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Good morning, forum!

In the german "Digicamclub"-forum for manuel lenses on digital cameras we developped a special adapter to use the ancient M39-Lenses for the "teacher's Leica" Paxette, manufactured by Braun, Nürnberg also with Canon EOS bodies. There are Lenses from Steinheil (Muenchen), Schneider (Kreuznach), Roeschlein (Kreuznach), Enna (München), Braun and Staeble (Nürnberg) and other well known german manufacturers on the market.

Due to the longer flange-distance (compared to LTM) of 44mm it is possible to make adapters which allow infinity-focusing correctly.

If interested you will find an actual information (in german) here:

Werte Forenkolleginnen und Kollegen,

wir hatten vor einiger Zeit das Thema Adaption der M39-Objektive der Paxette (Auflagemaß nominal 44mm) an das EOS-System.

Dazu gab es im Digicamclub eine fruchtbare Diskussion, die zur Herstellung einer Messing-Kleinserie von speziellen M39-EOS-Adaptern geführt hat, die eine Eindrehung erhalten haben, so dass eine korrekte Unendlich-Einstellung möglich ist. Die meisten (nicht alle !) Paxette-Objektive lassen sich einwandfrei am EF-S-Bajonett der APS-C-Kameras nutzen, eine Reihe auch am EF-Bajonett der Vollformatkameras. Lediglich die Objektive mit verlängertem Hinterbau scheiden ohne auszugsverlängerndes Zubehör aus und bleiben damit dem Makro-Bereich vorbehalten.

Thread ->

Wer mehr über das Thema und seine Anfänge erfahren möchte:


Im Digicamclub gibt es darüber hinaus - Stichwort VNex - einiges mehr zur Verwendung dieser Objektive am NEX-System.

If there is any interest contact me, some of these adapters are still available.


EOS Bodies - For Stills / NP-E3 - NiMh-accupack for 1Ds ...
« on: July 01, 2013, 03:24:33 AM »

I have the problem, that my accumulators for my 1Ds become old. Replacement is necessary, but from which source? Canon sells them for more then 100€ in germany, there are many other suppliers on the market, are there any experiences in the community which brand should be avoided and which is good? I order also in the US, that's no problem if it is worth tax and fee.



if habe an issue as follows:

For use with my vintage manual lenses I normally use adapters with dandelion or EMF AF-confirm chips. Some EOS-bodies have in the 22:00 clock-position a mechanical switch to indicate the presence of a lens. If this switch is engaged, the camera expects to find an electronic contact via the bayonett-connection, otherwise it reacts with an ERR-Message and stops working. I know this issue with EOS 1Ds and EOS D60. A small piece of paper applied to the switch solves the problem, the body works perfectly with the adapters and focus-indicators work. Until you mount an EF-Lens to the bodies, then the paper often falls out of the switch and if you do not recognize it, the next change of the lens to an adapted one lets you miss the af-signalling or receive an error from D60.

My solution: fix the switch with a small amount of cyaneacylate-glue, which is easy to remove with solvent in case this becomes nevessary. Works perfect with adapted lenses - but if you mount an EF-Lens, the glued switch is forced down mechanically, or the EF-Lens is not mountable due to a mechanical stop.

-> inspection with my eyes did not teach me what the problem is, moving the small switch did not show me some other moving parts in the bayonett. So what causes the mechanical stop in mounting an EF lens with the switch fixed in the upper position? Anyone here to be able to give me some advice how to handle the problem?

Kind regards


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