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Hello everyone.

The 5DIII currently has a minimum shutter speed setting that you can register to prevent your shutter speed from dropping below a specific shutter speed.

Currently that shutter speed maxes out at 1/250th of a second. 

This, in my opinion renders Auto-ISO fairly useless for shooters like myself who shoot frequently with 300mm and 600mm.  This is not nearly a fast enough shutter speed for long lenses nor is it a fast enough shutter speed to freeze any sort of actions (sports, wildlife, birds in flight, planes etc...)

I do believe that canon listens to their customers (as is seen with the latest firmware update on the 1DX allowing for f8 autofucs) so for those of us in the community who have a 5DIII and would like to see this "min fast shutter speed" increased... lets make some noise.

I believe that the minimum fastest shutter speed setting should be much faster.  At least through 1/2000 sec, but why not the entire range through 1/8000.  Also the increments should be in 1/3 stop not just 1 full stop.

I emailed canon about this today as this feature is my only real complaint on this excellent camera.  Canon emailed me back very warmly and the representative suggested that I keep watching for future firmware updates which may address this issue.

So: Write to canon or call, or post here that we would like to see 1/3 stop increments of minimum shutter speed registration all the way though the range that the shutter can handle.

Thanks and happy shooting!  :)


Software & Accessories / Sreen protector???
« on: August 27, 2012, 09:21:11 PM »
I'm looking to get an LCD screen protector for my 5DIII.  What are you all using and why do you like it or not?


I have a 1DIV and a 5DII.  My 1DIV is a fantastic camera and performs like a champ in every area except high ISO IQ.  I am happy with images through ISO 1600.  Feel that Images are Usable at ISO 2500, however at 3200 and above the IQ really drops off fast. 

My 5DII produces images through ISO 3200 and 4000 that I am consistently happy with, however the performance of the camera leaves something to be desired.  AF system is horrible on dynamic subjects and FPS is certainly lacking.

The 5DIII seems like a nice replacement for my 1DIV with a nice blend of superior image quality at high ISO and many "pro body" features. 

This is a question only for those of you who have or have had both of these cameras....

What are your thoughts on replacing a 1DIV with a 5DIII?

... please don't post if you don't have both of these cameras.  I'm looking for actual hands on comparison, not conjecture from folks who have read about it. 

Thank you.

Lenses / Any buzz out there on the 200-400?
« on: May 29, 2012, 06:51:02 PM »
It seems like this was a hot topic in recent times but I have heard very little about this in recent months.  I'm planning a yard sale to raise the money for a down payment, just need to know when to put up the signs at the end of my street... ;)

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