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Lighting / Using the Built-in Flash
« on: February 13, 2012, 11:44:51 AM »
Long time reader, first time poster.

So I've pretty much resolved that the built-in flash on my 450D should not be used and have accordingly bought some fast primes for low light situations but am still finding times where I need more light to bring down ISO and/or increase shutter speeds. I have the intention of picking up a used speedlite 430ex ii since I think that will give me what I need (HSS would be nice) but I was wondering if in the mean time it would be worthwhile to pick up a diffuser to attach to the built-in flash?

Flash Diffuser Universal Pop-up for Canon EOS 450D 500D 300D 400D DSLR Camera

Universal Pop-up Flash Diffuser for Canon EOS 450D 500D 1000D 550D 600D 1100D

These two for example are very reasonably priced and if they give any sort of usable results, I would consider picking them up, even if just to play around with until I get a dedicated flash. If they're effective, I might even use them in the future when I don't want to carry the flash around.

Would appreciate any thoughts and comments and would love to hear any experiences with people using these types of diffusers with built-in flashes. Thanks!

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