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Canon General / Where to buy Canon gear?
« on: March 26, 2012, 03:04:58 PM »
Possible noob question...

Where is the best place to order Canon gear?

I ask because I've been told that the equipment sold to Costco, for example, is different than to B&H or Amazon. When the time comes for me, or anyone, to purchase a DSLR, lens, bag, or accessories, what would you recommend?

Note: I am in the NYC area.

EOS Bodies - For Video / What do you recommend? 7D 60D T3i T4i
« on: March 19, 2012, 01:13:02 PM »
Greets, CR.

Long time reader of CR, first time forum poster.

I am an actor/techy based in the NYC/CT area and plan on investing in a home setup so that I can shoot a webseries, audition scenes, and other actor related video and photo content inside and outside.

For sometime I was tracking the DIGIC 5 and 5D3 announcements with the goal of upgrading from my PowerShot S45 (it's not working as it once did) to a DSLR. At the time it was more camera than I needed and I'm glad I went with it because I learned a great deal more than I could have with a standard point and shoot.

With the announcement in the can I know that the 5D3 is more than I need though I am now left asking myself, and anyone willing to share their 2ยข, what they would do were they in my position.

According to a recent poll on ifp.org about which camera will be used during the next shoot the following numbers reveal my uncertainty:
7D - 27%
Rebel T2i/Rebel T3i - 25%
60D - 15%

All three cameras, while a few years old, provide fantastic quality images (still and video). This morning CR announced that there is likely going to be a T4i released at/before NAB with the new DIGIC sensor along with some unknown new features.

Because I'll often work alone a flip-out/rotating LCD screen is something that ranks very highly for my needs.

With this in mind here is the question I cannot answer with my limited knowledge of the DSLR product line:

Would it be to my benefit/detriment to purchase an older camera (used?/new?) or will it be better to wait on the new Rebel or should I wait on an update of the 60D?

Having no camera on hand for my future needs makes it easy to hold off for another month or two if need be.

Thanks for all of your thoughts/suggestions!


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