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EOS Bodies - For Video / Post your post-processing voodoo magic!
« on: April 10, 2012, 10:09:32 PM »
I would love to know what workflow people are using to post-process their dslr footage.  I am currently gearing up for an intense month of color grading on a feature (zombie drama) film shot on the 5d2 called The Battery.  While I am color grading, the audio will be going to a professional studio for mixing.  Lately I've been researching everyone's techniques for squeezing the absolute most out of 5d2 footage, so I was wondering... what do you guys do?  Do you have some secret voodoo magic that you wouldn't post-process without?

The workflow I've settled on for now is the result of all my research, but I am always looking for better plugins and better results.  You can see a 10 second clip at http://youtu.be/gn_aATlX-zs?hd=1 but the YouTube compression fullscreen pretty much ruins the look, so it is best viewed HD in a window.

This is what I have done / am doing...

1. Shot on 5d2 with neutral preset with contrast and sharpness all the way down.  (Technicolor preset was just too hard to bring color back.)  Shot 24p with a shutter speed of 50.

2. Shot with Zeiss ZE lenses, specifically 21mm and 35mm.  Used a Singh-Ray variable ND filter to control depth of field in sunlight.

3. Converted all footage to the Cineform codec.  Edited in Premiere Pro.

4. Stabilizing specifically shaky footage with After Effects Warp Stabilizer (only a few shots).

5. Color grading with Magic Bullet Looks and Colorista 2.  Looks is what it is... I find it too over the top unless you really go easy on things.

6. Noise reducing high ISO or highly-graded shots with Neat Video... I do this after color grading as raising the shadows afterwards simply ruins the work Neat Video does.

7. Add fine 35mm film grain with Gorilla Grain video overlay.

After months of tests, this was the closest to the fabled filmic look that I could get 5d2 footage to look, but I am definitely interested to hear how you achieve your looks, cause I am not married to my methods and just want the best looking movie I can make.

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