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Technical Support / choosing the right ND filter value
« on: May 08, 2013, 03:57:14 PM »
Hello there,
I am about to search and buy one or two screw on ND filters and I plan to use it specially in video mode. I have some difficulties in choosing the right ND filter values in order to be able to shoot in daylight with wide open aperture (f2.8-4), ISO 100-160, shutter speed 1/50 at 24fps.

According to this chart considering 1/4000 shutter speed in daylingt at ISO 100-160, f2.8-4, 24fps, I wonder which one between these filters ND 1.8(1/60) and ND 2.1(1/30) will fit my needs better (?)
I just need a confirmation .

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