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I wanted to get some views on the forum about whether there is much benefit in keeping original packaging - mainly with a view to influencing resale value. 

For lenses, these are unlikely to get sold, as they have a much longer period from purchase to replacement, but that is generally less true for bodies.  As a result, my thinking is that there may be some benefit in keeping the original boxes from bodies, but not from lenses.

Any thoughts?

Third Party Manufacturers / Photos of film's demise
« on: November 08, 2012, 05:07:44 PM »
While film doesn't really occupy front of mind for many of us any more, this is an interesting view into the last days of the film industry:

Personally, I only started my migration to digital just over 12 years ago, so I still have boxes full of negatives packed away.

It also makes me think of the fond memories of slide shows, which formed the central event of many get-togethers with friends when I was a child. - My father still has an entire cupboard full of slides, covering a period from the early 1960s to the late 1990s.

What is also interesting is to see a generation growing up who have never known film.  One thing I do hope to show my children when they are a little older is how my wife and I used to take photos before the arrival of digital photography.

Australia / Experiences with Discount Digital Photographics
« on: October 26, 2012, 08:29:01 AM »
I was looking at getting some CF cards from Discount Digital Photographics, and was wondering if anyone had had any recent experiences with them.  Their prices on CF cards seem quite good - at least by Australian standards.

Lighting / 600EX-RT and third party gels
« on: October 24, 2012, 06:30:02 AM »
After reading through the manual of the 600EX-RT, it appears that the flash only is able to transmit colour temperature information if the gels supplied with the unit are used. - The procedure described by the manual indicates that manual white balance setting would have to used with other gels.

I was wondering if anyone has experimented with using 3rd party gels to see whether the flash can recognise colour temperature of any other gels than the CTOs supplied with it. - Unfortunately all my other colour correction gels are cut to sizes that won't fit the Canon gel holder, so I need to buy some sheets of gel before I can do any testing.

It would seem a bit silly if Canon has only designed the colour temperature sensing to only work with the two supplied gels!

PowerShot / Scratches on front element of G11 - caused by lens cover?
« on: June 28, 2012, 07:18:04 AM »
A while ago I noticed some scratches on the front element of my G11's lens, which seem to be getting progressively worse.  It would appear that the lens cover/shutter blades which close when the camera is switched off may be causing this.

I have seen a number of discussions on Flickr and other forums to the effect that the lens cover/shutter is causing this.

Has anyone else experienced this?  If so, have you approached Canon about this, and what was their reaction?

PowerShot / Still enjoying the G11
« on: June 16, 2012, 03:08:38 AM »
I went out after work to look at the Webb Bridge in Melbourne after sunset, with a view to coming back later with a DSLR.  Unfortunately, lacking a really wide angle, you can't really get interesting shots inside the bridge with the G11.  I'll need to make another visit with the 5DII and the 17-40mm + 15mm fisheye.  Good job I didn't just decide to take the 7D, as I don't have a lens wide enough for the 7D.

These photos were taken using the built in 3 stop ND filter, with the G11 mounted on a Gorillapod, and using a cable release.  Exposures were mostly around 13 to 15s, aperture around f/3.5 to f/5.

Another point for a future visit is that I will need to do it at a time when there are fewer cyclists about, and take a 6 or 10 stop ND filter to blur away the pedestrians.

Despite the fact that there are now better cameras available, the G11 still copes quite well.

Australia / Canon AU stops issuing RRPs
« on: June 13, 2012, 09:39:53 PM »
I missed this when it first came out:

Canon trying to deflect attention away from their high AUD pricing.....

There has been some interesting commentary about the 650D, and some of the technology in it:

The two most interesting elements of the 650D are probably the touch screen, and the sensor which includes phase-detect focus capability.  These are two key elements expected to be included in a mirrorless system.  Aside from an EVF, these are possibly the main technologies Canon needs to get working correctly to make a mirrorless system which is usable.

There has been a bit of debate about the relevance of a touch-screen - especially from typical SLR users, who are used to eye-level shooting.  Smartphone upgraders are however used to using a touch-screen.

If we are seeing the technologies that Canon plans to use in a mirrorless system, what is still unclear is whether it will be an EOS system (i.e. with an EF lens mount) - which would seem to lose out on size by still having to maintain the same distance from the lens mount to the focal plane - or a different lens mount - which would in effect mean an entirely new system.
There has also been the patent for a lens adapter, which appeared to be an adapter to connect an EF lens to a mirrorless camera.  That has been taken to indicate that Canon is planning to launch a mirrorless system with a shorter flange-distance.

Canon seems to have downplayed a little the fact that the 650D has a new sensor - there hasn't been any mention about whether there has been any change to the existing 18MP sensor, apart from the addition of phase-detect AF capability.  There is the native ISO12800, however.  Does that mean we will see a difference in high-ISO performance?

If Canon is testing its mirrorless technology in the 650D, then it would appear that the only bit still under wraps is an EVF.

There is no doubt we will see a lot more speculation over the next few months!

Third Party Manufacturers / Nikon D4 Specs Revealed? 1D X Has Competition.
« on: December 11, 2011, 05:04:54 PM »
Over at there is now a rumoured spec list for the DX:

The list generally seems to look plausible (copy and paste from Nikonrumors post linked above):

  • 16.2 MP
  • 11 fps
  • 100-102,400 native ISO range, expandable to 50 and 204,800
  • CF + XQD memory card slots! That's right, the Nikon D4 will have the new Compact Flash XQD memory card slot.
  • Compatible with the new Nikon WT-5 wireless transmitter
  • Integrated Ethernet in the camera
  • Face detection/recognition function that will be working in the viewfinder (maybe some type of a hybrid viewfinder? Nikon had several related patents)
  • Improved video, I have no other details on that but my guess is 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24 similar to the Nikon D800
  • Uncompressed video out through the HDMI port
  • Ability to assign the two buttons on the front of the camera to smooth aperture control during video recording
  • Improved 51 AF points
  • AF detection range will go down to EV-2.0 (the D3s went to EV -1)
  • Autofocus system: 9 cross-type sensors that are operational up to f/8

Winners over the 1Dx seem to be one more stop of native ISO range (102400) and autofocus to f/8.  Fps and resolution are really a wash between the two.

In interesting question in my mind is whether having XQD would give first mover advantage or disadvantage.  Firstly, the cards are not on the market, and secondly their reliability and performance is as-ye unknown. - Sounds a bit risky for a flagship product.

Lenses / Sigma 120mm-300mm f/2.8
« on: June 04, 2011, 04:30:45 AM »
News that's a couple of days old already:

What is interesting is that this is the first time I am aware of Sigma launching a lens with some sort of "splash-proof design" (sic).  I would be interested to see if they update lenses like their 70-200mm f/2.8 to include weather sealing, and whether that puts any price pressure on Canon.... Competition is always a good thing.  To date, the lack of weather sealing has been one of the key factors turning many people away from the Sigma 70-200mm.  (Of course, there is still the discussion about whether Canon might introduce a change to the EF lens interconnect that breaks third party lenses on a yet-to-be-released body.)

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