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EOS Bodies - For Video / Canon 6D refurb - Stuck pixels on video.
« on: June 09, 2014, 11:12:17 PM »
Picked up a Canon 6D Refurb from Canon last November.  I'm just back from a trip and noticed that I've got 2 stuck pixels (one red, one blue) near the center upper left quadrant - But only when shooting video and only in darker lighting conditions (pure black seems to cause them to turn off...)  I've not seen them in any of my photos yet.  Looking back through videos I took on a trip in May shows just the red stuck pixel (which I hadn't noticed before).  Looking all the way back to when I first got the camera I don't see any stuck pixels under similar lighting conditions.

Does this fall under a warranty repair?

Canon General / Upgraded - Sell old equipment?
« on: November 17, 2013, 11:39:12 AM »
I've just upgraded to a Canon 6D from a T4i.  I sold off an old film scanner to finance the purchase of the camera itself so I'm only out for the cost of the 16-35 f2.8L lens which I could probably be re-coup by selling the T4i and my 2 lenses for it (17-55 f2.8 and 10-22).

I'm trying to decide if it's worthwhile to keep the T4i and just eat the cost of the lens.  I'm a hobbyist although I've done a few family weddings so I don't need a backup camera but it might be nice for harsher environments (Although if it was harsh enough I'd either keep with my cell phone camera or Canon P&S if I didn't care about photo quality and if I did care about photo quality I'd probably want to take my best camera in...  It's not like I'm going to take my T4i on a roller coaster regardless and I haven't been out of the US for decades...)

It's gonna be hard to say good-bye to the 17-55 though lotsa sentimental value with that one (on the other hand I could get the 24-70L a little quicker... :) )

Mainly, is there any reason to keep a cropped camera around now that I'm going FF?  (I don't have the 6D yet thanks to FedEx' goofy shipping but that's another story...)

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