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Photography Technique / What could I do better?
« on: March 16, 2014, 03:59:15 PM »
Looking for constructive feedback.

These deer showed up this afternoon and this was about the best shot that I have.

Note:  I didn't crop because I didn't want to marginalize the image quality.

This was processed in Lightroom 3 from a Raw and small jpeg.  Standard Lightroom settings, export file size limit set to 6000K since without it the file size was 12 MB and too large for upload restrictions on CR.

Camera is a 60D with a 70-300 IS non L @ 300 mm.

1/1000, ISO 400, F8.0.

When I zoom in to 100%, the deer are soft and grainy.

No illusions, I know I am the weak link in my photos.  When I went out to take the pictures, I was anxious because I knew the first crunch of snow would upset them.  As soon as I opened the door they knew I was there, so I was in a hurry to make settings on the camera.  The metering was flipping out because of the bright snow.  I made the mistake of setting it on "one shot" thinking the deer wouldn't move, but when they ran off, I attempted multiple shots, all of which were out of focus.  That was one lesson.

But, the shot I uploaded was of the deer not moving.  The auto focus was on the center point.  I believe I focused on the nose and re-composed, but I cannot remember for sure. 

What I want to know, is what could I have done better, and how much might be attributed to the lens and body  as opposed to myself.   

I am thinking it might be out of focus, or is this as good as I can expect out of this lens or this body?

Would a 6D and or a 70-200L lens made a big difference? 

Ideally, I would have been on a tripod and manually focused, but I don't think the deer would have been patient enough.   8)

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