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Site Information / Attachments have all gone 404
« on: January 30, 2015, 12:53:59 PM »
Title says it, attachments have all gone 404.
Moderators here are pretty on the ball, seems reasonable to expect a fix soonish or faster or later.

Meanwhile, this thread was started to hopefully avoid cluttering other threads with complaints on the topic.

photokina databases

Exhibitors, AKTIVAS  to Zear
Products, Beetle Kill Wood Boxes to KAPA® tech.

Products print page looks like all products on a single page with tiny thumbnails. A print dialog box will open, page stays open when dialog is closed.

Sorry, couldn't find an Exhibitor print page.
What must haves can you find that will open your wallet's aperture?

EOS Bodies / 6D Firmware 1.1.4 released
« on: March 19, 2014, 08:02:39 AM »
Get it here..........
What it does......
"Firmware changes:
Firmware Version 1.1.4 incorporates the following fixes:
1. Fixes a phenomenon in which some images cannot be transferred to mobile devices running the EOS Remote app.
2. Corrects an error in the German language Feature Guide.
3. Corrects an error in the Korean language Feature Guide.

Firmware Version 1.1.4 is for cameras with firmware up to Version 1.1.3. If the camera's firmware is already Version 1.1.4, it is not necessary to update the firmware.

Please note:
After the firmware update has been performed the following setting will be reset to default.
Menu > Custom Function> C.Fn II: Autofocus > AF Microadjustment> 1: All by same amount
As per.....
I'm less than enthused about installing it.
Wonder if it's got any other features?

About two weeks back, I took a huge step forward in my photo gear.
I stepped from a Nikon D-80 to a, to me at least, substantial investment in a Canon system.
I hope to never ever own another Nikon product, they've joined my list that includes HP, Apple and a few others, but never mind all that for now, perhaps another time I'll rant. I may also rant about Canon interface annoyances, for now, they are on the "learn to live with them and love them" list.

Anyway, new Canon kit includes 6D, 24-105mm f/4L IS USM , Shorty Forty, 2 600EX-RTs, ST-E3-RT , PIXMA PRO-100, Remote Control RC-6, spare battery, a few other what nots. Eg-S focusing screen ordered and paid, not yet arrived.
By the way, and I hope this doesn't run afoul of forum rules, etiquette, admins or moderators, I bought from a good old bricks and mortar store in Livonia MI, a former CR advertiser, ProPhoto. I initially found them through their ads here. They offered and followed through on matching on-line prices of Authorized Dealers. They matched bundle prices of the 6D, 24- 105 kit + Pro 100 bundle, plus the 2x 600EX + ST-E3 bundle as found at a major online retailer. Plus I got the hands on with everything I had patience to play with, got lots of questions answered, mostly Canon specific or how Canon operation differs from Nikon, that sort of thing. Overall, a great retail experience.

Prior to this purchase, I'd occasionally attempted to work with Nikon raw files using GIMP and ufRaw. Caused me a lot of pain and anguish just to get those raws to look as good as the as shot jpgs, could not figure why anyone would choose to work with raw.

Ha! Now I've got a 6D. Shot about 700 photos in raw + large jpg at a family reunion this past weekend. The house is finely finished log cabin facade over framing, inside and out.
Kitchen shots were incandescent lighting reflecting off of reddish logs causing a very objectionable red cast to everything shot there.
6D (and Canon) is new to me, probing through menus I discovered I could tweak the raws in camera!! This is way cool, I'm liking the results so far, starting to grok why shoot raw, wondering what will be possible once these raws are on a PC.

But, and I knew in advance of my Canon purchase, my 8 year old ownbuilt PC is not up to snuff and is due for replacement.
I loaded up the entire Canon software package that came with the 6D anyway, opened up a few CR2s in DPP to wet my toes in raw work, I'm really getting the why raw, the what and how will take longer. Agonizingly slow on the old PC though.
So, here's my current dilemma. It's time for a fresh ownbuild PC. This time I've got a good answer to the old question of "what will you be using it for?", editing current and future raw files, possibly video work as well.

