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EOS Bodies / Which is better for high ISO, 6D or 5D Mk III?
« on: June 29, 2014, 03:36:27 PM »
I have a 6D, which I've been using in low light situations. In recent months I've found myself frequently exploring the limits I can go and still come up with what I consider successful photos. I've very happy with the results I've been getting up to ISO6400 or so. Even what I've shot at 12800 pleasantly surprises me.
But, I got talking with a couple people who suggested I might be better off with a 5D Mk III. I'm not so concerned about its performance at lower ISOs, as I've got three 1DS Mk III bodies that I use in most all situations, but I want to get the best results when I shoot in "available darkness".
What would you suggest I do?

Technical Support / Can't transfer RAW files, only JPEGs
« on: August 03, 2013, 11:37:05 AM »
Yesterday I did a shoot where I took both RAW and JPEG files. It's something I rarely do, but I needed to almost immediately review the images with the client.
I used a 1DSMk3 and recorded both RAW (CR2) and JPEG images onto a CF card. Yes, I know I could have recorded them onto separate cards, but I work with CFs exclusively. (I had one bad experience where I bent an SD trying to change it out while on a moving boat.)
While on site, I had no problems when I downloaded the images on my laptop. I set up two folders, one for RAW, the other for the JPEGs.
After taking what would have been an appropriate number of photos (in this case just over 250 on an 8GB card) card), the card was full. While on location, I reviewed the images on the camera and it showed it had recorded both a RAW and JPEG of each image.
What I didn't notice until later, until after I discovered this issue, was that the file size displayed was only for the JPEG.
When I came home, I set out to load the files onto my desktop. Not having a card reader, I plugged the camera directly into the computer by means of a USB cord. When I went to copy, what showed up on the screen were two files for each of the images, only they both were JPEGs. I'm pretty certain I haven't lost the RAW files, but I'm not sure now what I need to do to get them onto my laptop.
While it's not a fatal problem, as I can copy everything from my laptop, I'd still like to know why this occurs and how I can prevent it in the future.

I'm wondering wondering this issue might be because the operating system on the desktop is Windows XP, as I've haven't had the problem when I used my Windows 7 laptop.

EOS Bodies / 1DMkIII vs 5DMkII vs 7D vs 1DSMkIII
« on: January 10, 2013, 06:29:52 PM »
I have a chance to get a 1DMkIII, at what probably is a very decent price. I'm somewhat surprised how much they've depreciated compared to the 1DMkIV.
Admittedly, they had their issues when they first came out and they are only 10MP, but in terms of durability and when I don't need extremely large image sizes (that's why I have a 1DSMkIII), they more than hold their own.
I'm also told this is one of the later models that came out after the focusing problems were addressed.
I'm rather partial to the 1D series of cameras, as the nature of my work puts bodies to a pretty rigorous test. What I'm wondering is whether I should go for this rather than a 5DMkII or 7D I'm currently using as backup, or spend roughly twice as much for another 1DSMkIII?

I know, based on my experiences of the last few weeks, I really should upgrade and buy at least a couple 1DXs, a most awesome piece of equipment!

My 1DX just arrived yesterday. I took a few photos with it (look on the screen to be absolutely amazing!) and finally downloaded them last night. Unfortunately, I can open't them because I have Lightroom 2.7.
I thought I'd try Lightroom 4, only to discover it only works with Windows 7 and Vista machines. What to do now, I I'm flying out of the country in little more than 12 hours?

Lenses / Recommendations for three weeks in the Middle East
« on: December 09, 2012, 03:21:45 AM »
I'm heading off to the Middle East (Egypt, Jordan and Israel) for three weeks, partly as vacation, but likely ninety percent for work (mostly editorial print clients).
While I'll spend most of my time traveling independently, there will be days when I'm with a group, so I'll need to keep what I carry to a manageable size and weight. The vast majority of what I'll be shooting will be outdoors, from dawn until after dusk.
My plan is to take three cameras (1DX and 1DS bodies, or perhaps a 7D as backup), four lenses, the 16-35 (II), 24-105, 70-200/2.8 (II), the 300/2.8, along with a 1.4 teleconverter. I'll carry this in a large backpack which I'll wear nearly all the time. In it I'll have my CF cards, a cable release, table tripod, perhaps an extra battery, as well as two or three spare UV filters.
Instead of a full-size tripod, I plan on taking a monopod (besides, it will likely serve as a hiking stick on the rough terrain I'll encounter). A laptop, two external hard drives, chargers and power cords will be carried separately.
I'll likely work wearing two bodies around my neck, typically one with the wide zoom, the other having the long, although I'm sure at times the 300 (without or with the 1.4 x) will be the lens of choice. I'm thinking the 24-105  will be the least used. I'm not much of a normal lens user, and I'm only carrying this to fill a gap.
Now, I'm wondering what I might be missing. I don't have any glass faster than f:2.8, but figure that, between the high ISO capability of the 1DX, my table and mono pods, as well as IS, I'll be fine for most anything I should encounter. And, other than the one on the 7D, I don't plan on taking a flash (and may not even use that). But, I am considering a folding reflector if I can fit it in the pack.
I'm fit and a pretty fair hiker, so carrying the 35 or so pounds won't be the issue nearly as much as space and convenience. What would be your suggestions I add or ditch?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / best autofocusing bodies and lenses
« on: April 04, 2012, 12:51:41 AM »
I'm an outdoor sports and action photographer, been one for well over 25 years and used Canon gear for nearly as long. While have a reasonably well-stocked camera bag or two, my present go-to body/lens combination is a 1DS3 with a 300/2.8. I'll often use an EF 1.4x (II) converter when I need a bit of better reach and once in a while the 2x when I'm in a pinch.
The 1D series bodies have been my standard for nearly ten years, and I really appreciate their rugged build and weather sealing (almost a necessity in my line of work). I favor 1DS over the 1D (and I've had both) for the higher pixel count (I bought mine before the 1D4 came out) and that I sometimes need a full-frame body for wide-angle interior/architectural work. 
What I use this most for are sailing and cycling events, where things are moving at relative modest speeds (say, no more than 10-20 meters/sec), but occasionally I cover powerboats, auto racing and air shows.
I'm in the process of upgrading some equipment, likely a body (it doesn't HAVE to be full-frame, it could be a 1D or even a 7d) and possibly a long lens.  I'm considering all options up to 500mm.
Figuring that there's enough folks on here who have had experience with just about everything, what I'd like to know is what camera/lens combinations offer the fastest autofocusing and, more importantly, most accurate?

While I'm generally satisfied with my results (and I have print clients who often demand something that holds together for 2-page spread), I always feel I could be doing somewhat better. (Did I mention that my parents had high expectations for their children AND I went to engineering school?)

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