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Lenses / Lens internal part falling off? its a refurb lens
« on: December 18, 2014, 11:39:40 PM »

This is my 85mm 1.8 lens that I bought from Canon as a refurb lens.  It's still under warranty but I wanted to ask you folks if this is something off the internals.  I have never opened up a lens so I have no idea..  Basically, I was doing a family photosession and after the shoot, I noticed that a black strand was showing from the side of the lens.  I just shook the lens and twisted the focus ring a few times and there it is.  I would be shocked if that came from the outer environment as I take very good care of my lenses.  I have not had any issues with refurb lenses so far and so this is disappointing.  Especially since I have not had this lens for more than 6 months now.  Would you guys recommend opening and cleaning it myself?  Maybe its an easy fix?  Thank you!

Software & Accessories / Camera bag suggestions for canon eos-m kit
« on: July 18, 2014, 01:05:30 PM »
Hi y'all.
Just wondering if anyone has suggestions for a small camera bag... Just the canon eos-m kit. Maybe a little space for the accessories as well? Much appreciated!

Photography Technique / Shooting and model release form use
« on: March 31, 2014, 05:19:42 PM »
I hope I'm not repeating a topic that has already been asked/discussed..

So I understand that it is "legal" to take photos in public. Now concerning model release forms, do you just carry them around with a pen and have every person you photograph sign it? I know that sounds dumb but seriously there's too much "controversy" and grey areas and I hope to have some of that resolved with all you extremely knowledgable people. I have many great shots of people that I took in public places but do not post them online due to not understanding the whole scale of things. I appreciate it and hope to hear from many of you!!

Hi y'all! I have a question concerning softboxes... I am just getting into flash photography, as I love natural ambient light. ;) but the world of flash photography is amazing!! I am planning on using the softbox for portraits.  What is the best softbox for the money, and it has to be portable (outdoor) and I want good quality that will last, not something that'll break in less than a year.. Thanks because I have absolutely no idea what to get.. Much appreciation!!

Lenses / Is the future USM or STM? Or both..
« on: September 12, 2013, 01:30:03 PM »
I've been wondering for a while at which direction canon is going with the newer STM tech lenses. I really can't say anything negative on how the STM lenses perform but there are advantages to the older USM lenses. Such as ring able to focus the lens without power. But then, I'm not sure exactly which is better per se. Maybe you guys know about this? Will we see L glass with STM?? Or is it just an "APS-C" thing. Maybe we'll see dual pixel af thing in all future camera bodies thus STM L lenses? Maybe this is too vague/not important. Opinions? Know-abouts? ???

Hey guys!
I recently got my SL1 and its small, needless to say. I was wondering if a battery grip will come out for it soon.. I'm kinda thinking not because of where the memory card is.. But you never know? :) I think a grip would be perfect but it might just defeat the purpose of being small. Haha. Idk. Any thoughts? Know abouts?

Technical Support / Extra battery for canon SL1/100D. Get original?
« on: June 27, 2013, 01:39:56 PM »
Hey guys!
I have a couple questions... I am getting a 100D as of today and I am already realizing the need for extra batteries. The life of the battery is quite short according to the many reviews out there.  Besides the original battery (875mAh 7.2V), is it okay/safe to buy a non genuine battery that may have a higher mAh value? The original costs so much more than the "third" party batteries. I don't want the battery to explode or leak on me. I've had great experiences with the genuine battery that came with my t2i. Thanks!

It wouldn't hurt to share this i don't think. Here's the link!


If you don't mind the white box, you got a good deal for a new lens!

Hey guys.  I am an amateur/hobbyist photographer that loves to keep up on the forums and on cr.    I was wondering what you guys take on the new lenses that Sigma has been putting out on the market.  The price ranges are very competitive even to the Canon brand.  I am a Canon fanboy (to put it best) but the recent 35mm f1.4, 120-300mm f2.8, and now the 18-35mm f1.8is making me think much more of a third party brand.  A friend of mine had a sigma 50mm f1.4 that pulled some impressive pictures!  I have bought and returned a sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 lens before... horrid lens (possibly the copy). 

Anyways, I want to hear from y'all before buying a few lenses. (10-22, 50 1.4, and 15-85 or 24-105)  Thanks!

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