I figured to start with a wide gamut monitor, work backwards from there.
I've decided on the NEC PA241W-BK-SV with its included NEC specific calibrator accessory, this component is pretty well carved in stone at this point. Briefly considered the 27" version, just don't have room for it though the additional expense is not an issue.
Now comes the first of many catches. Specs for that monitor include " 1.07 billion out of 4.3 trillion" colors. Elsewhere I find that those colors are only available with a compatible graphics interface. Huh? Does this mean DisplayPort? I've searched until frustrated, can't find any such spec for DisplayPort. Is DisplayPort a wide gamut interface? Is any integrated DisplayPort interface wide gamut?
If not, what do I need to find in a discreet graphics card?

Then I start to become aware of Haswell. Tech doesn't stand still at all, I'm old, having trouble even attempting to keep up even within my relatively narrow interests.
Socket 1155, Intel Gen 3; Socket 1150 Intel Gen 4, ugh....... so much to learn before I decide and place my orders.
From what I've read, neither PhotoShop not Lightroom uses a graphics card's processing power at all.
Are there other reasons I should be considering discrete graphics for this new build?
At this point in life I have no video skills, even less interest, but I know have some fairly capable gear, interests may change, if so, skills will follow. Are discrete graphics a video processing requirement?
Form factors.
For years, I've been intrigued with the Mini-ITX form factor. Now there's a new kid, Thin Mini-ITX, cool looking, maybe I can custom build an All In One, have some measure of portability. Nothing here yet carved in stone. ATX and a full tower is still possible, though choices really are overwhelming.
What chipset? So many choices I can't begin to sort through them all and their differences.

Processors, yikes!
I'm seeing speeds from 2.0 to 3.2 GHz, caches from 3 to 6 GB. No idea what is a smart choice.
I'm figuring 16 GB memory, minimum, 32 GB possibly optional.
No spinning hard drives within the PC case, large capacity spinning hard drives for external back up only.
Inside the case, ideally four SSDs in two RAID 0 arrays, actuall capacity secondary to speed. Haven't even started looking for drives yet, I'm guessing and hoping that'll be the easy bit.

Input please? Comments on what I've written? Your personal Dream Build PC specs, hopefully with some whys?
Budget here isn't exceptionally tight, though you will notice I chose 6D rather than 5D III or 1Dx. Still, from all I've read, 6D would remain my first choice even with lotto moneys.
Hoping to get 4 or 5 years before having to go through all this again.
Oh yeah, WINDOWS 7 or 8? I'm not worried about 8's interface, there's Classic Shell for that. More worried about software compatibility. Forgot where, somewhere in my recent research, saw something about BlueRay not playable with some hardware and WINDOWS 8, really? No way I want to sacrifice BlueRay watching on the PA241W-BK-SV.
edit 1) so far, I've only looked at Asus and GigaByte boards, open for other suggestions or specifics with those two brands.

EOS Bodies / 6d focusing screen comparison please
« on: July 17, 2013, 07:47:50 AM »

No, sorry, I don't have such a comparison nor have I been able to find one.

I'm about to move (a long overdue move at that) from a D-80 to a 6D, I never ever expect to own another Nikon.
I've read 6D reviews, specs and pixel peeped until my own focus blurs, the 6D sounds just about perfect for me, I expect to start with just the 40 mm pancake.
So, here are my questions
About the focusing screens;
Standard is the Eg-A II, Standard Precision Matte.
Optional is the Eg-D, Precision Matte with Grid. I like a grid in the finder, although lack of a grid is in no way a deal killer.
Also Optional is the Eg-S, Super Precision Matte. SUPER PRECISION, I really like the sound of that!!
I'm anxious for input from 6D (and 5D II?) users that have used two or more of the three Canon screens, I suppose I shouldn't be close minded about aftermarket options.
At wider lens apertures, is the Super Precision Matte Eg-S significantly sharper showing focus than the merely Precision Eg-D?
At smaller lens apertures, say f-4, f-5.6 and smaller, do either the Eg-D or Eg-S darken objectionably to the point of uselessness?
Anything else I'm not thinking to ask?
A little insight to my camera operation style, I go back to the film days, the only things I miss about film are the loading, rewinding and release tricks to get multiple exposures. And I'm quite happy to miss them, right along with automotive carburetor and valve adjustments though I still far prefer driving a stick.

Autofocus to me is a gimicky luxury, I do not expect autofocus to take photos for me. At the first sign of autofocus wavering, manual I engage. I'd much rather manual focus than dink around with shifting autofocus points instead of activating the shutter. I have little (read, no) interest in even learning how to shift autofocus points, yeah, I'm that old.


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