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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Better IQ from 400/5.6L on 7D or 1D3+1.4TC?
« on: March 28, 2013, 01:34:10 PM »
In a focal-length limited situation, would I get better IQ out of a 400/5.6L on a bare 7D (640mm/5.6) or the 1D3 + 1.4TC (728mm/8)? Put another way, would the extra focal length from the 1D3+TC make up for the difference in pixel density from the 7D when cropping is likely required?  I am aware that the 1D3 will only have the central AF point usable in this situation. Will this affect AI-servo performance for BIF significantly enough to minimize any potential gain?

Although this particular setup is for birding, I also shoot gym & field sports. I'm trying to figure out whether it would be worth it to sell the 7D before a rumored replacement actually hits the shelves. Prices for both bodies are only a few hundred away from each other, and I will not be able to afford a 7D2. My current 7D isn't necessarily lacking for me in any obvious way, but I feel that the 1D3 prices are likely as low as they will go, whereas the 7D prices may have farther to fall in light of rumored replacements (70D/7D2). Or would making this switch be a "downgrade" in any relevant departments (video/flash control being irrelevant)?

Software & Accessories / Tripod Legs for Manfrotto 393 Gimbal Head
« on: March 25, 2013, 11:12:37 PM »
Just nabbed a used Manfrotto 393 Heavy Duty Gimbal Head for about $75 shipped. I plan to use it for raptors/nature with a gripped 7D + 400/5.6 lens. I realize that for this setup the gimbal is probably overkill, but I intend to buy/rent the 300mm 2.8L IS II + TCs in the future and figured I'd get some practice in the meantime. 

I need advice on a decent pair of legs to match with the gimbal head that can support a modestly heavy setup. I'd prefer either center-columnless or removable center column, but cannot afford the Gitzo/Feisol/RRS pricepoint.  Are there any options from Manfrotto or Induro under $200 that you would suggest?

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