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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Auto iso in manual using center point focus
« on: August 21, 2013, 03:37:02 PM »
My first dslr was & is a 60D. I shoot everything for the most part with birding being my favorite. For birding I shoot manual with my iso set to auto 3200. This works really good because the area I live in there are a lot of open fields surrounded by dense woods. A bird could be in focus at iso 100 one second then the next second iso 400-800. Plus I can keep my shutter speed & aperture where I want it.

Av & Tv modes will not let you get the shot you want cause the shutter speed will be too slow or the aperture too wide. Putting a lens at an aperture where it may not be the sharpest.

So it's easy to say the 60D has spoiled me with auto iso. I have a 1ds mark ii and even with safety shift setting it can't compete with having auto iso in the 60D. Plus it doesn't have the additional safety speed setting that the 1d mark iii has.

With that here is my question: For birding I shoot AI servo, spot metering,  center point focus with the 100-400 5.6
Will the 6D be on the same level as the 60D for birding using those settings or do I need to look at the 5D mark iii to get the same results or better for birding?

The reason I ask is because I will be using center point focus @ 5.6 will there be a really big difference?  Better or worse?


I'm currently shooting a 60d with a 100-400L lens. For the most part I shoot wildlife, bird in flight. I've decided to get a 1.4 extender for more reach and a second body as well. Currently deciding between a 1d mark 2N, 1d mark 3, or 1Ds mark 2. Trying to stay in the $600-$1,000 dollar range.

I'm leaning towards the 1Ds mark 2 since its full frame and has more megapixles. I can deal with the 4 fps vs 8.5-10fps since I don't like to spray and pray when I'm out shooting.

The reason I'm looking at 1d series bodies versues the 7d is the 45-point AF system.  Also they will focus at F8 with one focus point.

My question is how is the focusing on a 1d series body with the 1.4 extender which makes this lens an F8? Is it on par with what I'm shooting now(60d) or is it dramtically slower? I'm shooting AI Servo using one focus point(center).

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