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Software & Accessories / What head with 055cxPro3?
« on: December 19, 2014, 01:40:49 AM »
Hello All,

I'm new to tripods and need some advice. The primary use of the tripod will be photographing documents, and so the horizontal column possibility of the Manfrotto 055CX looks good. I played with one yesterday and it seemed nice. (I can get it for about AUD$600.)

The camera I'll be using is my 7dii, probably with a Sigma 35 1.4 (it may be that I need to go wider, but that's for another thread!).

What head should I buy? I was looking at the Manfrotto MH055MO-Q6. Would that be too heavy on the horizontal column of the tripod? That's about 3kg on the end of the column. I'd have to put some weight on the back end to balance. (Cost is about $300.)

The secondary use would be out and about, mostly with the same camera/lens, but sometimes with my 400 5.6. This would always be with the column in the vertical arrangement. (I don't want a gimbal as I'd be hand-holding for birds of flight etc.)

The weight of the MH055 seems a bit high compared to Markins, say, but it's also cheaper ($300 (and I can get it from a local shop) vs the Q10 at $450 (on ebay)). I'm in Sydney, Australia, so I'm mindful of shipping costs… and trying to keep this all under $1000, unless there is a really compelling reason to spend more.

The other options is to get a ballhead for out and about, and an quick release clamp that goes right on the legs (since when I'm photographing documents the camera will be pointed straight down anyway).

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

Thanks for reading. Here's a kestrel for your troubles :)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / 7d Mark ii not responding F00
« on: December 06, 2014, 12:38:22 AM »
Hello All,
In the last couple of days I have had the 7d Mark ii I have twice had it freeze on me and the display said F00. Both times with the 400 5.6 attached. Anyone else having problems? I've never had a problem with the lens before.
(I'm also finding a lot of shots look soft and a little bit like motion blur, even for static objects at 1/1600. I'm hoping it's an AFMA issue. But it's not a problem I ever had with my 600d with the same lens, which were always crystal clear.)

EOS Bodies / Upgrade?
« on: October 17, 2014, 02:53:45 AM »
Hello All,
I need some advice. I've been using my 600d for a while now, and I don't know whether it's time for me to upgrade, or whether I ought to be practising my skills and stop thinking about gear.
You can see my photographs here:
What do you think? Would a 7d ii be a good idea? Or should I think about improving some other area of my photography?

Things that bug me about the 600d:
• I can't select the iso as exactly as I'd like. With the 400 5.6 I often want to shoot between 400 and 800 and I can't.
• I can keep the centre-dot on the birds ok, but they still often come out a bit out of focus. I'd say I'd get 1 in 20 in focus with a bird in flight. Maybe 1 in 5 are pretty good, but not good enough. 1 in 100 is tack sharp. I have no idea why it's such a lottery, and I've come to the conclusion that it's not me!
• At 800 iso I have very little dynamic range to play with, so if the bird is black and white I'm in trouble if the exposure isn't perfect.
• I only shoot in manual, and having a bit more customizability might be good. Certainly having a couple of definable presets would be very useful.

I'm also worried that having taken a lot of photos with it over the past three years (easily 100000+), that it's going to die on me anyway. It already works better with some gaffer tape. :) (It's surprisingly think plastic, and even sliding down a rock with it didn't get through the body, though it scraped quite a few millimetres from the corner. And the screen has little bits of white stuff in it, and has done for 2 1/2 years now. And the hot-shoe is a bit bent from said slide down a rock.)

I have the sigma 35 1.4 and the canon 400 5.6, and the 18-55 it came with, of course, though I almost never use it. I sometimes wonder if something in the middle would be useful! 100 2.8L? But I can't have everything and I'd rather stick to one or two lenses and get better at what they can do.

Thoughts? & Thanks!

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