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EOS-M / 43mm circ polarizer for the 22mm ES-M
« on: July 15, 2013, 01:23:29 AM »
has anyone found one? It's a very odd size. can't seem to find a multicoated polarizer except the B&W at 92.00

EOS Bodies - For Stills / T4i vs 60D comparisons
« on: December 03, 2012, 05:35:49 PM »
have owned the 20, 40 and 60D, the Rebel xsi and now T4i/650D.

Plan was to use my 60D as primary for "serious" work, T4i as backup/walk around camera.
Main advantage of T4i for me before I bought it -Light weight.

Now after 5 days, here's some surprising comparisons as far as handling.  I'm enjoying the T4i more than the 60D, only missing a few things.

Pro's T4i vs 60D
1. Lighter
2. Touch screen...loving it, esp in live view.
3. Live View Operation..pretty much ignored it on the 60D. Def. faster, more user friendly(not perfect) on the
4. Shooting speed.  Seems as fast on the T4i, I know that the 60D is a hair faster per spec.
5.Focus Speed...again, this is my perception, the T4i seems faster w/any lens.
6. Shutter sound. the 60D seems louder/clankier, which was an unpleasant surprise when I got it. It scares the birds and squirrels away

Overall ergonomics: I thought I'd really miss the rear control wheel from the D series.  The way the exposure comp button is placed really mitigates that. Plus the huge ISO button on top.
Movies: don't really care.


Things I miss from the 60D
1. ISO in between settings. T4i only has 400, 800, 1600
2. less flex with the quality settings.  Can do either RAW or JPG or  RAW+Large Fine jpg. Don't have all the permutations and combinations.
3. Do miss the rear wheel dial a bit.

I see that the 60D on sale now is just  a bit more than the Rebel. If I were picking one, it would be the Rebel.

on IQ, I have no comments yet.  Can't really tell the difference with the RAW files I've seen so far.

T4i  was taking some shots in the living room, and the lcd screen just went playback, no info, nothing.....had to do a battery pull to get it back. Battery charge is ok. I wasn't blocking the face sensor in back.  Anyone hear of this?

Overall, first 24 hours w/T4i + 18-135 IS STM very impressed, coming off a 60D and Xsi.

Pro's: Lens - Build much stronger than I expected. Fast focusing, really dead quiet(on stills)
Cons: Heavier than I expected(0f course, built is more like the 15-85 than the 18-55)
haven't test IQ yet

 Live view very improved over 60D. very easy to focus in ordinary room light using live view,
Like touch screen a lot, but not a game changer.
Shutter sound seems quieter than 60D
Small, light
Seems to focus faster in normal AF modes than 60D
Frame rate not bad for rebel
Big fat ISO button on top...never liked the D series small, indistinguishable buttons.

Cons:  4 way control buttons harder to push than on xsi...smaller, more indented.
I can't believe they can't give you more ISO options, how much would that cost? You go from 800 to 1600 w/nothing in between like on past Rebel series.

Battery/Charger. Don' like the two piece chord/charger set up vs having plug directly on charger.
Battery hard to get in and out of charger, almost like an off-brand battery I once bought.

EOS Bodies / Rebel t4i - near 10% price increase??
« on: November 02, 2012, 06:17:45 PM »
on Amazon and else where, body only went up from 739.00 to 799.00 overnight.  Wonder if this is Canon's new pricing policy.

I remember back in the '70's electronics mgfrs would fix the min price I forgot the term for it,,, Fair Trade or some such thing in the USA. Then it was declared was restraint of trade..... you can't tell someone else what to charge..... Now it seems like they've found away around it.   BTW, looks like a fine entry level camera, but I will not pay 800.00 for body only way.

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