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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Update or add a second body...what to do?
« on: June 03, 2013, 01:22:39 PM »
So I've been holding out for a 70D or 7D2 for over a year now and have finally hit my limit on patience. I have 2 camping trips later this year and a trip to the NYC area next week and really would love a new body for them. Now, I'm looking at things a bit unconventionally; Fuji X-E1 or a used 7D body. I'm wanting a smaller body at some point for day-to-day shooting, but I will also be needing a more professional body for when I want to be more serious about what I'm doing, so each fills their respective needs. No switching; I have too much glass for me to leave Canon altogether, but I do want that second, smaller body too.

Note that this is only a serious hobby, I do not, nor do I intend to make money with either body.

so...since I am short on time and can only afford one at the moment, do I buy the X-E1 for my casual shooting (which I do less of and will only have kit glass for), or do I get the 7D body that I'll end up trading at a loss in a year (or 5 at the rate Canon is going)? opinions?

Lenses / Zeiss 50mm Manual focus decision time
« on: March 29, 2012, 11:40:16 AM »
So I'm looking to indulge on my manual focus fetish..
I'm debating between the Zeiss 50mm Planar and Makro-Planar. at this focal length I don't plan to do any actual macro work, but I'm seeing generally better reviews of the Makro-Planar and Dx0 has a profile. this will be just general carry around, maybe product photography or portraits/street on a crop body. So has anyone played with both? is there a reason, other than f-stop(which I'm reading that 1.4 on the Planar is kinda soft) and price to go with just the Planar as opposed to the Makro?

I'm also considering the Voigtlander Ultron 40mm.

This will hopefully be used as a nice 50-ish lens to compliment some decent wide zooms and be the only manual focus until I can get a tilt/shift (which I obviously won't use for walk-around). Not really interested in the canon 50's as I'm wanting something more nostalgic without resorting to adapters.

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