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Third Party Manufacturers / A7r Arrived - Meeting New Buddies
« on: July 15, 2014, 04:04:38 PM »
Finally decided to scratch the curiosity itch the other day and ordered the A7r and it arrived today along with EF adapter.

Intial impressions after their first two hours together....unimpressed.

Yes, I know it's only been two hours. I can assure you though, the introduction of the 5D3 and 6D to the family was much more joyous right from the outset.

Will stick with this thing for a couple weeks and see what happens. More to come...

Canon General / Gear Sale/Separation Anxiety?
« on: June 27, 2014, 03:38:48 PM »
Just wondering if anyone else has coped with the feeling of anxiety when selling off a piece/several pieces of equipment.

Over the last several months, I have done a lot of reevaluation over what I actually need in the kit. And although I am far from being rid of enough stuff I don't use all that often, the few pieces I have parted ways with recently have caused somewhat of a mental struggle.

Sold recently: 50L, 24 tse, and now the 70-200 II.

Why I got rid of but still miss them:

I have a lot of other 50s, but that was the most regularly usable one for general purpose.

TSE was sold off because I generally reach for the 45 or 90 in most situations (just ran into a situation though where 24 would have been great). Still doesn't negate the fact that I almost never used it though.

The 70-200 was only getting used in the handful of gigs I do all year. Otherwise, it was gathering dust as I prefer my primes for anything tele (85II, 135, and 300). But something in the back of my mind still tells me I'm going to regret this one.

These self-debates over whether I made the right decision happen about once a day at least.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / 70D - 2 Weeks With Dual Pixel
« on: March 11, 2014, 12:34:47 PM »
I just received a 70D in the mail yesterday for my buddy who has asked me to put it through it's paces for the next two weeks and share my findings.

While I already knew that the dual pixel tech was going to be decently quick, I am still very surprised by how well it is performing so far. I find that it is much more consistently quick even in less than ideal lighting conditions than both my x100s and xe-2.

The lenses I have tested so far are the 24II, 35 IS, 50L, and 135. All have been consistently quick which is quite amazing (to me at least).

IQ is still less than desirable when bumping up ISO to 1600+ as expected so nothing to write home about there. But the real gem here is the dual pixel technology. Finally experiencing it for myself, I am now beyong excited to get an updated full frame body with the feature as it will be nothing short of stunning. Dual pixel, in conjunction with a hybrid vf + full frame sensor would make me soil myself.

Third Party Manufacturers / Fuji X-E2 + Canon Lenses (with adapter)
« on: January 13, 2014, 12:23:40 PM »
Over the weekend, I did some thinking about whether or not I wanted to finally invest in an interchangeable lens Fuji body since I have been very pleased with the performance of the x100s.

After reading some generally good reviews on the X-E2, I decided to do some more research and found that there are adapters for EF to X mount (albeit relatively restrictive ones without a ton of functionality).

There are the tilt adapters without aperture control and regular adapters with aperture control via a separate iris in the adapter itself (not the best solution since vignetting appears to be a major problem after the first stop down). For the time being, those look like the primary options available.

The tilt adapters intrigued me the most as I would be able to basically use any of my Canon lenses or even adapted lenses with 8 degrees of tilt albeit with the aperture value preset unless you want to shoot wide open.

To the BH site I went with credit card in hand. I've ordered the all black body along with the 35/1.4 as I figured having at least one native lens right now would be nice. I have also ordered both types of adapters all of which will be arriving by this Friday.

In the meantime, I was curious to know if any of the Canon guys around here have tried adapting lenses to a Fuji body and/or have used a tilting lens adapter before (on any company's body and lens combo). Very curious to find out what types of experiences others are having.

Lenses / 200/2 IS Lust
« on: December 20, 2013, 06:23:48 PM »
Just wanted to get some opinions on whether to pick up one of these bad boys.

Recently presented with an opportunity to get one for 4450 which to me is a pretty good price. I already have an 85II, 135, and 70-200II which I am happy with for covering all my portraiture needs. However, having a slight case of GAS has me at least playing with the idea of buying the 200. Although I know I don't need it, just wondering if there is in fact something magical about it that I cannot duplicate with what I already have (assuming I don't specifically need F2 at 200mm).

EOS Bodies - For Stills / The Unthinkable: Swapped out 5D3 for 6D
« on: December 03, 2013, 03:55:30 PM »
So over the Thanksgiving weekend, I finally gathered the nerve to just let go of my 5D3 as I was offered a fair price for it. That, in conjunction with the deal for the 6D at $1400 pushed me into pulling the trigger on the swap out. Done and done.

Some things I'm struggling with, some not so much. Either way, I think the decision was the right one for me (for now).

Wondering if anyone else has given the same move some thought.

Third Party Manufacturers / Fuji x100s + Canon Speedlites?
« on: November 07, 2013, 03:26:17 PM »
So I've taken the plunge and ordered a Fuji x100s which will be arriving tomorrow. The biggest factors for me that justified the price tag and stray from my Canon gear are the leaf shutter, built-in ND filters, and size/convenience factor.

However, to make full use of the leaf shutter and it's oh so awesome qualities, I need to now figure out what kind of wireless flash setup I will need.

I already have 580exII x 2 and a 430ex along with 2 sets of Yongnuo YN622 ETTL radio triggers. I just wanted to know if anyone else has used a similar setup with the x100s or whether you've tested it and had it not work out. If it's worked out well for you, how is it?

Canon General / ISO Poll
« on: November 04, 2013, 11:49:25 AM »
I thought it might be interesting to take a poll to get an idea of how people shoot most of the time with regard to ISO settings. With all the talk of new tech, it's advantages and disadvantages, I was just wondering if people could look through their galleries and figure out what ISO range they used the most and which range the least. I also figured this exercise might help some people around here determine what is most important to them for their style of shooting.

I for one find that roughly 85% of the time, am between 800-3200 and between 100-800 the rest of the time.

Wasn't sure which other category to post this in so I figured general would work. My apologies if there was in fact a better place for it.

My apologies if this has already been discussed previously as I was unable to find anything in my cursory search.

I have been on the fence for a long time about whether to run a Mac device alongside my PC setups. Specifically, I would only be looking to do so if the gains in PP for both stills and video are as great as some claim them to be when moving to a Mac (with current equal parts in hardware of course).

I'm currently primarily processing on a 3rd gen i7, 16gb Ram, 512 plextor ssd, nvidia gt640 (I think), Windows 8.1 and am wondering what the experience would be like if I were running an equivalent setup on with the current Mac OS.

My main questions are:

1. Performance. Assuming all hardware is equal, how much if any are the differences in efficiency/processing time (LR5, CS6, Premiere, After Effects) for a Mac?

2. Are the user interfaces any different (wondering if it will take adjusting to)?

3. Any other pros or cons people experience that use both systems a lot?

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