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Third Party Manufacturers / A7cna? C)anon N)o A)dapter
« on: July 30, 2014, 06:59:00 AM »
Am I the only one who would be interested in a "pie in the sky" Sony A7 variant that:
  • directly accepted Canon EF lenses as native
  • no adapter involved, even with retro-focus wide angles
  • good-as-Canon 5d3 AF, AE, and high-ISO ... few or no compromises
  • good as Sony follow focus video, maybe with 4k, and maybe with enhanced Dual-Pixel
  • no issues with "filter stack thickness" (see LensRentals blog article)
  • ...
  • MagicLantern-like built-in Dual-ISO for astonishing DR near human eye (might require new RAW format?)
  • Other ML-like features, especially Auto-ETTR, RAW histograms, RAW video, motion detect, flexible intervalometer, enhanced Bulb, Auto-Dot-Tune (if applicable with mirror-less), several focus aids, programmable "P" mode, scripting, etc. Hire A1ex.
  • ...
  • Shutter shake issue resolved
  • Adapter to allow Sony E-mount lenses as non-native (but see below)
  • Depth-optimized power-zoom and/or power-prime wide angle that extends just as deep as possibly revised grip, to improve pocket-ability. To me, the grip and least-depth lens should be related, if not a match.
  • Reasonable price, such as existing A7r
  • ...
  • While I'm dreaming, retractable-prime lens available that was flush with a small-or-no-grip body so dimensions getting small enough to integrate smart-phone capabilities and Android.
  • Another dream: hybrid mount that accepts both EF and E-mount as native
  • Other?

Maybe Sony should buy Canon and release the SoCan?

Maybe Canon should buy Sony and release the CaSon?

Maybe they should merge, and develop a 5d3 size hybrid of the above with Exmor, and also the A7 size mirror-less A7cna describe above?

GB Shaw: I hear you say "Why?" Always "Why?" You see things; and you say "Why?" But I dream things that never were; and I say "Why not?"

Site Information / HowTo? Revise "Gear List"?
« on: May 30, 2014, 10:04:38 AM »
I'm baffled how to revise my "Gear List". Currently, my profile shows a G16. I have no idea how that got there. I looked around, and didn't find any page to revise this. Maybe this CR newbie didn't look hard enough?

I did put some gear in my signature, but I'd rather make use of the equivalent of "Gear List".

If nothing else, to remove the G16. I do have the similar S110, but not the G16.

Can this only be done at registration? Or do you have to have a sufficient number of posts to revise?

Hmmmm ... it seems this relates to "Position", which relates to number of posts. Odd, and I find a bit misleading. It seems like a prolific poster might appear to have a DSLR, while newbies would pretty much always appear to have a point-n-shoot.


FYI: Canon is having a promotion that includes refurb lenses thru the end of May, 2014. $50 off $250+, and $125 off $500+

That was news to me, as I hadn't thought rebates applied to refurbs. So I thought I'd bring it to this forum's attention.

Normally, I've been underwhelmed by the value of refurb lenses, as there is invariably a new lens rebate going on, or about to start. But with a single refurb lens in the $500 range, that becomes a better deal and more worthy of attention.
  • EF 70-300 (in stock) or
  • EF-S 10-22 (out of stock) or
  • the EF-S 18-200 (in stock) or
  • EF 70-200 f4 non-IS (not in stock).

Or not?

Also, I'm curious if such a rebate that applies to refurbs is common, or unusual. I hadn't noticed it before, but Canon promotions can be "shifting sands".

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