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Lenses / 35L or 50L?
« on: March 18, 2013, 04:12:43 PM »
In the very near future I may be buying a number of things, namely a 5Dmk3, 16-35L, 100L and 135L, along with a few other accessories. I already own a 60D, 17-85 and 85 1.8.

I'm also considering whether to get a wide/normal prime with all that, namely the 35L or the 50L, though this is where I can't make up my mind. I'd like your input and opinions and experiences on said lenses and which you think I should get! I'm set on the other lenses, so I'm not needing any advice on those - they're just for reference so you know what else it'll be amongst.

Below are my thoughts, both pros and cons on each lens, along with a few other points of consideration.

  • I prefer a mid-wide walkabout lens to 50mm
  • Slightly cheaper than the 50
  • Led to believe it has slightly better IQ than the 50?
  • Great build quality, metally and solid.
  • Not weather sealed
  • Already have the 35 length with the 16-35

  • A third of a stop faster
  • Weather sealed
  • Doubles as a good portrait length on my second (crop) body
  • Fills a gap in the focal range not yet covered
  • Infamous focus niggles
  • Could just get the 50 1.4?

I have both at work and have tried them both out a fair bit and like them both very much, however I'm still torn between the two. For some reason I feel slightly drawn to the 35 over the 50, but only by a hairs width. If the 35 had weather sealing, I'd probably go with it, as I always seem to find myself in the rain and I'd like to know that I don't need to worry.

Other things to consider are I'd really like to do some astrophotography with one of them - one of the reasons I'm not going with the 24 1.4 as it has bad coma wide open - how do these lenses perform for star shooting? Coma? Overall sharpness? Does the extra third-stop of light make much difference? Would the wider FOV be more appropriate?

I'd really only be able to afford one of them, however I may be able to stretch to get the 35 and the 50 1.4 instead? I know it's a great lens though the main drawback for me over the 1.2 is the weather sealing - more important than a wider aperture. Also should I think about the Sigma 35 1.4 perhaps?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions - 35L, 50L or alternatives?

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