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Software & Accessories / RRS or Markins?
« on: June 12, 2014, 04:30:13 PM »
About two years ago I said on someone else's thread somewhere on this very forum that I was looking into getting an RRS ballhead and L-plate. Someone responded suggesting I consider Markins. And then I had no money and wasn't using the tripod all that much anyway and never got round to buying anything.

But now I'm going on a trip and will want to take long exposures, so I'm finally going to make that purchase. Which should I go for? The RRS BH-30 (or BH-40 even?) or the Markins Q10? Or is there something else you'd really really really recommend?

My tripod is a Gitzo Traveller; camera is a 7D, and the longest/heaviest lens I have is a 70-300 L. I don't think I'd ever get a much bigger lens because weight/portability is an issue for me, but obviously it'd be nice if the ballhead could take a little more, just in case.

I've searched the forums, and people seem to heavily recommend both brands; but I've no idea how to make a choice between the two, and would be grateful for any advice that could help. Thanks!

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