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Street & City / Architectural Contrasts - with 24mm TS/E and 6D
« on: February 05, 2014, 11:06:56 AM »
Went out to look for contrasting architecture.
Using 6D with Canon 24mm TS/E II, I got the following two, that I want to share here.

Location: Central Copenhagen, Denmark.
Both are using only the shift (not the tilt) capability of this great lens.
Both covers same subject matter: An old church reflected in modern office buildings.

1. ISO 100, 1/320s, f/8      - I like the layers of visibility: Direct, inside building, through building, reflection
2. ISO 400, 1/500s, f/7.1   - I like the lines

Any comments much appreciated.

Dear CR
I am currently making a number of photos for a small competition with the theme:
   'Macro Food Photography'
This is for me quite an unusual combination as food-photography usually shows more of a full dish / a meal and maybe some environment in the background as well.

I have worked with a couple of ideas, and would like your view or comments before I decide which ideas / photos to submit. I can submit only two entries.
Idea 1: Small items on a plate - with some background to create ambience (example using f/5.6)
Idea 2: Small items on a plate - getting even closer (example using f/18)
Idea 3: Ingredients - different style - very crisp and dry - 100% sharpness all over (example using f/22)

All three are made with Canon 100mm 2.8 L IS macro. (I like this much - still learning)
Lighting setup based on small incandescent lamps. Steady tripod used.

Any ideas / comments appreciated.

My first 'assignment' was to make portraits of a friend with his family.
I would like to learn as much as possible from this.
So I turn to you here at CR for advice / comments / critique (asking for true opinion, please).

I am quite well satisfied with the results (as a first formal portrait-shoot). However I see that the pictures could have more intensity, and I full well know that there is quite some way to go to reach 'great'.

My setup:
Canon 6D, 24-105mm L
2 studio flashes - Visatec's Solo 1600 B Monolight.
One at my left upwards to high, white ceiling, the other at my right through white umbrella. In general I had plenty of light.
Black roll of background paper.

#1:  Family,               85 mm, f/9.0, ISO 200
#2:  Couple w. dog,  47 mm, f/9.0, ISO 200
RAW, some PP in LR5 (+Elements for these uploads)

My own immediate lessons learned:
 - better with more distance from people to background (that did not turn up quite uniform, so I spent much effort to smooth out this in #2)
 - some hair-light would be a benefit
 - there are so many variables in play - difficult to stay cool while keeping a good contact with the people (which was my priority)

Lenses / Canon 24 mm Tilt/Shift - and very still LIFE
« on: October 11, 2013, 05:09:39 PM »
Working on a competition-assignment with the theme 'LIFE' (a very wide subject, I think), I made the picture below. Representing various types of life - none of them in the fast lane.

Any comments much appreciated.

Doing so I enjoyed playing with the tilt-function of the Canon 24 mm TS/E.
It enabled me to have the plane of focus at the surface of the stump, that is far from parallel to my sensorplane.
This lens is so good !! Very solid (and advanced) mechanics, and very, very good optical quality. Use it as a general wide-angle and it is just perfect.
Also used both tilt and shift for a couple of excercises in architectural photography.
Working with a tripod, lots of time and some patience it gives new creative options - and very good images.
(I am lucky to be in a photo-club having this lens for lending).

Abstract / Abstract - 'Behind Motion'
« on: May 29, 2013, 07:23:41 AM »
Location: Copenhagen, a bicycling-friendly city in May.
In front of me a cyclist. Behind I am myself on my bike getting blurry pictures with motion blur as well as camera shake. All this ended up almost abstract.

I would appreciate your comments.

Canon 450D, with 24-105mm at 65mm
Exposure: 1/40s, f/11, ISO 100.

My first new topic here.
I hope for some experienced advice based on my situation.

I am an all-round enthusiastic hobby photographer - doing people, landscape, still-life, animals (many small birds, very little BIF), music, architecture, travel, enter competitions now and then, etc.....
(Currently only stills. May want to take a look at video someday, but not key to me.)

Started out with Canon G5 (which I loved) in 2004.
Moved up to DSLR, EOS 450D = Rebel XSi (even more so) during 2008.
Have been ready for a body-upgrade several times - but seem to always buy some optics instead.

Current line-up (trying to do it in sequence of most used first): (All are Canon EOS)
 - 15-85 / 70-200 4.0 IS / 24-105 4.0 / 10-22 / 50 1.4 / 100 macro 2.8 IS

I like DSLR.
I still like the 450D for size, low weight, reach (1.6 factor)

I most of all look for better:
 - IQ and Lowlight capability
 - Focusing (precision - maybe also more speed), consider AFMA a must have

Would also love:
 - Flexible display (still miss that from G5 in many special shooting-situations)
 - Wifi (for remote control and shooting)
 - Even more reach (so still need for longer glass, I know)
 - More effective operation (but would that be touch-screen, joy-stick, or ......?)
... all without having to haul too much weight and size.

I do have budget for quite a move - the most important is to make the right one.

I have followed this site - and other sources - for information about the key candidates regarding specs / features / price-levels etc.  But have had no hands-on with any of these. So what I ask for is your advice based on real world experience.

My thoughts and questions:
 - Must I go Full Frame (I see a lot of strong arguments for that - and also a few against)
 - If FF then I like most of the characteristics of 6D - but focusing is clearly a concern
 - I am concerned that the day after my purchase, I will se Canon announce the 'for me perfect compromise'

So some questions:
 - What would you recommend in general in above situation?
 - Will the 6D represent a large upgrade from 450D regarding focusing?  How large?
 - Could a new sensor (long awaited) in a new crop (e.g. 70D) be the 'for me perfect compromise'?
 - Wait for announcements - or move now?

Look forward to your thoughts.

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