing earlier creation times than the 7D. I have more files to examine in terms of the differences, but so far I'm not seeing a consistency with the differences, and the internal camera clocks have been and remain in sync with the clock I set them by (my computer which I check against online). I've checked the cameras before and after each wedding, and they have yet to be more than 1 second out of sync with each other. I've also checked the CR2 files on the CF card, and the JPGs on the SDHC card, and they both match times, so it's not a file type issue with the 5DmkIII.

I'm thinking there is some kind of error within the camera when checking the clock to write the creation times on the file. I've seen other owners have mentioned this problem on some other forums, so I'm not alone it seems. I haven't seen anyone mention the problem on this forum yet, so thought I'd mention it here.

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