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((note: i've posted this question over on POTN as well - but i really want to get to the bottom of this issue and there are some smart hombres rummaging around these parts so i'd like to get some coverage of this issue here as well - thx))

perhaps somebody can shed some light on this mystery for me

i use DPP in my workflow - i simply prefer how it processes RAW files - so i put up with the interface

i take a photo - process in DPP - export as TIFF - import into LR - then go crazy with all the edits available (i even have Nik complete collection - LOVE it)

however, i notice an ENORMOUS amount of noise in the image after importing it into LR

and i have some examples...

orig photo (i shoot RAW+JPG - here is the JPG ----- this is looking north toward PETCO park in downtown san diego near the convention center - observing it under/through the sail bridge crossing harbor dr after sunset)

finished processing in DPP (zoomed in to 100%)

opening the TIFF (100% - same basic area)

and then how the same area appears in LR..

link to relevant set in flickr... here

so.. what's going on here guys?

"why" does lightroom seem to be injecting reDONKulous amounts of noise into a nearly pristine image?

i *really* like lightroom - i love the interface and i love the nik plugins - but i CANT have this much noise in every shot i take! i'm not going to be able to use LR for "serious" photography if this is what i've got to deal with

"how" can i configure LR to import my photos without noise??

Software & Accessories / DPP updated - version 3.12.52
« on: December 13, 2012, 09:22:40 AM »
if you use DPP, it has been updated

apparently canon has made changes to the picture style files - this updated addresses that


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