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Photography Technique / Air Show Settings with 100-400mm?
« on: September 27, 2014, 12:33:58 AM »
I have rented a 100-400L for an airshow this weekend and I'm looking for some help confirming my settings or suggesting better ones. I AFMA'd it with and without a 1.4 TC with Focal. I'm going to try an avoid using the TC and I'm bringing my 70-200 2.8L II also just in case I'm not happy with this lens.

The sky will be a bright blue with some puffy white clouds. Hopefully they will be in the right places  ;D

I took some practice shots today from too far away to get anything worthwhile to make judgement about this lens. I'm thinking wide open at 5.6 in aperture priority and ISO 100. Should I be looking for another fstop with this lens - it's sweet spot? For the prop planes I may need to drop the fstop down for the prop motion.

I'm pairing this lens with a 5D3 and think I should be on case 2 for AI Servo AF and have adjusted the tracking to -2 to stay locked on target.

For AF Area selection focus I'm thinking either AF point manual selection with the 4 surrounding the single point or  8 surrounding points. I have seen it suggested that I use 61 point or Zone AF.

Lastly, which IS mode on this lens is best for rapid moving aircraft? I'm thinking mode 2 which is for panning?

Software & Accessories / Reikan Focal Target Setup - Help Please
« on: July 28, 2014, 06:58:48 PM »
I've spent a very frustrating hour trying to get the target lined up properly in Focal Pro. I was able to get it lined up in a short amount of time - though difficult at 70mm but now at 200mm it is just not getting setup properly.

I focus on the target center with single point AF mode. Then connect up and run the target setup and all it does is sit there with a big fat red X and occasionally blinks an arrow at me. When I move the camera that direction, I get no confirmation, just the same big fat red X. There is also a large red rectangle that sit up high to the left of the target that I have attempted to move over the target. With it over the target I still get the  big fat red X.

Can I get some help please, I was hoping to get this done today as I leave on a trip tomorrow.


Edit: never mind about the rectangle, I just found that in the manual.

I noticed for instance, that Canon Luster paper only comes in 13"x19" and LTR - 8.5"x11". LTR seems like an odd size considering frames are 8x10. Is there a reason for this?

Technical Support / 5D3 Focus Screen Replacement - Alignment
« on: June 19, 2014, 07:14:28 PM »
There appears to be either a small scratch or a hair that won't move. In reading about the subject, I see that this screen is very fragile and can be easily damaged by cleaning it. The hair/scratch is not in focus and has always been there just off the center focus ring. Since it is not in focus, I presume it is on the face of the focus screen? I should have taken care of this when I first noticed it, but thought it just needed to be cleaned. There are also now several small hairs that are in focus (damn cats). Can I remove the focus screen with the proper tools (JIS screwdriver, plastic anti-static tweezers), blow it off and install without affecting alignment?

None of these show in photos, so my only worry is resale value. I asked CPS twice to clean this mark and it returned still in tact and no word on what it is or what they did or whether they even looked at it.

I want to know more about the alignment and using shims. Would a stock replacement part number ( CY3-1655-000) require shims and advanced equipment to adjust the alignment or are the shims that Canon installed OK for any stock replacement? By that I mean are the shims based on the camera, the focus screen or a combination of both?

Again, my only real concern is resell value as anyone looking through the viewfinder will see this mark and several new hairs and reduce the value - or not even buy it. I may not even sell it, but just looking to the future possibilities.

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