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Software & Accessories / Question on B+W Circular Polarizer
« on: June 06, 2013, 10:41:02 AM »
I went FF a few months ago, and I keep running into all the small things that have changed (mostly for the positive). Nonetheless, now my trusty B+W F-Pro c-pol is vignetting on my 24-105mm at 24mm even if the lens is stopped down.

I saw some old postings on going for the XS-Pro mount instead. For those experienced using B+W c-pols, would the B+W XS-Pro Kaesemann Circular Polarizer with Multi-Resistant Nano Coating work the best? Is there a slim version of this filter that I should get instead (I don't usually stack filters)?

Thanks for the help, as I'm already a bit pissed at myself for having to buy this kind of filter twice.

Lenses / Canon 40mm vs 50mm f/1.4
« on: May 06, 2013, 10:37:56 AM »
I've seen many comparisons of the shorty forty and the nifty fifty, but not much info bringing the 50mm f/1.4 into the mix. I know of the obvious difference in focal length and the 2-stop advantage of the 50mm. I've owned the 50mm for almost two years (my first prime), yet it never felt "right" even after I moved to FF with the 6D. I think going a bit wider may be the answer. So I'm asking for clarification on the following from all the more experienced minds around:

1) How do these lenses compare on sharpness f/2.8 through f/8?
2) Is there any improvement on AF speed/accuracy on the 40mm?
3) Any thoughts on FTM functionality and motor noise (I've never used an STM lens, yet I've found the 50mm's USM implementation lacking)?

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