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Lenses / Input on Lens Decision
« on: February 18, 2013, 12:48:26 PM »
Since I upgraded to FF I'm not shooting much at longer focal lengths and rarely use my 300L or 1.4 teleconverter. I shoot some portaits, macro and am doing more landscapes. Here's my current equipment list:

50 1.4
70-200 f4L IS
300 f4L
1.4X III Extender

I'm considering selling the 70-200L, 300L and 1.4 extender to buy a 70-300L. This would allow coverage of longer focal lengths with less equipment. I don't think I'd miss the constant f4 and I rarely shoot over 300mm. I'd  have some money left over to possibly put towards a UWA, since I am shooting more landscapes.

Appreciate your thoughts.



Lenses / 85 f/1.2 L II vs 85 f/1.8
« on: April 02, 2012, 12:53:12 AM »
On FF is the 85 f/1.2 L II worth the premium over the f/1.8? I know the 1.2 is an L lens and has better build quality, but Photozone indicates the 1.8 is a better value along with having faster focus. I'm also not sure about focus-by-wire.  I'm trying to build a stable of high quality primes, but don't want to spend the extra money if the difference is minimal for portraits outside of a studio. Thanks!

EOS Bodies / Yet Another 5DII/5DIII Dilemma
« on: March 22, 2012, 05:06:01 PM »
I am a long time lurker and first time poster. I have been shooting with a 7D for the last 2 years, always with plans to upgrade to FF. I am an enthusiast who shoots all types of photography; macro, landscape, wildlife, sports and family. I don't shoot much video. I currently only have 1 EF-S lens (17-55) and a number of L zooms and primes. Now that the 5DIII is shipping, I am unsure if the additional cost is worth it to me. I feel I have 2 options:

1. Keep my 7D and buy a Mark II kit (7D primarily for wildlife/sports and Mark II for family, landscape & macro)
2. Sell my 7D and 17-55 lens and buy a Mark III kit (will sarifice wildlife reach)

I realize the Mark II has autofocus limitations and the Mark III is a superior camera. As I'm an enthusiast, I don't really need a back-up body. I'm having  difficulty pulling the trigger on the Mark III and am hoping some objective feedback will assist me in making the decision (I'm actually leaning towards the Mark II). Thanks!

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