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EOS Bodies / Ever such Rumours as APS-C, Low Density, Low MP sensors?...
« on: February 22, 2014, 08:25:50 PM »
Has it ever been rumored for their to be prototypes in testing of what would essentially be a physical 1.6x crop of a FF sensor, allowing the ISO capabilities of the 6D/5D3 in, say, an EOS M or xxD body?

I'd love me an EOS M with 6-9 megapixels of low light goodness!


Would this be stupid-expensive to develop? I can imagine the right advertising campaign could sell the concept of fewer pixels for low light, arty, shallow DoF shooting with the 22mm f/2 with results that're still 2-4x larger than necessary for Facebook ;)

I've been frustrated and unsettled on this for so long;

EOS M Vs Samsung NX1000...

I say these because I have them here - I like to shoot FAST and love the NX offerings of the 16mm f/2.4 and 30mm f/2 pancakes - the 16mm can get amazing close-ups with wiiide backgrounds, the 30mm just makes more sense than the 22mm to me (re: crop DoF, perspective, portraiture etc) and I've always felt the Canon offering was a rubbish compromise.
Unfortunately; Samsung's sensor AND jpeg compression sucks, relative to the M.

I love the Canon sensor (though I'd possibly kill to have it replaced with half a 5D3/6D FF at 8-10 megapixels of Low Light Awesomeness - why is this seemingly never discussed?!)

...only today has it occurred to me that whilst Canon, Sony, 4/3 etc have a flange distance of 18mm, the Samsung NX system utilises around 7mm more - this means I can use these lenses wide open DESPITE their electronic focusing, simply by moving them slightly back and forth for focussing!

Give me a few hours/days and something can be fashioned here out of body/lens caps - but for now I can confirm this 16mm f/2.4 optically works insanely beautifully just being dangled infront of the EOS M - aaahmahgah!!

I'm really excited about this, I think I'm right to be, too! I've wanted a wide, fast pancake on here for aeons and can't believe this has never occurred to me!

Shall try and get pics to share soon - I think it might also be worth noting the Tilt-Shift capabilities here! I've done a lot lot lot of experimenting this morning (50mm f/1.4 hand-held T/S play has been fun!) and could babble on for hours, but won't.

Somebody tell me I'm being awesome and not an idiot, please?!

Ps. Hi, I'm Drew - new-ish to posting, long-time reader... be nice ;)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Back/Front Focusing: a Lens Issue, not Body?...
« on: November 02, 2013, 06:29:08 PM »
Whenever I catch people talking about f/b focus, the lens manufacturer always seems to have the fingers pointed at them... but I don't understand why!

I'm open to being schooled here, really, but if the camera has a sensor which detects that a subject is in focus at its distance from the glass, to me, it seems the image capturing sensor must be at a slightly more or less distant position than the focusing sensor if it's not receiving the same light distribution, right?! Anybody?

I LOVE my Sigma glass but they require so much MFA on my 5D3 (50mm f/1.4 @ +16!!) which I've lazily accepted, I couldn't use them on my (now sold) 60d, though I'm looking forward to maybe grabbing a 70D for wildlife, with the option of throwing my Sigmas on there... But investing in MFA cameras out of necessity seems... Unnecessary? I'd love to use these Sigmas with a 100D but there's no chance of it if I can expect focus to be off on all bodies.

Maybe I'm way off with the physics/mechanics and it makes sense when you guys exlain what's really going on ;)

Thank you in advance!

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